10 Best Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in Munnar

Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in Munnar

Want to enjoy your honeymoon in Munnar? Wow! You must be looking for good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. Aren’t you? Well, you will get to know here about the top resorts in Munnar for your romantic honeymoon stay.

Munnar is an amazing town and hill station located in Kerala. No matter in which season you want to visit Munnar, this place will always make your honeymoon memorable and romantic. You would surely love to visit the enchanting attractions and resorts present here. And Munnar is among the top famous best places to visit in India.

To make your trip romantic, the first thing you need to do is to book the best honeymoon resort in Munnar. Here is the list of the 10 good honeymoon resorts in Munnar:

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1. Rivulet Resort – good honeymoon resorts in Munnar

Rivulet Resort -Honeymoon resorts in Munnar

Rivulet resort is located amid forest and beside a river. This resort is well designed with luxurious rooms and amazing recreation areas for couples. You would surely enjoy your honeymoon here at the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

Rivulet resort also has a large spa area where you can get some relaxing spa and massages done to regain your energy after an entire day of traveling.

Even the dining area of this resort is uniquely designed to give you a feel of various cultures and nature. After staying in this resort, you won’t be able to deny the fact that Rivulet resort is among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

Include this resort among your honeymoon destinations, you would surely love the experience here.

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2. Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

This resort is located in the hills of Munnar. Blackberry hills retreat and spa has around 10 acres of landscape, which would give you a relaxing feeling of nature.

This resort also has a luxurious spa which would add a better experience to your honeymoon trip. This is among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

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3. The Leaf – places to visit in Munnar for honeymoon

Munnar is among your travel destinations, right? You must stay in the leaf resort to make your honeymoon more romantic as it is one of the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. This resort would provide you with the experience of misty hills and lush greenery to make you feel relaxed and happy.

The Leaf Munnar - honeymoon resorts in Munnar

This resort has villas and cottages with stunning interiors and views of mesmerizing Munnar. You would surely feel like staying in this resort for more than a day.

Additional to these beauties, the leaf provides a multi-cuisine restaurant and an infinity pool to give a feel of comfort and enjoyment. This resort also organizes a pool party for its guests which makes it a good honeymoon resort in Munnar. Here, you would surely love to party with your lover.

4. Fragrant Nature 

Fragrant Nature

Munnar is among the most preferred tourist attractions in India and Fragrant Nature is among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

This resort is a combination of comfort and luxury. You and your lover would surely enjoy your stay here as the most famous attractions of Munnar are located near the resort.

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5. Tea Harvester 

Tea Harvester - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot - Travelikan.com

Tea Harvester is located amid cardamom plantations and spellbinding trees. The spa and campfire area of Tea Harvester would give you an extraordinary opportunity to have a romantic experience with your lover. Tea Harvester is among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

6. Birds Valley Resorts – good honeymoon resorts in Munnar

The Birds Valley Resorts is among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. It is a good place for birdwatchers and a combination of an elegant cosmopolitan look along with various tasteful contemporary facilities. It is good for family getaways and honeymoon trips located in Kunjithanny, Idukki Dist in Munnar.

You would be able to see and click photographs of birds like Malabar Parakeet, Malabar Barbet, Hill Myna, Golden Oriole, and many more. This resort also has a special flower bed and river bathing. The multicuisine restaurant of this resort provides herbal food for a healthy lifestyle. So, you can include this resort among the luxurious good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

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7. Abad Copper Castle Resort – romantic resorts in Munnar

Abad Copper Castle Resort is among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. This resort is surrounded by lush green tea plantations which enhances the beauty of this place.   It is located in Kannan Devan Village, Devikulam, Munnar. In addition to the tea plantation, this resort also has a grand ballroom, cafe, banquet halls, trekking, multi-cuisine restaurant, and rock climbing

It is the stunning views and the aromatic fresh air from the windows of the cottage of this resort that make it among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. In addition to this, this resort provides delicious food served by its gratifying staff.

8. Forest Glade – Munnar honeymoon cottage

Forest Glade is also among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. Though this resort is in the 4-star category, it assures the luxury and warmth of the top quality. This resort also has beautiful garden porticos outside its rooms or spacious balconies attached to its higher level rooms.

Remember to carry a good quality camera along with you to click photos of the vistas of lush green plantations that you would be able to see from the room of this resort. This resort is perched atop a mountain which enables its guests to get serene views of lush greeneries and misty mountains around. This makes it among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

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9. Deep Woods Resort

Deep Woods Resort is surrounded by the stunning beauty of Munnar. This resort offers beautifully designed cottages and amazing rooms for couples. So, it is included among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar. Special features of this resort are a small amphitheater, a games room, a banquet hall, and delicious food items.

The best part of this resort is that it is known for its comfortable and appealing environment. It is the surrounding ambiance of this place. If you are planning your visit to Munnar with your lover, you should visit this resort at least once. You would surely have a good time here with your lover.

10. Elysium Garden Hill Resorts 

Elysium Gardens Hill Resort is situated in Top Station Road in Munnar, Kerala. Yes, this resort has been constructed right atop a hill which is surrounded by a dense lush green valley. This resort also has an in-house restaurant that serves traditional Kerala delights. The food item in this place is so delicious that it attracts many tourists. This resort is also known among the good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

Elysium Gardens Hill Resort is located near Munnar town. So, many couples from the town visit this resort to enjoy their honeymoon. It has cozy interiors for its guests. Try staying in Garden View Cottage. The Garden View Cottage is among private cottages that offer a beautiful garden view. It also has a beautiful sit-out where you can enjoy a campfire with your lover. So, now you know why this resort is among the most romantic good honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

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