Top 20 Best Travel Blogs To Follow

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The Best Travel Blogs To Follow

Are you looking for the best travel blogs? Amazing! As we all know that traveling is one of the most interesting activities in the world, traveling blogs are always enjoyable to read. This content contains exciting details about the best travel blogs.

Let’s talk about the best travel blogs:

1. The Blog Abroad – The Best Travel Blogs

The Blog Abroad is among the best travel blogs. The author of The Blog Abroad says that she is not an everyday travel blogger. But with her colorful imagination, she wants to take her readers on an adventurous tour. It is very surprising to know that a girl who never desired to travel turned into a full-time nomad traveler.

Best Travel Blogs

She is amazing enough to find a way to build a successful blog to support a lifestyle that encourages her to travel around the world, and she also gets paid to post about it. She updates her blog to inspire others through her journey of being a solo female traveler by showcasing everything which can be possible while traveling.

She talks about the life of her dreams in relentless ways. She wants to provide unequivocal education to travel so that her blog readers get encouraged to travel. Her mission and ultimate aim are to make her readers want to jump out of their seats and board the next flight out to anywhere exciting. This makes this blog among the best travel blogs.

Whether you are a travel-lover or you’ve never been on tour in your life, the author of this blog has something for everyone. She has been continuously sharing the reason why travel is such an important component to broadening our perspectives and developing a better world.

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2. Drew Binsky – The Best Travel Blogs

The author of Drew Binsky has been to 101 countries to travel and update the travel blog. Dre Binsky is among the best travel blogs. The author of the blog keeps updating this blog with amazing videos created by him. To flourish this blog, travel various content and social media platforms have updated. You would be surprised to know that the author of this blog is a 4-handicap golfer and a Guinness World Record holder for two times.

If you want to be a travel blogger too, you must watch videos of the author of this blog. In his video, he has explained his life story along with the way he updates his blog. In his blog, the author has written about sunny days in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he has grown up and graduated.

The author has also talked about his University life in Wisconsin-Madison, from where he has done a double-major in entrepreneurship and economics.  He also gives credit to his University life in Wisconsin-Madison for being what he is today. In his blog, he has highlighted various tourist attractions where he has visited. He also said that the travel bug first hit him when he was studying abroad in Prague during his Junior year of college between Jan – May 2012.

This blog contains details about Iran, a group tour to Thailand, the best places to visit in the summer season, amazing days you can spend in Florida, how can you earn your living in Korea by teaching English, how can you get a travel insurance policy, unique travel highlights, Jeju Island in South Korea, 18 days expedition to Antarctica, Golf trip in Scotland and Ireland, and many more. All these contents make this blog among the best travel blog.

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3. Nomadic Boys – The Best Travel Blogs

Nomadic Boys is among the best travel blogs. It contains various gay travel tips and information about things to do while you travel. This blog is written by Stefan and Sebastien, who are gay couples. Their mission is to inspire gay travelers to travel more.

This blog showcases that gays can visit many more places in the world than they thought was possible. This blog also contains details related to Nepali food, interesting facts about Columbia, and many more. These make this blog among the best travel blogs.

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4. Backpacker Banter 

Chris is the author of Backpacker Banter, which is among the best travel blogs. He is British and is currently residing in Byron Bay, NSW Australia. You must read his content related to Maldives travel. This content would make you want to visit the Maldives. This blog also contains various amazing recordings of this place.

Backpacker contains travel tips related to Australia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Fiji, Iceland, etc. Content related to these places in this blog would make you want to list this blog among the best travel blogs.

5. My Life’s A Movie 

Alyssa Ramos is the author of the blog My Life’s Movie. The author is a Cuban American and a Florida native. My Life’s A Movie is among the best travel blog. Alyssa Ramos is a GoPro selfie ninja master and she even published interesting content on 10 Tips to help you take travel photos without people in them.

Alyssa Ramos is also a part of the GoPro family and she writes for Matador Network, Huffington Post, and other media publications. Try to search her on Snapchat as she always shares quick tips to do packing to travel. All these make My Life’s Movie among the best travel blogs.

6. Travel Break

Steph Be is the author of the Travel Break. Travel Break is among the best travel blogs. Steph Be is a native of California and has been on CNN. She also writes for various media channels such as Matador Network, Huffington Post, Forbes, Elite Daily, and many more.

She has recently published an awesome article, 7 steps through which you can get influencers to share your product. This blog is an inspiration to many. So, it is known among the best travel blogs.

7. The Blonde Abroad

Keirsten is the author of The Blonde Abroad. She is a native of California who quit her career in finance only to travel the world. She has been traveling for 5 years updating her blog with her new experiences. The Blonde Abroad is among the best travel blogs.

Keirsten is a good writer, content creator, and very talented in travel photography. So, you would get to see a lot of high-quality travel photos in this blog among the best travel blogs. Try visiting this blog at least once, you would surely love the experience.

