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Are you looking for beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a beautiful south Asian country bordering India and Myanmar. Bangladesh is familiar with the name of the Country of the River or riverine country. According to the World Bank Bangladesh does not have lots of tourist places. Check here some highly magnificent places to visit in Bangladesh.

All the year the temperature in Bangladesh remains high and humidity there is no cold place to visit. However, the best time to go to Bangladesh between March to April and November to February. Bangladesh people are friendly, hospitable, and they usually help tourists everywhere. 

Places to Visit in Bangladesh


Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Sundarban meaning “beautiful forest” is famously known for its largest mangrove forest in the world. Sundarban is an eco-tourism destination and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Bay of Bengal.

Some parts of Sundarban come under the Indian state of West Bengal and the major part comes under Bangladesh. It is home to various wild animals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, crocodile, python, including 260 species of birds.

There are hundreds of creeks, canals, tiny islands, which are a part of this forest. If you are a nature lover and interested to see wildlife then you must visit this largest mangrove forest. It is one of the top places to visit in Bangladesh.

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Cox’s Bazar (Places to visit in Bangladesh)

Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar is located in the Chittagong division situated on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. It is a small town and known for its longest natural sandy sea beach. Cox’s Bazaar has got its name from Captain Hiram Cox, who was an officer of the British East India Company.

This place has the longest sea beach, cliffs, beautiful surfing waves, Buddhist temples, and delicious seafood. Tourists can enjoy some beach activities like surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

Cox,s Bazaar is the most famous tourist destinations of Bangladesh. One of the top tourist attractions of Cox,s Bazaar is the huge Buddhist monastery named Aggmeda Khyang.

Saint Martin Island 

Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Saint Martin Island is one of the top tourist places to visit in Bangladesh situated at a distance of 10 km southwest from the cox,s Bazaar. Saint Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh it has its unique views such as magnificent landscapes, pristine marine life, coconut palms, crystal clear seawater, coral rocks, amazing view of the sunrise, and sunset makes this place awesome to visit.

You can enjoy some beach activities here such as fishing, roaming on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Also, enjoy various types of delicious seafood here. Being far from the noisy city this place will give peace to your soul.

Kuakata (Places to visit in Bangladesh)

Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Kuakata is another most popular tourist place to visit in Bangladesh situated in the southern part of the country. Kuakata also is known as Sagar Kannya (the daughter of the Sea) it is famous for its wonderful sea beach in Bangladesh. Tourists are like this place and come here to see the panoramic views of sunset and sunrise.

This Kuakata beach can be a honeymoon destination with a lovely combination of natural beauty, sandy beach, evergreen Jhau Bon, blue sky, and surfing water of the sea. Some tourist places to visit in Kuakata are Fatrar Chor, Gangamati reserved forest, Keranipara Seema Temple, Misripara Buddhist Temple, and Eco Park. 


Rangamati is one of the best places to visit in Bangladesh, known as the lake city of Bangladesh and situated 77 kilometers from Chittagong. Rangamati has some popular tourist destinations to visit such as Rangamati Town, Kaptai Lake, Indigenous museum, and Hanging Bridge.

Rangamati is a district of Chittagong Hill Tracts area surrounded by Kaptai Lake and plenty of small hills. You can enjoy the boat ride this is the best way to spend your day in Rangamati also visit the nearest Buddhist monastery called Rajban Bihar. Tourists can easily go there by bus, taxi, and other private cars from Chittagong to Rangamati. 

Chittagong (Places to visit in Bangladesh)Chittagong - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot -

Chittagong is a beautiful adventurous place to visit in Bangladesh it is full of small hills situated in the southeastern of Bangladesh. Chittagong is the second-largest city after Dhaka It is also known as the port city of Bangladesh because of the largest international seaport in the country.

Some of the most famous tourist destinations of Chittagong are Patenga Beach, Ethnological Museum, Foy’s Lake, World War II Cemetery, Kattali Beach, and Court Building. Chittagong is widely considered the best place for trekking in Bangladesh. The most beautiful river in Bangladesh called the Sangu river is located here you can take a boat ride to enjoy your day.

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