Top 20 Must Try Street Food Of Kolkata

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20 best street food of Kolkata

Are you staying or planning to stay in Kolkata? Then, You must try the street food of Kolkata. All this street food includes spices and a burst of flavors. Here, you would find a huge variety of street food from sweets to many types of chaats. Try tasting them while you explore the streets of the city. If you are confused about so many street foods then search the internet about the best food blog in Kolkata.

Here are the 20 best street food of Kolkata:

1. Phuchka – Street Food Of Kolkata

Phuchka - Street Food Of Kolkata

Phuchka or Panipuri belongs to the family of golgappa, but the mix of spices and its typical flavour of Kolkata is what makes it different from panipuri or golgappa. Phuchka is among the most famous street food of Kolkata. Phuchkas are round papris that are stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes. These potato stuffed papris are then filled with tamarind chutney, pudina, pickled water, and lime.

If you visit Vivekananda Market, you must try Dilipda’s phuchkas. Also, phuchkas from Kiosk near Triangular Park, Nankuram Gupta’s stall at Russell Street, Krisnakant Sharma’s stall in Vardhan Market, Ram Gupta’s Stall near Victoria Memorial, Bada Phuchkawalla in New Alipore are among the best street food of Kolkata.

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2. Churmur

Churmur - Street Food Of Kolkata

Similar to phuchka, churmur is a  famous street food of Kolkata. Churmur is a mix of mashed potatoes and crushed phuchkas, mixed with spices, onions, the pulp of tamarind, and tetul gola. Though churmur tastes similar to Phuchka, it is easier to eat. Try tasting phuchkas and churmur both, you would know which one suits you better.

Churmur from Maharaja Chaat Centre at Bhawanipore and Southern Avenue is among the best Street Food Of Kolkata.

3. Kathi Rolls – Street Food Of Kolkata

Kathi Rolls - Street Food Of Kolkata

Kathi Rolls is among the best street food of Kolkata. When you are staying in Kolkata, you cannot miss tasting the very delicious and famous Kathi rolls. Kolkata is the originator of Kathi rolls. It is globally famous for cooking the most delicious Kathi rolls. People from various parts of the world prefer to visit Kolkata to try these Kathi rolls.

Although there are many variations of Kathi rolls in various locations of Kolkata, you must not forget to taste the authentic Kathi rolls from Zaika and hot Kathi rolls in the Park Street area. Kathi rolls from Badshah and Nizam’s at New Market are also famous.

4. Luchi Aloo Dum

Luchi Aloo Dum street food of Kolkata

Luchi Aloo dum is one of the famous street food of Kolkata. It is among the favorite foods of many people. This dish can be eaten at any part of the day and can easily be found in various places. To say in simpler words, Luchis looks very much similar to Puris while Alu Dom looks similar to Dum Aloo but with special Bengali taste in it.

There are many small shops and stalls in Kolkata where you can get this delicious food and that too at a very affordable price. Fairlie Place is the best place to enjoy luchi aloo dum.

5. Aloo Kabli

Aloo Kabli street food of Kolkata

Aloo Kabli is a quick potato street food of Kolkata. It is quite famous in Kolkata. It is among those dishes in which the main ingredient, that is, potatoes are presented in its best form. In this dish, potatoes are mixed with tomatoes, onions, tamarind pulp, chickpeas, and a  delicious mix of spices that gives the dish its tasty flavors.

You must taste this dish when you are looking for something hot and spicy. The best place to eat Aloo Kabli is Surya Sen Street in Kolkata.

6. Telebhaja

Telebhaja street food of Kolkata

Telebhaja is among the popular fried street food of Kolkata. It is served on almost every occasion. It can best serve your taste bud on a rainy day when you want to eat something spicy and hot. This crispy food is prepared by mixing many ingredients together like besan, pumpkin, onion rings, cornflour, and potato.

