Weather Wise Best Time to Visit in Bhutan

WeatherWise Best Time to Visit in Bhutan

Planning to visit Bhutan? Wow! Before you start your journey, collect some information about its seasonal conditions and the best time to visit Bhutan. And, pack your clothes according to its climatic conditions.

Bhutan is a country in the Eastern Himalayas of South Asia. It has lots of heritage sites that attract most of the visitors. Bhutan has four seasons in all total and climate varies in different altitudes:

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Spring (March, April, and May)

Spring is the time when you will find valleys full of greenery and fresh vegetation. And, you will find many blooming trees with fruits. This is the best time to visit Bhutan.

If you visit Bhutan in Spring, you will find locals being cheerful and performing various activities. Also, you will get to attend the famous Paro Tsechu Festival.

In this season, you will get to see the bright sky with a bright array of colors. Spring is the most cheerful time in the entire year in Bhutan. This is among the best travel tips you will get for Bhutan.

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Autumn (September, October, and November)

Autumn is enjoyable with clear and crisp blue skies. In this season, you will get to have a proper view of some of the tallest unclimbed mountains in the world.

Autumn is the best time to enjoy trekking and traveling in Bhutan. In this season, you will get to experience a cool and temperate climate in Bhutan.

This is the best time to visit Bhutan as you will get a beautiful photography opportunity to click photos of willows shedding their golden brown leaves. In the Autumn season, you can plan to visit Bhutan when you are selecting your honeymoon destinations.

Moreover, views of parks and dzongs would give a romantic photographic view. Every good photography click of Bhutan in this season can be stored as a good memory.

Monsoon (June, July, and August)

During the monsoon season, Bhutan receives more rainfall when compared to other Himalayan regions. Though this season is not the best for trekking in Bhutan, yet you will get to enjoy a cup of warm and aromatic tea while you are watching the beautiful rainfall from your hotel window.

Monsoon is the best time to visit Bhutan if you have an adventurous spirit to enjoy in rain. We advise you to carry your umbrella or raincoat with you so that you can easily travel through various areas of Bhutan even in this season. You can consider Bhutan among your top travel destinations in the world.

Winter (December, January, and February)

Most of the east-west highways in Bhutan get covered with snow during winter. This is the best time to visit Bhutan, only when you are planning to visit Paro, Wangdue, Thimphu, Haa, and Punakha.

The best tourist attractions in Bhutan in winter are the Gangtey valley where you will be able to see a wide span of rolling plains with bamboo shrubs. Also, you will get to see many black-necked cranes gracefully coming to roost at the plains from the Tibetian plateau. This will give you a beautiful wildlife view.

Prefer the above-mentioned best time to visit Bhutan to enjoy your holidays in the best way.

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