8. Maptia

Maptia is among the best travel blogs. It is a collaborative project with a group of writers, photographers, conservationists, and adventurers. This blog brings its readers a world of thought-provoking and inspiring stories. Some volunteers are publishing content on this travel blog by spending many hours over the past 4 years to publish impactful travel experiences, in an ad-free and independent environment.

9. Lili’s Travel Plans

Lili is the blogger of Lili’s Travel Plans. Lili’s Travel Plans is among the best travel blogs. Lili’s was recently named among 25 Top Travel Blogger Whom You Should Follow In 2016. Lili travels around the world and shares her opinion about travel without any filter. Lili’s Travel Plans include her experiences in Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Tanzania, and many more tours.

10. Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market is among the best travel blogs. Originally from the United States, Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the authors of Uncornered Market.  Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife teams who are fond of storytelling.

Through their speech and stories about sustainable tourism. The blog inspires travelers who live at the intersection of deep travel, adventure, and life experiences. Now they have updated about more than 90 countries, they are still married and still blogging. You must read their blog, you would understand why Uncornered Market is among the best travel blogs.

11. Atlas & Boots – The Best Travel Blogs

Atlas & Boots are among the best travel blogs it covers thrilling activities in beautiful places. These activities include trekking volcanoes in Vanuatu or swimming with whales in Tonga. Although the authors of the blog, Peter Watson and Kia Abdullah started it on opposite ends of the outdoor spectrum, they came to the same middle point; which is described as outdoorsy-ish. This is the reason, this blog is among the best travel blogs.

12. Wandering Earl – The Best Travel Blogs

In 1999, Derek who is now the author of Wandering Earl left the United States for a post-graduation trip to Asia, for three months. At that time, the idea was to backpack around Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, and then return home. You would be surprised to know that the adventure is still ongoing.

It has now been over 18 years of travel and Derek has visited more than 100 countries. And, he keeps sharing his thoughts and experiences on an amazing travel blog, Wandering Earl. This blog is now among the best travel blogs.

13. Nomadic Matt – The Best Travel Blogs

Nomadic Matt is also among the best travel blogs. Matt is the author of this blog. He grew up in Boston and started his overseas trip at the age of 23 years. During his trip, Matt started writing his blog, Nomadic Matt. This blog has encouraged millions of people to travel more with his helpful tips and advice. So, this blog is listed among the best travel blogs.

14. Notes From The Road

Notes From The Road is among the best travel blogs. By road, by seaplane, by kayak, and most of all on foot, Erik Gauger describes the themes of cities and countries in the modern world on this blog Notes From The Road. Among many contents, this blog contains a content named “the messy truth of travel, told by a regular guy”.

You should see his photography and read his writing. These are some of the best which you would see among the best travel blogs online.

15. Bucketlistly Travel Blog

With more than 65 countries knocked off his own list, Pete is an inspirational author who has traveled for 7 years, moving from one country to another while updating content for BucketListly Travel Blog and many other business products. And, BucketListly is among the best travel blogs.

16. Roads And Kingdoms

Roads And Kingdoms are among the best travel blogs. Its message is very simple: if you know more, you travel better. R&K uses talented deep storytelling, local journalists, and the good things in life that are food, music, and booze — to inform and inspire more about travel and honeymoon destinations around the world. This makes this blog among the best travel blogs.

17. I Am Aileen

I Am Aileen is among the best travel blogs. Aileen Adalid is the author of this blog and a Filipina travel blogger. She has been updating this blog with lots of wonderful designs and great photos. She also shares useful tips from her travel experiences around the globe, and advice related to how to become a digital nomad. These make this blog among the best travel blogs.

18. The Travel Episodes

The Travel Episodes is among the inspiring and the best travel blogs by a selection of different authors as they share their adventures using text, photography, and film. The focus of this website is only on the story, without any description related to other distracting elements. This makes this blog among the best travel blogs.

It is interesting to see how Johannes Klaus has maintained this engaging site for sharing great travel experiences. Try reading this blog, you would love it.

19. Anywhere We Roam

Mark and Paul are the authors of Anywhere We Roam. You would get to know about politics, Street Food, understanding unusual rock formations in seasonal and spectacular scenery as well as working out the meaning of life in an obscure gallery of the middle east, through this blog. This makes this blog among the best travel blogs.

20. Along Dusty Roads  

Andrew and Emily are the authors of Along Dusty Roads. They decided to make their lives more interesting by taking a chance on doing what they love.  They traveled, photographed areas, and updated them on this blog. This makes this blog among the best travel blogs.

On this blog, you would get various amazing content related to how to visit Pompeii from Naples, Cinque Terre, and many more. If you are looking for the best travel blogs, you must read this travel blog website. You would love it.

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