How To Reach ISKCON Mayapur From Kolkata, Mayapur Distance

How To Reach Mayapur From Kolkata

Mayapura (formerly known as Miyapur) is among the best places in West Bengal for Hindu Devotees. It is in the Nabadwip CD block of the Krishnanagar Sadar subdivision in Nadia district, West Bengal, India. It lies adjacent to Nabadwip at the confluence of two rivers. Here the waters of Jalangi and Bhagirathi mix, creating a distributary river of the Ganges. Mayapur is among the tourist places near Kolkata. It is approximately 130 km north of Kolkata. So, now, let’s discuss how to reach Mayapur from Kolkata.

How To Reach ISKCON Mayapur From Kolkata By Train, Bus, Car

Best Ways To Travel From Kolkata To ISKCON Mayapur

Mayapur is the most peaceful place in India to travel. It can be visited all year because the temperatures are still manageable. If you want to avoid summers, and still enjoy Mayapur’s mild climate, then the best time is between August and March. In this context, we will also discuss ‘how to go to Mayapur from Kolkata Airport?’, ‘how far is Mayapur from Kolkata?’ and ‘how to visit Mayapur from Kolkata?The best ways to reach Mayapur from Kolkata are by train, bus, and car.

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How to Reach Mayapur from Kolkata by Train

How to go Mayapur from Kolkata by train? There is no direct train between Kolkata and Mayapur. So, how to reach Mayapur by train? You can however take a train between Kolkata and Nabadwip, which is approximately 30 km away from Mayapur. You can then hire a taxi to Mayapur once you’ve reached Nabadwip. Bishnupriya Railway Station is among the nearest railway station to Mayapur Dham.

How to reach Mayapur from Sealdah by train? From Sealdah Railway Station, you can get trains to reach Ranaghat then, you can take a taxi from Ranaghat to Mayapur. How to reach Mayapur from Howrah? There are 11 direct trains from Howrah to Mayapur. They reach Mayapur from Howrah in around 1 hour and 59 minutes. This is how to reach Mayapur from Kolkata by train.

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How To Go Mayapur From Kolkata By Bus

There are many Kolkata to Mayapur Govt buses. They take approximately 4 h 25m to reach Mayapur ISKCON from Kolkata. The journey duration will vary depending on which bus you book. The difference in the routes used and the number of stops can cause this delay. There will be frequent stops along the way. These stoppages tend to be at well-known food establishments. The halt lasts for a short time, but you can still eat and get freshened up during this time.

Online bus reservation is possible. You can book your bus tickets online from Kolkata to Mayapur ISKCON starting at INR108 per person and going up to INR108 per person. Your travel requirements and the availability of buses will affect the ticket price. How much is the ISKCON bus service from Kolkata to Mayapur fare? An AC bus ticket from Kolkata to Mayapur ISKCON costs more than an ordinary bus. When making an online booking, ensure that you compare the prices and choose the most affordable option.

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There are many options for buses to take you from Kolkata to Mayapur ISKCON. You can look for Kolkata to Mayapur ac bus time table on MakeMyTrip. These include ordinary buses, AC deluxe buses, AC buses, and Volvo buses. Some buses can be extended for longer distances. These buses have curtains and reclining seats.

The type of bus you choose will determine the amenities that are offered by bus operators. We have listed below some basic amenities you will find on all buses, except for the regular bus service.

  • Charging points
  • Water bottles
  • Reading lights
  • Hand sanitizers

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You can book your bus online at MakeMyTrip. All the details, such as the destination and origin cities, can be entered. You can also select the date to see all available bus options. You can compare the services provided by bus operators. Additionally, you can view details such as bus fare, timings, and amenities. You can then make your online payment using the preferred method.

Bus operators are following all safety protocols due to the Covid-19 situation. After every journey, buses are cleaned. Every trip is also monitored for temperature changes between passengers, drivers, and staff. At the moment, passengers are not allowed to use pillows or blankets. 

The safety level is given to bus operators who follow safety guidelines. MakeMyTrip simplifies the whole booking process. For any booking-related questions, you can contact MakeMyTrip customer service. This is how to reach Mayapur from Kolkata by bus.

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How To Reach Mayapur From Kolkata By Car

To answer the question ‘how to reach Mayapur from Kolkata by road?’, here is the answer. Kolkata to Mayapur road condition is good so Mayapur is easily accessible by road. Kolkata to Mayapur distance by road is 130 km. There are two routes to reach Kolkata to Mayapur by car

  1. Kolkata-Ranaghat – Mayapur
  2. Kolkata-Dhaniakhali-Mayapur

However, route 1 will take approximately half an hour longer than route 2. You can stop at Ranaghat to take in the natural beauty of Mayapur while you’re on your way. This is how to reach Mayapur from Kolkata by car. Visit our travel blog to get more interesting articles.

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