Top 10 Best Romantic & Private Places For Couples In Kolkata

Private Places For Couples in Kolkata

Are you looking for romantic places in Kolkata to visit with your lover? Well, Kolkata is a city of love and peace so it has many places to visit for couples. Are you planning a happy time with your lover in Kolkata? Is your answer ‘yes’? Sounds amazing! So, for you, we have listed the details related to romantic and private places for couples in Kolkata.

List of Top 10 Places To Visit in Kolkata For Couples

  • Eco Park – Romantic Places in Kolkata

Eco Park - Places For Couples in Kolkata

Eco Park is the best park for couples in Kolkata. Unwind and chill with your accomplice and investigate colorful spots for end-of-the-week escapes from Kolkata. Eco Park is a man-made park that elements in our rundown of most heartfelt spots to visit in Kolkata attributable to its wonderful feeling. The setting looks totally charming with a calming breeze blowing right in front of you, blooming blossoms and rich trees giving you organization, and clear-cut pathways making for a quiet view. 

It is a much-needed refresher, directly in the center of a substantial wilderness. The quantity of exercises you can participate in is humongous, despite the fact that a huge piece of it is still under development. Enjoy water sports like kayaking, water zorbing, drifting, and such with your accomplice, influence with the washing water of the melodic wellsprings, and share a few heartfelt perspectives from the covered Craftsman’s bungalow. So it is among the No 1 romantic places for couples in Kolkata.

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  • Millennium Park

Millennium Park

One of the heartfelt spots for couples in Kolkata, Millennium Park is a spot with unsurmountable excellence. Arranged by the Ganges, Millennium Park has all that a heartfelt spot ought to have – magnificence, harmony, security, and reachability. The impeccably manicured yards see many couples having a few warm discussions here. Charming dusk is the feature of the recreation area. 

Specked with striking figures, Millennium Park is one of the most amazing dating places in Kolkata. Permitting couples to share comfortable minutes in the midst of the decency of nature’s abundance, Millennium Park is most certainly perhaps among the most romantic places in Kolkata for couples.

Millennium Park is wonderful to go through a tranquil night with your accomplice. Walk around the rich vegetation of the nursery; compose works and refrains in the heartfelt setting, and snap the red-orange tints of the sunrise.

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  • Raichak – Places For Couples Near Kolkata

Raichak - places for couples near kolkata

Another of the most heartfelt Kolkata visiting places for couples, Raichak is a modest community that has as of late evolved as the new sumptuous go-to objective for couples. The rich 5-star property is the best heartfelt escape close to Kolkata in the event that you wouldn’t fret about going overboard on your adoration. In any case, it is guaranteed that each dime spent would be absolutely worth the effort. 

Barely 2 hours from Kolkata, it is unquestionably the right pick among heartfelt spots for couples. It’s the ideal escape for those searching for an unconventional heartfelt area near the city. It is perhaps the most extravagant and top heartfelt area in Kolkata. Raichak is one of the best low-budget weekend getaways in West Bengal near Kolkata.

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  • Paris Cafe

Paris Cafe Kolkata

Paris Cafe is also among the places for couples in Kolkata. Show your woman love with the pleasantness of this bistro and pastry parlour. Eye-catching insides make the prettiest of ambiance in which to partake in a few heartfelt minutes together. The style is finished with class and looks extremely lovely with its decision of pastel shades. Red Velvet Cheesecake, Macaroons, and Flapjacks are eminent. So are the sandwiches, shakes, espresso, pasta, pizzas, and other food things. All these make Paris Cafe among couple friendly places in Kolkata

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  • Dum Pukht

Where can couples go for privacy in Kolkata? Dum Pukht is a top-notch café in the extravagant ITC Sonar inn and gets you the best Afghani and Awadhi cooking styles. The feel is strikingly imperial and the style is finely finished. Feasting can be exceptionally heartfelt here with its extravagant seating, rich decorations, and exquisite lighting. The ceramics will make them expand on the dishes for some time. Attempt their Kakori Kebab, Dumpukht Biryani, Mahashir Dumpukht and you won’t lament coming here. 

  • Aqua – Best Places For Couples in Kolkata

Aqua - Best Places For Couples in Kolkata

Aqua is among the couple spots in Kolkata. You can have the most heartfelt time with your woman and love this sublime parlour in the recreation area inn. Its poolside seating is the most fascinating region where you can have drinks and feast with extravagance. The multi-food menu makes them daze dishes to look over. There are invigorating mixed drinks, sound plates of mixed greens, wood-terminated pizzas, velvety pasta, sharing platters, and great treats. 

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  • Marble Palace

One of the heartfelt spots in Kolkata for lovebirds, this nineteenth-century palatial chateau in North Kolkata is a fantastic home attributable to its flawless plan and design. It is quite possibly the two or three spots in Kolkata that is to a greater extent a reestablished regal family castle bragging about creative sculptures, rich dishes, and provocative compositions of essential specialists of the English Raj. Marble Palace is among the private places in Kolkata for couples.

  • Cafe Ekante

Cafe Ekante

For every one of the couples who is paying special attention to a peaceful spot to sit and talk, Cafe Ekante is the ideal retreat for them. Found directly across the Eco Park lake, one needs to take the ship to arrive at this island eatery. Furthermore, what can be more heartfelt than a lakeside supper and flavorful Bengali cooking to bite the dust for? All these make Cafe Ekante among the places for couples in Kolkata.

The spot has an exceptionally tasteful inside which praises absolutely with its area. So while you’re in the city and worn out on every one of the sightseeing, try to partake in a quiet supper at this eatery. This is one of the many astounding cafes in Kolkata that are ideal for a night out. Cafe Ekante is also among the best birthday celebration places for couples in Kolkata.

  • Nicco Park – Couple Places in Kolkata

Nicco Park - Places For Couples in Kolkata

Fun gets another significance at Nicco Park, an entertainment mecca that is frequently alluded to as the Disneyland of West Bengal. You can give a lift to your adrenaline by enjoying exciting rides and water slides with your accomplice and partake in an astounding perspective on the recreation area from the trolleys. 

With more than 35 rides to look over, a 48-feet cascade, a bowling alley, a downpour dance spot, a 4D cinema, and a food court, it’s among the most astounding heartfelt spots in Kolkata for an entire day of tomfoolery and skips around. All these make Nicco Park the best place for unmarried couples in Kolkata.

  •  Afraa Restaurant and Lounge

In the event that a great smorgasbord feast is what you would call an ideal date, there is no spot better compared to the elite Afraa Restaurant and Lounge. Afraa Restaurant and Lounge is among the best dating places in Kolkata for couples lost in the crowd.

Afraa Restaurant and Lounge is tied in with offering the best combination of solace and extravagance at only one stop. It is prompted that one finishes every one of their appointments in advance to stay away from any kind of deterrents when they reach there. All these make Afraa Restaurant and Lounge among the best places for couples in Kolkata.


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