There are many varieties of telebhaja available in Kolkata. You must try all of them. This snack is very popular in Kolkata and thus can be found at many locations in Kolkata. The best place to eat this is College Street.

7. Samosa

Samosa street food of Kolkata

Samosas are also known as Shingara in Kolkata. These are among the best street food of Kolkata. These taste best along with tea and can delight your evenings. Samosas need no introduction as they are very famous all around  India.

This fried snack which is in triangular shape is prepared by adding a variety of spices to mashed potato which is used as a stuffing. Although the stuffing varies from chicken, mutton, spicy vegetables, sweet coconut to moong daal, the stuffing of spicy mashed potatoes tastes the most delicious. You can enjoy this street food of Kolkata also with hot tea. Burrabazar, Sharma Tea Stall, and Arun Tea Stall are the best places to eat samosas in Kolkata.

8. Keemar Doi Bora

Keemar Doi Bora

In a simple way, Keemar Doi Bora is very similar in appearance to Dahi Bada but it has its unique Kolkata spicy taste. Instead of the normal Daal in badas, the Keemar Doi Boras are made of meat badas soaked in dahi. Dahi in Keemar Doi Badas is slightly sweetish in taste and mixed with some salt and a pinch of red chilli powder along with some other delicious spices.

Keemar Doi Bora is among the best street food of Kolkata that attracts most people, especially the natives of North India. There are many places where you can try this but we suggest you try this from Burrabazar for excellent taste.

9. Ghugni Chaat

Ghugni Chaat street food of Kolkata

Ghugni Chaat is the popular street food of Kolkata which is loved by most people who visit or stay in this city. This chaat has its special taste which makes it deserving to be known as the best street food of Kolkata. Ghugni Chaat is made with a variety of healthy ingredients. It is cooked by mixing white and yellow peas with healthy ingredients such as onions, coriander, chilies, tomatoes, and spices.

You can eat this food at any part of the day. Dacres Lane, New Market, and Shibuji are the best places to eat this food

10. Channar Jilipi

Channar Jilipi street food of Kolkata

Channar Jilipi is the sweet street food of Kolkata. This food looks like regular Jalebi but it is a special kind of Jalebi with its unique taste. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try this food in Kolkata. This sweet street dish is soft,  juicy, and chewy which makes this food even more famous.

Try eating this jalebi with gulab jamun, you would love them. Golpark and

College Street is the best place to eat Channar Jilipi.

11. Kachori

Kachori street food of Kolkata

If you are visiting or staying in Kolkata, then you must know that Kachori is a  famous street food of Kolkata. You can enjoy this food with tea or can simply eat it as your meal. There is no fixed time for having this delicious meal, you can find it at any part of the day. Kachori in Kolkata is also famous as Radhabollobi.

Kachoris are generally stuffed with varieties of stuffings such as spicy mashed potatoes, spicy mashed daals, etc. Ganguram is the best place to have Kachori.

12. Schezwan Chicken

Schezwan Chicken

If you are a non-vegetarian, Schezwan Chicken is the best street food of Kolkata. The chicken is mixed with various flavors and lots of varieties of chilies and spices which make this food very hot and spicy. The chicken tastes a lot tastier when it is mixed with Schezwan ketchup. Dacre Street is the best place to eat Schezwan Chicken in Kolkata. Try this spicy non-vegetarian street food of Kolkata at least once, you would love it. This is also rich in protein.

13. Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri street food of Kolkata

If you are fond of street food, then you would love to eat Bhelpuri. Bhelpuri is the famous street food of Kolkata. It is a mixture of Muri, sev, papris and lots of delicious spices. Special bhelpuri of Kolkata is a well-balanced mixture of a variety of muris, papris, potato, onions, bhujiya, coriander, different types of chutneys, and spices. New Alipore and Lake Road are the best places to eat this street food of Kolkata.

