Top 5 Mukutmanipur Tourist Places & Picnic Spot To Visit

Mukutmanipur Tourist Places & Picnic Spot

Are you planning to visit Mukutmanipur? Well, Mukutmanipur is a small village in West Bengal, India. It has many tourist spots for its visitors. So, before you plan to visit this village, make sure to gather information related to Mukutmanipur tourist places:

List of Best Mukutmanipur Tourist Places –

  • Kangsabati Dam 

Kangsabati Dam - Mukutmanipur Tourist Places & Picnic Spot

Kangsabati dam was constructed along 11 km to provide irrigation facilities for the arable land covering 8,000 sq. It covers Purulia and Bankura as well as Paschim Medinipur, some parts of the upper Hooghly. This is the most popular attraction at Mukutmanipur’s sightseeing spots. This Mukutmanipur dam is known as India’s second-largest earthen dam. It was built by Dr. Bidhan Chaudra Roy, then the Chief Minister of Bengal. 

The Kangsabati Dam is a popular spot for picnicking and other leisure activities. The rhythmic sounds of the water will captivate you when Kangsabati’s reservoir is full. Mukutmanipur is different in winter. All these make Kangsabati Dam among the best Mukutmanipur tourist spot.

  • Wonderful Sunrise and Sunset Points

The sunset view of Mukutmanipur, combined with the backdrop, is stunning. The star speaks volumes, the moonlight shining into the water makes it look like silver. This area is among the best Mukutmanipur tourist places to visit. Mukutmanipur tourist guide will help you to know about this place in the best way.

  • Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest – Mukutmanipur Tourist Places

Jhilimili 12 Mile Forest - Mukutmanipur Tourist Places

Nature lovers love Jhilimili Forest because of the greenery on both sides of the road of Jhilimili forest after its visitors enter the “Baro Mile-er Jungle”. This road is also good for bike riders. On the right side, you will get to see three views. These views will allow you to see the vast hilly terrain and lush green forest. You will feel at home in the jungle of Sal, with its fresh breeze.  So, this place is a good Mukutmanipur picnic spot.

Talking to king-sized trees such as Sal, Mahua and Shimul will make you happy. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to witness live painting sessions of many butterflies on nature’s canvas. The Monsoon is dressed in vibrant green. Rain dancing to the Monsoon’s beat will bring back memories of your childhood. Elephants can also travel along a special road through the jungle. All these make this place among the top Mukutmanipur tourist Places.

  • Musafirana Viewpoint

The Musafirana View Point is a vast stretch of water on one side and lush green valleys on the other. Here you can enjoy the best views of Mukutmanipur. You can also enjoy the evening breeze and duck, which will add to the magical interaction of colors in nature. Musafirana Viewpoint is the best Mukutmanipur tourist spot.

  • Sutan Forest – Mukutmanipur Tourist Spot

Sutan Forest Picnic Spot

The nearest Station of Mukutmanipur is Bankura Railway Station. Sutan is also a beautiful village in Mukutmanipur that has shades of sal and piyal as well as mahua, palash, and shimul. It is also home to the tribes. This is a great place to take a break from Mukutmanipur. It is surrounded by tranquil hills and beautiful scenery. At night, the villagers play the magical tune of madal to make the area more lively with the Palash and Krishnachura flowering during the day. 

The forest is full of unique species of fauna, flowers, and birds that are seasonal. A vibrant peacock might be a surprise visitor, giving you a beautiful look and a chance to win a prize. Bike riders are not the only ones who enjoy the ride through the jungle. It feels almost like hilly terrain. This virgin forest connects with the Dalma range via Duarsini. It looks similar to Southern Dooars because of its unspoiled luxury greenery. Now, you can understand why Sutan Forest is one of the best Mukutmanipur tourist places.


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