What is the Best Time to Visit Nepal ?

Nepal has a diverse geography and various climatic conditions with rich culture from the jungle’s wildlife to mountain peaks, Nepal is a cool place to visit in the Himalayan region. Are you planning to visit Nepal? Then at first, you need to collect some information about the country, its geographical location, culture, and when is the best time to visit Nepal?. Nepal has lots of best tourist attractions places to visit and it also can be a choice of low-budget honeymoon destination. 

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Best Time to Visit Nepal

Autumn and Spring is the best time to visit Nepal. This time weather remains dry as the skies are clear. It is the most popular and ideal time for trekking as the weather is not too warm or not too cold. This is a good season for traveling to the best places in Nepal. However many tourists travel to Nepal in winter and summer also. The climate of Nepal is complex or not, it doesn’t matter for them. Let’s discuss Nepal Weather conditions.

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Nepal Weather

Spring Season – March to May (Best time to visit Nepal)

March to May remains the Spring season in Nepal. These months see clear skies full of sunlight in the day and slight rainfalls at night. The temperature nearly reaches 22-degree Celcius. For nature lovers, it is the best month to visit Nepal as the valleys are beautifully groomed, flowers blossom, ice melts and new birds have come in the Spring season.

Summer Season – June to August

June to August contains the Summer season in Nepal. This month’s temperature goes to 30 degrees Celcius. It is the summer season and also the Monsoon Season as it is quite hot, humid weather full of sunlight and sometimes cloudy skies with entire day raining. It is also the farming season. These months are not the ideal time to visit Nepal

Autumn Season – September to November (Best time to visit Nepal)

September to November is the time for the Autumn season in Nepal. During this time the weather in Nepal is absolutely beautiful as the skies are clear because of no rain or cloud in the sky, mountains are clearly visible, and the climate is moderate it is also the popular season for trekking in Nepal. The biggest Hindu festivals are celebrating this time. In short, it is the best season to visit Nepal.

Winter Season – December to February

December to February is the Winter season when the temperature goes down below 0 degrees Celcius. These months witnessed snowfalls, cloudy skies, fogy, and cold environments, sometimes crystal clear skies are visible though. This time is not recommended for climbing.

In short, It is a dry season. If you are willing to visit Nepal during Winter then it is a great time to enjoy the cold weather in Nepal. This time you will feel comfortable visiting most of the Nepal tourist destinations.

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