Summer Season Months In India

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summer season months in India

Do you want to know about the summer season months in India? Well, India is located in the north equatorial region and it is situated between 8°4′ north to 37°6′ north latitude and 68°7′ east to 97°25′ east longitudinal region. This makes India experience varied seasons. In total, India experiences 6 seasons every year. And, the summer season months in India are one among them.

Summer Season Months In India

This content contains information about the summer season destinations in India, pictures of the summer season months in India, health tips for the summer season months in India, and more important things to do in this season. If you are fond of traveling, you must read this content. This content would make you understand why visiting India during the summer can be more adventurous and exciting. Have a happy reading!

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What are the 6 seasons in India?

India is a country of diverse climatic conditions. And, climatic conditions in India are categorized into 6 seasons namely – Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre-Winter, and Winter. All these seasons make India a beautiful country. And, the best part is, most of the regions of India experiences moderate climatic conditions.

The summer in India is not as hot as in Africa. And, the winter season in India is not as cold as in Antarctica. You must visit India at least once, you would be amazed to see its traditions and beauty. But, before you visit, read the facts about the summer season.

These facts would encourage you to visit India this season.

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What are the summer season months in India?

After the end of the spring season, the climate in India starts becoming warmer. This is what we call the summer season. Name any two local winds which blow in India during this season? Loo and Kalabaisakhi are the names of two main local winds that are famous and blow during the summer in India.

Feeling comfortable in lightweight clothes and eating various fruits and ice-creams without catching a cold are among the advantages of the summer season. And, the summer season temperature is the main factor which allows us to enjoy these advantages. Cotton and khadi are among the most comfortable clothes in the summer season.

Spring and summer months in India are among the months when this country attracts most of the tourists from other countries. Furthermore, spring and summer are the seasons when India looks rich in greenery with blooming colorful flowers. Want to know the names of some summer season flowers? Well! Marigold, roses, lotus, hibiscus, sunflowers, and lilies are among the summer season flowers.

Hill Stations such as Darjeeling, Kullu, Manali, Shimla, North-Sikkim, and Nainital are among the top tourist places in the summer season. And, beach resorts such as Goa, Calangute, Palolem, Kovalam, Havelock Island, Neil Island are among the best honeymoon places in India in the summer season.

You would be happy to know that, many newly-wed couples visit these places during the summer season, to enjoy their romantic honeymoon time together.

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When do the summer season months in India start?

The summer season months in India starts in April. You would get to see many summer season months in India clipart on Google, which would give a pleasant view of its climatic conditions and effect on humans and animals. In April, the climate in India is warm and you would get to enjoy the summer season trip in India.

April, May, June, and July are the summer months in India. You would get to see many beautiful migratory birds coming to India during this season. Want to know the names of migratory birds coming to India in the summer season? Asian Koel, Black-crowned Night Heron, Comb Duck, and Blue-cheeked Bee-Eater are some of the migratory birds which come to India during this season.

Melons, snap beans, corns, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers are some of the summer season crops in India. Want to know about the summer season temperature? The maximum temperature in India is around 51.0 degrees Celsius. Weather conditions in the summer season months in India vary from region to region and time to time. On average, the months of May to June are the hottest in India.

Many high-quality images of the summer season months in India are available on Google.

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When does the summer season end in India?

The summer season ends in July. May and June are the hottest months in India every year. Would you like to know about the effects of the summer season months in India? Well, the summer season in north India is not very intense. Whereas, the summer in south India is hotter. Moreover, this is the time you would get summer sale season in India on varieties of items.

You would get many interesting quotes on the summer season months in India on Google. These quotes would motivate you to visit India at least once during the summer. And, after your visit, try to write a few lines on the summer season months in India and post them online for others to know about your experiences.

The season after summer in India is monsoon. The monsoon season in India starts in July. Rains in the monsoon season in India bring a cool effect to the environment in India. And, dried areas get replenished by rainwater, which makes various farmlands more fertile to grow more crops in other seasons.

The duration of the summer season months in India is approximately 4-5 months. You must visit India during this season. You would enjoy clicking photos of various summer season plants.

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What to eat in the summer season months in India?

summer season fruits in india

Watermelon, Mango, Musk Melon, Kiwi, Oranges, Guava, Pineapple, and Papaya are among the summer season fruits. You can enjoy the taste of these fruits, especially during the summer season. Varieties of food items such as fruit juice, fruit-chaat, fruit salad, fruit-milkshake, custard, fruit candies are made from these tasty fruits.

These fruits are also helpful in keeping our bodies cool even in intense heat. Now, let us talk about the varieties of vegetables available in India during summer.

The main vegetables grown in the summer in India are tomato, brinjal, chili, pumpkin, cucumber, bottle guard, and ladyfingers. Try tasting these vegetables when you visit India during the summer. Vegetables such as cucumber and tomato can also be eaten as a salad. Whereas, other vegetables can be eaten as vegetable curry, pakoras, etc.