14. Chowmein

Chowmein street food of Kolkata

Chowmein is a street food of Kolkata which has its Chinese origin but has a spicy touch of Kolkata. This is among the common street foods that are found at many tourist places in Kolkata. Chowmein is available in Kolkata at a very affordable cost. It is a rich combination of various vegetables which are mixed with a variety of chilies and chutneys. Dacre Street is the best place to eat chowmein in Kolkata. Try tasting chowmein at least once, you would love the taste of this street food of Kolkata.

15. Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai paratha is a very tasty street food of Kolkata. It is made of roti stuffed with broken cutlets, chicken keema, eggs, and onion. This is among the most soul-satisfying and stomach-filling street food. It tastes rich and delicious. You can get Mughlai Parathas on various streets of Kolkata. Anandi Cabin is the best place to eat Mughlai Parathas in Kolkata. Eat this paratha at least once, it is mouth-watering.

Though the Mughlai paratha has its origin since the time of Mughals, the Mughlai Paratha in Kolkata has got a spicy taste added to it.

16. Roshogullas


Roshogullas are the most known among the sweet dishes of Kolkata. Bengali Rosh Gulla consists of balls of semolina dough and cottage cheese, dipped and soaked in a sugary syrup. While Odisha claims to be the birthplace of Rosh Gulla, these are the most common street food of Kolkata. KC Das is the most famous shop in Kolkata to eat Rosh Gulla. However, you can get this tasty sweet in almost every street of Kolkata.

These Rosh Gullas have high calories. But, even if you are diet conscious, try tasting this sweet food at least once. It is spongy, juicy, very sweet, and easily digestible. You would always want to eat more of this sweet dish. Bengalis are lovers of the sweet street food of Kolkata

17. Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi is the name given to the fermented sweet yogurt. You can get yogurt in various parts of the world but Mishti Doi has its unique Bengali taste. It is the famous street food of Kolkata and one of the most famous culinary exports of West Bengal. While you can eat mishti doi from any stall or shop in Kolkata, try tasting mishti doi from K.C. Das. Mishti Doi from K.C. Das has its special taste.

18. Chholar Dal – street food of Kolkata

Chholar Dal

Want to know more about the street food of Kolkata? Bengali street food is not complete without a serving of tasty chholar dal. This dish is thick, sweet, and heavily spiced. You can have it simple or with delicious luchis, paw, parathas, kachoris, etc. You can also eat it with rice. Chholar dal can be eaten for any meal of the day.

Bengalis often eat chholar dal for snacks with or without muri or bhujia. You can get this chholar dal in many streets of Kolkata. Try it at least once.

19. Jhalmuri – street food of Kolkata

Jhalmuri street food of Kolkata

Kolkata is among the best tourist places in India for holiday trips. And, jhalmuri is a tasty and appetizing street food of Kolkata. It is munchy and easy to digest. You can get this food in every part of the city. Jhalmuri is made of a mixture of puffed rice, peanuts, namkeen, onions, coriander, tomatoes, chilies, salt, and a variety of spices. It does not need cooking or heavy oil so it can be prepared quickly and is available at a very low price.

Jhalmuri is generally served in conical newspaper wraps. You can have it with hot tea or simply munch it to get its best taste. Triangular Park and  Jawaharlal Nehru Road are the best places to eat Jhalmuri.

20. Ghoti Gorom – street food of Kolkata

Ghoti Gorom street food of Kolkata

Ghoti Gorom is also a street food which is made up of chanachur, onion, and lemon juice. When you feel hungry, buy one packet of ghoti gorom and munch this delicious food to fill your stomach. Princep Ghat is the best place to eat ghoti gorom. Visit our travel blog website regularly to get more updates related to various amazing tourist attractions.

Are you looking for honeymoon destinations? You can visit Kolkata. Here, you would also get to eat various seasonal foods according to seasons. In fact, tasting the street food of Kolkata is among the best things to do in Kolkata. This is among the best travel tips for your visit to Kolkata.

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