10 Best Places To Visit in Purulia | Purulia Tourism 2022

Purulia Tourist Spot | Best Places To Visit In Purulia | Purulia Tourism

Purulia Tour Plan: Are you planning for a tour of Purulia? Well, Purulia is one of the 23 districts in West Bengal and among the top 10 tourist places in West Bengal. There are many best places to visit in Purulia district. You must visit this district, you will surely enjoy the environment of this place. October to February is the best time to visit Purulia District. 

List of Top 10 Best places to visit in Purulia District:

  1. Ajodhya Hill
  2. Baranti
  3. Murguma Dam
  4. Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith
  5. District Science Centre
  6. Panchkote Raj Fort Palace
  7. Eco Adventure Resorts
  8. Joychandi Pahar
  9. Saheb Bandh
  10. Zazen Spa, PearlTree Hotels & Resorts
  • Ajodhya Hill – Places to visit in Ayodhya hills Purulia

Ajodhya Hill & Forest Reserve Area - Tourist Spots in Purulia District

Ajodhya Hills is one of the offbeat hill stations in West Bengal it can be found in the Purulia tourist spot map of the state of West Bengal. It is part of the Eastern Ghats Range and a part of the Dalma Hills. Gorgaburu is the highest peak in Ajodhya hills. Baghmundi tourist spot is the nearest populated area. It is one of the closest hill stations near Kolkata the distance from Kolkata is 332 km. Tourists love this area. 

Tourists flock to the area in winter, while a few tourists visit the area during the other months for trekking nature trails or to enjoy the cultural diversity and rains. Young mountaineers love to climb here, and it’s an ideal place to take advanced and basic courses. Doesn’t this sound fascinating? So, Ajodhya Hill and the Forest Reserve area are the best places to visit in Purulia among the Purulia famous places.

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  • Baranti – Top 20 Places To Visit in Purulia

Baranti- Tourist Spots in Purulia District

Baranti is a small village of tribal people in the Santuri block of the Raghunathpur district of West Bengal. It is located near Baranti Lake. It is a quiet tourist spot that is growing in popularity.

You can find moments of tranquility and serenity in the midst of lush greenery at Baranti Village Resort. You will be captivated by the stunning view of majestic mountains to your right and floating lakes to your left. This sounds interesting, right? Try visiting this place at least once.

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  • Murguma Dam – Places To Visit in Purulia

Murguma Dam

Murguma Dam was built on the Saharajhore River (one of the tributaries of Kangsabati River, West Bengal, India). The dam was built near Murguma (a village at the foothills of Ajodhya Hills in the Purulia district. Many other streams flow directly into the dam from Ajodhya Hills. It is surrounded by forests, hills, and small islands. 

Furthermore, this dam is located at the northern end of Ajodhya Hills, which is known as an eastern extension of the Chota Nagpur Plateau. These make it among the best places to visit in Purulia.

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  • Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith – Places to visit near Purulia

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith - Places To Visit in Purulia

Purulia was founded in 1957 by the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith with the objective of giving practical and concrete form to some of Swami Vivekananda’s educational ideas. 

To be effective and productive, education must be man-making. It must lead to the complete and integrated development of students’ personalities. This is possible only if students are raised in an environment that allows their mind, body, and spirit to flourish. Swami Vivekananda recommended the Gurukula ancient system of education. This system has been adopted by the Vidyapith, which is adapted and suited to current living conditions.

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  • District Science Centre – Best Tourist Places in Purulia District

District Science Centre - best tourist places in purulia district

District Science Centre, which falls under the National Council of Science Museums Ministry of Culture, Govt. It has been working to spread science to all tiers of society since its inception to ensure that scientific advances reach everyone and to make society better. So, it is among the best tourist places in Purulia district.

District Science Centre, Purulia, (DSC, Purulia), is located on the bank of Nibaran Sayer (Saheb bandh), a National Pond on one corner of Purulia. The main attractions include the Dinosaurs Park and 3D Theater. Science Shows, Taramandal Shows, and Amazing Chemistry are also among the best places to visit in Purulia. Sky Observation through a telescope is another highlight of this tourist spot.

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  • Panchkote Raj Fort Palace – Tourist Spots in Purulia District

Panchkot Raj (also known as Panchkot Zamindari, or Kashipur Raj) was a family of RAJPUT( PARMAR), community Zamindars who ruled in western India, West Bengal, and some adjoining areas in Jharkhand. This is also a legendary story related to this palace. Visit this palace to know about its story.

  • Eco Adventure Resorts – Tourist Spots in Purulia

Purulia’s Eco Adventure Resorts is surrounded by pristine nature. It promotes ecotourism and has created unique accommodation units such as tents and cottages to help with responsible tourism. So, it is always on the list of the best places to visit in Purulia.

  • Joychandi Pahar – Famous Tourist Places in Purulia

Joychandi Pahar is a hill in India’s state of West Bengal and is a popular tourist attraction. It is located in the Purulia district. Joychandi hill is a major tourist area and a great place for rock climbing. So, if you are fond of rock climbing, you must visit this place.

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  • Saheb Bandh Lake – Purulia Visiting Places

Saheb Bandh Lake - Purulia Visiting Places

Saheb Bandh is a man-made lake located in the middle of Purulia Town. It is also known as Nibaran Chandra Shayer. This waterbody is undoubtedly the biggest in the city. Purulia was subject to severe water shortages during the summer under British rule. Col Tilley, a prisoner, decided to build the lake in 1843 to combat this water crisis. It is now the most popular place to visit in Purulia

Saheb Bandh is home to many migratory birds in winter, and not only does it provide water and beauty but also provides a peaceful environment. Siberia is home to about three to five species. It is amazing to watch these birds play while taking in the cool breeze at the lakeside, especially during sunset. Furthermore, there is an island situated in the middle of the lake. 

The Purulia Municipality maintains the lake in a beautiful state. The Purulia Municipality has fenced the lakeside road, made a wide footpath for pedestrians, placed benches for people to rest, and made concrete stairs at various points that lead to the lake. On the other side of Lake Road, there are many food places. One such place is the Akash Sarovar Hotel, a three-star hotel. 

Surya Mandir, a famous Hindu temple, is located on the other bank of the lake. This lakeside road is a great place to meet friends, take a walk or order fast food.

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  • Zazen Spa, PearlTree Hotels & Resorts – Purulia Visiting Places

Zazen Spa, PearlTree Hotels & Resorts - Top 20 Famous Tourist Places in Purulia District

Zazen Spa, PearlTree Hotels & Resorts offers luxurious rooms to its guests. It also offers beautiful resort views and services such as Swedish, Aroma, and Deep Tissue. Balinese, Neck & Back, Foot Reflexology, threading, skincare, haircare, hairstyling, Body wraps & scrubs. Manicure, pedicure. 

There are 2 treatment rooms that are not gender-specific. Zazen Spa is located in the vicinity of KB City Center Mall, Kolkata. So, you can enjoy the tranquil environment of the spa along with the company of other people. So, now you know about the top tourist spots in Purulia district. Keep visiting our travel blog website on India tourism to know more!

Famous Things To Buy in Purulia –

Various handicrafts items like Golden Ashtray, Lord Narayan Statue, Lord Krishna Statue, Racing Horse Set, Camel Set, Toothbrush Holder, Serving Trays, Jewelry Box, Ash Tray, Owl Basket, Basket Tortoise and lot more famous things you can buy in Purulia. 

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