Top 10 Best Hill Stations Near Siliguri For A Holiday Trip

Best Hill Stations Near Siliguri Must Visit

Are you looking for the best hill stations near Siliguri? Well, we have collected information about many of them. These are also the best places to visit near Siliguri.

List of 10 Best Hill Stations Near Siliguri – 

  1. North Sikkim
  2. Darjeeling
  3. Kurseong
  4. Lolegaon
  5. Gangtok
  6. Dooars
  7. Aritar
  8. Tawang
  9. Ramgarh
  10. Shillong
  • North Sikkim – Nearby Hill Station From Siliguri

North Sikkim - Best Hill Stations Near Siliguri

Northern Sikkim lies at an elevation of 610m in the northern part of Sikkim. It is among the least populated areas of the country in India. North Sikkim is a charming area with its mountainous landscape and lush green vegetation that rises to altitudes of 610 m. Then it dwindles to the desert to reach the northern tundra. North Sikkim, which borders China and Nepal, is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

North Sikkim’s most remote areas are not open to tourists. You will need permits to enter these areas, as they share sensitive borders with China. Many tourists travel to Northern Sikkim, despite all of these restrictions, to experience the beautiful scenic beauty. Furthermore, it is among the hill stations near Jalpaiguri.

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  • Darjeeling – Nearest Hill Station From Siliguri

Darjeeling - Hill Stations Near Siliguri

Adventurers from all over the globe find refuge in the majestic Himalayas. Its remarkable beauty can be seen up close, even though the cold and piercing pain is all you can feel. Darjeeling, the city of hill stations, gives you a glimpse at the peaceful side of the Himalayas. This charming town is located at 6,700 feet in West Bengal, India in the Lesser Himalayas. 

Darjeeling is one of the best hill stations near Kolkata it has many attractions, stunning scenery, delicious local cuisine, and vibrant culture. Furthermore, Darjeeling is among the best hill stations near Siliguri and charming hill stations in West Bengal. Before your visit check our guide on the best season to visit Darjeeling

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  • Kurseong – Hill Station Around Siliguri

Kurseong - Siliguri Nearest Hill Station

Kurseong, a charming hill station in West Bengal, is located in the Darjeeling subdivision. The town was once a small village, with a lot of greenery and vegetation. It became a popular tourist destination in August 1880 when the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Toy Train service opened to it. The “Toy Train” runs along the entire length of the town, giving views of nearby Tea Gardens such as Castleton, Ambootia, and Natural sites.

The valley is surrounded by mountains and has a cool, dry climate. It is also home to the famous “Kursom Orchids”, which grow in abundance in the valley in spring. There are many religious sites and museums in Kurseong. We can also visit the parks, natural waterfalls, and churches. You can spend several days exploring this beautiful station. As  Kurseong is one of the hill stations near Darjeeling, you can visit both to enjoy more.

  • Lolegaon 

Lolegaon - Places To Visit Around Siliguri

Lolegaon, hidden away in quiet areas of the Kalimpong subdivision, Darjeeling District is a natural paradise with its beautiful scenery of tranquil valleys and rich green backwoods. At the dawn of the day, the Kanchenjunga pinnacles rise spectacularly. Lolegaon can be reached by a short walk from Kalimpong or Lava via the serpentine backwoods road. Lolegaon has a few trails and treks. And, you can unwind to relax in this place.

Lolegaon, a charming Lepcha village of picturesque wonder, is located in the Himalayan region. It lies in the Himalayan deep end at a distance of 24 km from Lava at a height of 1,675m. It runs under Kalimpong, in the Darjeeling District. Lolegaon is accessible from Siliguri via a 4-hour drive that covers 124km through Kalimpong or Lava. Furthermore, this hill station is already on the list of the best hill stations near Siliguri.

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  • Gangtok 

Gangtok best hill stations near siliguri

Gangtok is one of the famous hill stations in Sikkim state. This is a hill town on a hilltop and is the gateway to Sikkim’s vibrant culture and life. These winding roads lead to small villages that run along the streams and rocky valleys. To get a better view of Gangtok, take the ropeway. Later, enjoy the vibrantly colored monasteries and live street markets. The adventure will continue with a transformative trekking experience in Kanchenjunga. Here is a detailed guide about How To Reach Gangtok From Kolkata.

You will be satisfied with the vibrant festivals, peaceful lifestyle, and delicious food of Gangtok. Tourists have included it among the list of Siliguri nearest hill stations. Before you go must check our detailed guide on the best month to visit Gangtok.

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  • Dooars – Nearest Hill Stations From Siliguri

Dooars - Famous Hill Stations in West Bengal

The beautiful Alluvial Floodplains of Northeast India, known as the Dooars, are located to the south of the Himalayan outer foothills. The region is a gateway to Bhutan, stretching over 350kms from the Teesta River in West Bengal and the Dhansiri River In Assam. If you are looking for the offbeat hill stations near Darjeeling, you should visit Dooars. Here are the top tourist spots to visit in Dooars.

Dooars is home to numerous streams and rivers, surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and fertile plains at the foothills. It is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts, photographers, and nature lovers. The Winter months are the best time to visit Dooars.

  • Aritar 

Aritar - Unexplored Places Near Siliguri

While there are many beautiful places around the globe, there is something unique about mountains. They seem distant and cold yet they are so stunning and captivating. Aritar is unique because of this. It offers breathtaking views of some of the highest Himalayan peaks. The whole area is a paradise. 

Aritar is a wonderful holiday destination, with its lush forests, beautiful waterfalls, an emerald lake, and incredible culture. Although it is small, it has a lot of memories. Furthermore, Aritar is among the best hill stations near Siliguri.

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  • Tawang – Siliguri Nearest Hill Station

Tawang - Siliguri Nearest Hill Station

The town of Tawang, located 3048 meters to the east of Bhutan and surrounded by majestic mountains, is equally claimed both by the People’s Republic of China as well as the Republic of India. Tawang, located approximately 555 km from Guwahati is an excellent place to experience Buddhism and its principles in their entirety. 

You will be enchanted by the place’s spirituality and serenity. This place is home to many beautiful Buddhist Monasteries. It is a historic part of Tibet. Tawang, the sixth Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso, makes it an important spot for Buddhist pilgrims. Is Tawang among the best hill stations in Siliguri? Yes, it is.

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  • Ramgarh 

Ramgarh - hill stations in uttarakhand

Ramgarh is a great retreat for those who seek peace and tranquillity in the midst of nature. Ramgarh is a hill station at 1789m above sea level in Kumaon, Uttarakhand. It’s dotted with apricot, peach, and pear plantations. It is divided into two parts: the one located on a hill, known as ‘Malla,’ and the one downhill, called ‘Talla’. Furthermore, this spot is also called the “Fruit Bowl of Kumaon”.

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  • Shillong 


Shillong, surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque scenery, is northeast India’s most beautiful hill station. Shillong, with its rolling hills surrounding it, is at 1496m above sea level. It is well-known for its tranquil atmosphere and scenic beauty. Shillong is a great place to visit all year thanks to its calm climate.

Shillong, nestled between the valleys of Surma and Brahmaputra, is well-known for its culture and traditions. Anyone who wishes to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life to enjoy the tranquillity of the hill station’s gentle winds and light drizzles will find it a refreshing oasis.

So, now you know about the 10 best hill stations near Siliguri. We will be updating our blog with information related to the places to visit in Siliguri for couples and many other Siliguri tourist places. So, keep visiting our blog to read more exciting content. Till then, “take care” :).

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