Best Time To Visit Shimla For Snowfall or Honeymoon

Best Time, Month & Season To Visit Shimla

Are you looking for information related to the best time to visit Shimla? Is your answer ‘yes’? Amazing! You have come to the right platform. We have years of experience in travelling various parts of the world and gathering information about those places. After getting a good experience from our tour to Shimla, we are preparing this content to explain to you the best time to travel Shimla.

Shimla is among mind relaxing peaceful tourist places in India and it is also a very beautiful hill station located in north India. You must explore Shimla at least once in your lifetime. You will definitely want to visit there again. Now, let’s discuss the best time to explore Shimla.

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Best Time To Visit Shimla For Snowfall or Honeymoon

Best Time To Visit Shimla For Snowfall 

Shimla is the coldest place in India and winter is the best time to visit Shimla to see snowfall. The snowfall season in Shimla starts in December and ends in February. And, the most surprising part about Shimla is, that this is the only place in India that experiences a significant amount of snowfall. You can satisfy your desire for white winter by embarking on a trip to Shimla to see snowfall.

Best Time To Visit Shimla For Honeymoon

Shimla is among the honeymoon hill stations in India, which is beautiful and popular for its stunning surroundings and pleasant weather. It is a great place to honeymoon in North India because of its luxury hotels and wonderful climate.

March to June is the best month to visit Shimla on a honeymoon. This is when many honeymooners visit Shimla. If you are planning for a honeymoon in Shimla, you should make hotel reservations well in advance, as hotels and resorts bustle with tourists during this time.

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Shimla Weather

From July to September, the temperature ranges between 15 to 22 degrees. It becomes milder in October when temperatures in Shimla reach 13 to 17 degrees. Shimla’s weather is generally between 10 and 15 degrees in November and December. However, it drops to below 3 degrees and occasionally freezes in January. You can have snowfall if you are lucky enough to experience the total eclipse.

The weather in Shimla is pleasant and mild during February, March, and April. Shimla temperatures range between 15 and 20 degrees from February to March. In April, it can reach a maximum of 27 degrees. Shimla has a pleasant climate all year, but it is best to visit the verdure in September, October, November and February. Now, let’s discuss the best time to visit Shimla season-wise.

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Shimla in Summer (March to June)

The sun’s rays slowly warm Shimla in the summer. The temperature is mild and the weather pleasant. The season begins almost like the Spring season and transitions into summer. The temperature ranges from 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. The winter snow melts to reveal a sparkling Shimla, full of green trees and hillsides, and blooming flowers beneath the blue dome of nature. Even though the evenings can be chilly, it is overall a beautiful place to visit.

To escape the heat of summer, many people move to Shimla from their cities and towns. Summer in Shimla is beautiful. You can enjoy the hill station with its pleasant weather and cool nights. Summer activities are often swapped for winter sports. This season can be spent hiking, paragliding or trekking, and rafting. These are the reasons that make summer the best time to visit Shimla.

Shimla in Monsoon (July to September)

Shimla is covered in wet rain, and a thick curtain of humidity hangs above the hill station. The hill station is washed clean by heavy rainfall, which leaves the hills and slopes glistening and verdant. The 1400mm of rainfall that Shimla gets each year during this period can severely limit your ability to explore the area. Monsoon in Shimla is considered the off-season. So, monsoon season is not the best time to go Shimla.

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However, it is a great option for budget travellers who are looking to make a trip. Rainfall begins in mid-July and continues until September. Despite the humidity, Shimla stays cool in the monsoons.

Shimla in Winter (November to January)

It is magical at this time of the year in the hill station. The weather in Shimla during winter is a big reason. The average temperature is 8 degrees Celsius, but it can fall to as low as 7 degrees Celsius. In November, winter spreads its cold fingers across Shimla and then gradually engulfs the whole hill station in December and January when it is at its lowest. The temperature drops further as chill winds blow through Shimla. The snowflakes dance on the ground until they settle to powdery powder.

Shimla’s early winter is a wonderful time to visit the hill station and all its tourist attractions. Winter is the best time to shop and explore natural landscapes. For snowfall lovers, winter has always been the best time to visit Shimla.

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Festivals in Shimla

  • Summer Festival

Festivals in Shimla are always celebrated with great fanfare, and the summer festival is no exception. The famous summer festival is held every May at Shimla on the famous ridge. The celebration is full of colors and marked by extraordinary ceremonies. 

Individuals who are experts in their field come to Shimla to amaze the crowds with their amazing exhibitions. There are also exhibitions, sports, dog shows, flower shows, and fashion shows. Live performances and competitions are also available. Five-day musicals bring together people who enjoy singing and dancing in a melodious, five-day event. The Shimla Summer Festival welcomes the start of the mid-year season.

  • Ice Skating Carnival

Welcome to the winter wonderland. Winter is the best time to ice skate in Shimla. People enjoy every minute of the Ice-Skating Arena that Shimla has, as it is the only place in Asia with such a facility. Ice skating usually starts around December and continues until February. Two sessions are held every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. 

The first session relies on frozen ground ice. The Municipal Building is located near Scandal Point and has a hanging balloon that acts as a sign. It doesn’t matter if the skating will be displayed on that day. The season membership is available for both shorter terms and single sessions. Basic equipment like skates, caps, knee pads, etc. You can find basic equipment at the rink. These are the best things to do in Shimla.

Don’t you think these festive seasons are the best time to visit Shimla? You must experience and explore them at least once. You will surely love the arrangements.

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Why You Should Visit Shimla

Shimla is surrounded by green hills and snow-capped peaks. The magnificent natural beauty of Shimla is complemented by colonial-era structures. Shimla still retains its colonial heritage, with grand buildings such as the Viceregal Lodge, iron lamp posts, and Anglo-Saxon names & many more tourist places in Shimla You can visit.

Shimla has been a place that is far from the scorching heat of the rest. The Himalayas are at the foot of Shimla. This is why almost every weekend, tourists from north Indian cities travel to Shimla. So, try to visit Shimla in the best season to visit Shimla.

Things To Know Before You Visit Shimla

  • Warm clothes

Himachal Pradesh’s winter temperatures are lower than those in the west and south of India. It is essential that you bring heavy sweaters, thermal outerwear, and woolen socks for your Himachal trip due to the extremely cold temperatures.

  • Photo ID proofs

It is a good idea that you have your government-issued ID proofs with you when traveling to Himachal. While you may be asked for them at any time, it is a good idea to have your government-issued ID proofs handy to ensure stress-free holidays.

We hope, now, you are happy after getting the detailed information related to the best time to visit Shimla. So, now plan your trip and book your tour to the amazing hill station called Shimla.

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