Ice-creams, cold drinks, ice-tea, kulfi-values, ice-cakes are among the special food for the Indian summer season. Whereas, rice, idli, fruits, and green leafy vegetables are among healthy food for the summer season. Crops grown in the summer season months in India are known as Zaid crops or Summer crops.

Summer season fruits and vegetables in India are mainly water-rich and juicy. And, pulses grown in the summer season are gram, lentil, field pea, urd, mung, Rajmash, etc. These pulses are rich in taste and can be cooked with various food items. Sambhar is a food item that can be made by mixing and cooking various pulses together.

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During the summer season months in India, which of the following changes do happen?

India is a country that experiences various climatic conditions every year. In the summer season, the weather becomes hotter and the Loo wind blows in various parts of Indian regions. Loo winds are strong, hot, gusty, dry winds that blow during the daytime in India. Direct exposure to the heat of these winds may be fatal to human lives.

North India experiences lesser heat when compared to South India. The altitude of a region is also a factor on which temperature depends. The higher the altitude is the lesser heat it experiences during the summer season. For example, Himalayan regions experience mild summer which causes the melting of glaciers and then, waterfalls.

In Addition to this, you would get to hear the chirping of birds on trees. And, the gardens would look full of fruits and flowers. Intense heat without rain may cause drought in some areas. Hence, artificial irrigation systems are used in many fields and gardens to preserve their fertility and beauty.

Rice, maize, bajra, and jowar are some of the main cereals grown in the summer season. These cereals help keep our bodies cool and safe from intense heat. Also, the clothes we wear in the summer season months in India are mostly made of cotton or khadi materials. These clothes are light in weight and allow air to pass through their pores which provide comfort during the summer in India.

What happens during the summer season months in India?

The arrival of the summer season months in India is celebrated in most of its regions. The 12 best festivals celebrated in the summer season are – Baisakhi, Gangaur, Moatsu Festival, Chithirai Festival, Pahela Baishakh, Kollam Pooram, Ooty Flower Festival, Mount Abu Summer Festival, Shimla Summer Festival, Sikkim Summer Festival, Hemis Festival, and Yercaud Summer Festival.

Gangaur – Gangaur is the Rajasthani summer season festival. Among all the significant summer season dates, Gangaur is celebrated from 10th March to 27th March, every year in various regions of Rajasthan. It includes Rajasthani folk music, dance, sumptuous food stalls and astounding fireworks, puppet shows.

Baisakhi – This festival is celebrated in the summer season, on the 13th of April, every year. It is the most colorful festival celebrated in the summer season by the Punjabi community. This festival is celebrated to mark the harvest of rabi crops. The farmers in Punjab wear new colorful dresses, cook delicious food to honor the new beginning. Traditional dance and music, wrestling, enacting farming stages, and fairs are organized in this festival.

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What is the summer season in English?

This entire content has been written to describe the Indian summer season in the English language. This content is self-explanatory for those who can only read and understand the English language. The main aim of this content is to showcase the beauty of the summer season months in India to residents of English-speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, and parts of South America.

Why is the summer season important?

With the arrival of the summer in India, gardens become greener with blooming flowers and the chirping of many beautiful migratory birds. You would be able to wear lightweight clothes and move around more actively.

Also, you would be able to go to the best places to visit in India in the summer season with your family or friends. The best places to visit in India in the summer are Ladakh, Shimla, Manali, Goa, Auli, Mount Abu, and Kashmir.

In the winter season, you restrict yourself from consuming lots of fruits and water for the fear of catching a cold or feeling the frequent urge to use the toilet. Whereas in the summer season, you can keep yourself healthy by consuming lots of delicious fruits and water without getting much affected.

Now, let us discuss the necessary things we use in the summer season.

summer season months in India tips

Along with many advantages, there are some problems that you may face in the summer season. Problems of the summer season months in India are that the climate becomes very hot in some areas such as Rajasthan. A very hot climate may cause rashes, sunburns, tanning of the skin or may even cause death. Common diseases in the summer season months in India are heatstroke, food poisoning, dehydration, mumps, chickenpox, typhoid, etc.

There are many do’s and don’ts in the summer season months in India that you must follow to enjoy the season to the fullest. Apply sunscreen and summer face cream before moving out of your home. Use the reliable and best face cream for the summer season months in India to protect yourself from sunburn or tanning.

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What precautions should be taken in summer?

Drink plenty of water, have lots of fruits and green vegetables. Add curd to your diet. Take a shower every day. Use the best soap for the summer season to clean your face and body. Avoid wearing heavy or thick material dresses. Prefer wearing a pure cotton summer dress in India.

If you are looking for more travel tips related to this season, you should read the summer season months in India Wikipedia, more travel blogs, season facts, and more summer tourist attraction blogs.

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