Weather Wise Best Time to Visit Myanmar

Best Time To Visit Myanmar

Want to visit Myanmar? Great! Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia that is bordering the Andaman Sea and the southern part of the Bay of Bengal. This is among the top tourist attractions in the world. Before you start your journey, you should know about the best time to visit Myanmar.

You should know that Myanmar is situated in the monsoon region of Asia. But, you will experience a great modification in its climate because of its geographical position and its relief.

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The north-south alignment of ranges and valleys experiences heavy and scanty precipitation at the time of both the northeast and southwest monsoons. Also, the west coast of Myanmar is subjected to occasional tropical cyclones.

Let’s talk about the best time to visit Myanmar according to its season:

1. Spring Season in Myanmar (March to May)

The first month of spring brings a little heat to the previous winter season of Myanmar. In this season, you will experience a slight rise in air temperature, above 30-degree Celsius. This is not the ideal time to visit Myanmar.

In the second half of the month of May, Myanmar experiences tropical monsoons with heavy rain. However, the central and northern part of the country experiences lesser rain than southern areas.

So, you can select the coastal areas of Myanmar among your travel destinations for the spring season.

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2. Summer Season in Myanmar (June to August) – Best Time To Visit Myanmar

At the beginning of the summer season, Myanmar experiences a minor rise in temperature. Furthermore, the average daytime temperature of the central region of Myanmar drops to about 35 °C in the months of June and July.

The southern region of Myanmar becomes unbearable for visitors in the month of August as in this month heat gets combined with extreme humidity.

So, the summer season is the best time to visit Myanmar only if you are planning to visit the central and northern parts of Myanmar.

3. Autumn Season in Myanmar (September to November) – Best Time To Visit Myanmar

September and the first half of October face rainy climates. But, as soon as the climate reaches the second half of October, the weather here gradually starts to become colder. So, this becomes the best time to visit Myanmar.

By November, the temperature reaches a comfortable range and the number of rainy days becomes very less.

Activities such as diving, seaside vacations, sightseeing, etc become more pleasant in this season. Moreover, this season is also suitable for those who have listed Myanmar among their honeymoon destinations.

You may need to carry jackets and sweaters if you are planning to visit mountainous regions of Myanmar this season.

4. Winter Season in Myanmar (December to February)

The weather starts becoming colder by December. And, January brings a further drop in the average temperature of Myanmar. Even the hottest central regions of Myanmar become less hot this month. So, months from December to January become the best time to visit Myanmar.

By end of February, the season starts to become arid which makes the temperature of Myanmar unpleasant for any tourist visits.

So, prefer to visit the country from December to January, if you are planning your trip in the winter season.

These are the top travel tips for a visit to Myanmar.

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