5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in Munnar

5 Best Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in Munnar

Want to enjoy your honeymoon in Munnar? Wow! You must be looking for the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar. Aren’t you? Well, you will get to know here about the top resorts in Munnar for your romantic honeymoon stay.

Munnar is an amazing town and hill station located in Kerala. No matter in which season you want to visit Munnar, this place will always make your honeymoon memorable and romantic. You would surely love to visit the enchanting attractions and resorts present here. And Munnar is among the top famous best places to visit in South India.

To make your trip romantic, the first thing you need to do is to book the best honeymoon resort in Munnar. Here is the list of the 5 best honeymoon resorts in Munnar:

1. Rivulet Resort -Honeymoon resorts in Munnar

Rivulet Resort -Honeymoon resorts in Munnar

Rivulet resort is located amid forest and beside a river. This resort is well designed with luxurious rooms and amazing recreation areas for couples. You would surely enjoy your honeymoon here.

Rivulet resort also has a large spa area where you can get some relaxing spa and massages done to regain your energy after an entire day of traveling.

Even the dining area of this resort is uniquely designed to give you a feel of various cultures and nature. After staying in this resort, you won’t be able to deny the fact that Rivulet resort is among the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

Include this resort among your honeymoon destinations, you would surely love the experience here.

2. Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

Blackberry Hills Retreat and Spa

This resort is located in the hills of Munnar. Blackberry hills retreat and spa has around 10 acres of landscape, which would give you a relaxing feeling of nature.

This resort also has a luxurious spa which would add a better experience to your honeymoon trip. This is among the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

3. The Leaf

Munnar is among your travel destinations, right? You must stay in the leaf resort to make your honeymoon more romantic. This resort would provide you with the experience of misty hills and lush greenery to make you feel relaxed and happy.

The Leaf Munnar - honeymoon resorts in Munnar

This resort has villas and cottages with stunning interiors and views of mesmerizing Munnar. You would surely feel like staying in this resort for more than a day.

Additional to these beauties, the leaf provides a multi-cuisine restaurant and an infinity pool to give a feel of comfort and enjoyment. This resort also organizes a pool party for its guests. Here, you would surely love to party with your lover.

4. Fragrant Nature

Fragrant Nature

Munnar is among the most preferred tourist attractions in India and Fragrant Nature is among the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

This resort is a combination of comfort and luxury. You and your lover would surely enjoy your stay here as the most famous attractions of Munnar are located near the resort.

5. Tea Harvester 

Tea Harvester - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot - Travelikan.com

Tea Harvester is located amid cardamom plantations and spellbinding trees. The spa and campfire area of Tea Harvester would give you an extraordinary opportunity to have a romantic experience with your lover. Tea Harvester is among the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

These are the best travel tips for your journey to Munnar.

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