20 Fun Things Do in Kolkata in One Day With Friends 2023

Things To Do in Kolkata

Kolkata, also known as the city of joy is the capital of West Bengal and one of the must-visit tourist places in West Bengal. Kolkata has much to offer for everyone with its old-world charm and tourist attractions, whether you are looking to discover historical monuments or enjoy a stroll through the streets. There are many best things to do in Kolkata, from exploring the beautiful libraries and bookstores to sampling the famous Rasgullas or street foods. This blog post will help you create a detailed itinerary with all the best activities to do in Kolkata. Are you excited?

List of 20 best things to do in Kolkata in one day for youngsters –

20 Best Things Do Do in Kolkata With Friends in One Day

  • Visit the Famous Victoria Memorial Palace

The beautiful Victoria Memorial Palace is a must-see on any list of things to do in Kolkata in one day. This landmark is made from White Makrana Marble and is one of the most photographed spots in Kolkata. It is currently being converted into a museum to honor Queen Victoria of England.

The palace-cum museum will transport you to Europe. Although the interior has some elements of Indian architecture, such as paintings of Mughal emperors and paintings of Mughal queens, it is completely different.

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  • Visit Mother Teresa’s House – Activities To Do in Kolkata

Mother Teresa was a missionary, humanitarian, and most importantly, a woman who dedicated her entire life to helping people in need. Her generosity has awed us. You may have been in awe of Mother Teresa (like us) for many years. Visit her former home in Kolkata and the Motherhouse charity to see how she lived her life and learn more about her ideas. 

This place is home to Mother Teresa’s grave and has a museum that preserves all of her personal possessions. This is among the best things to do in Kolkata this weekend.

  • Visit New Market Area

New Market is well known as the Sir Stuart Hogg Market. It’s a paradise for shoppers. You can browse the market for rare items and there are different sections for each item. The place’s real charm is because of its chaotic atmosphere. There are many street vendors, food stalls, and pushcart drivers dotted around the market. It is possible to simply observe the people around you and take some incredible shots.

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  • Explore the Myriad Temples in Kolkata

A temple tour of the city, which is home to the colorful and eccentric Durga Puja festival is a must-do. There are many temples in the city, from the bustling Kalighat temple to Belur Nath Mandir to the tranquil and peaceful Belur Nath Mandir. The Dakshineswar Kali temple is located opposite the Hooghly River. It is beautiful and has street food vendors, stalls, and other Hindu items for sale.

  • Enjoy a peaceful evening at the Howrah Bridge

There are a lot of amazing things to do near Howrah Bridge. It is well worth taking the time to admire the bridge. The bridge, which is a symbol of Kolkata and the third longest cantilever bridge in all of the world, was built without any hardware. It is a well-known crossing point for pedestrians. We recommend that you take a day to enjoy the views of the Hooghly River and the flower market below. This is one of the best things to do in Kolkata in evening.

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  • Learn more about the Indian Museum’s various topics

This museum is one of India’s most important multipurpose museums. It contains manuscripts, journals, archaeology, and archaic artifacts. An example of this would be an ancient relic that contains mummies from Egypt, Lord Buddha, and other contemporary paintings. The library contains a wide range of informative and interesting books. Are you looking for more reasons to visit this place?

  • Park Street is the ideal place to indulge your inner shopaholic

This boulevard is lined with many shops and offers the perfect place to shop for everything, from beautiful cotton sarees to unique paper mache items. You should also check out books, terracotta statues, and tea, as well as dokra handicrafts and jute products when shopping in Kolkata.

Visit Park Street during Christmas to see it come alive with light and colors. This is an amazing sight that’s worth a visit. This is among the best things to do in Kolkata today.

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  • The Iconic Eden Garden Stadium is open to the public

We recommend that you take a panorama shot of Eden Gardens, India’s biggest cricket stadium. It is also the home of some of the most memorable Test Series. The stadium almost resembles the Colosseum in Rome and is considered a holy place for international cricketers it is one of the top 10 tourist spots in Kolkata.

You may be wondering why. Why? Because the cheering crowd and their enthusiasm give a sportsperson the energy they need to succeed at the game. Treat your inner sports geek to a day that will be treasured forever. It is one of the best things to do in Kolkata for youngsters.

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  • The Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts is one of the oldest Indian fine arts societies. This is a place for Kolkata’s creative flair. It was actually settled by Ranu Mukherjee in 1983. And it is home to many famous artworks, such as Jamini Roy’s Shiva with Ganesh, and Gaganendranath Tagore’s Saat Bhai Champa. 

The first-floor museum houses a wealth of Rabindranath Tagore’s personal effects and paintings as well as miniature Mughal, Rajasthani, and contemporary paintings. You should also visit the carpet and textile galleries to see intricate patterns, unique colors, and innovative ideas. For those who want to be more than connoisseurs, art classes are also offered at the academy.

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  • The Largest Science Museum on the Indian Subcontinent

Science City is a popular tourist attraction in Kolkata first opened in 1997 to the public. It is India’s largest and most extensive science museum. It was built with the goal of popularizing science in an entertaining and interesting way. There are sections that focus on some of the most fascinating genres. 

One example would be the optical illusion section located on the ground floor. The aquatic world contains detailed representations of the species and aquariums that will help you to increase your knowledge. Visiting The Science City is among the best things to do in Kolkata on Sunday.

  • The Famous Marble Palace will make you stunned

This is the perfect place for history and art lovers as well as anyone who just loves taking pictures of palaces and monuments. Marble Palace is a popular tourist attraction in Kolkata. It was constructed in Neoclassical architecture. You can admire many things, including stunning chandeliers and paintings by international artists.

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  • Enjoy a Tram ride – What To Do in Kolkata

India offers many modes of transportation. These modes of transportation are quite different, whether you’re using meter taxis or cycle rickshaws to get around North India. You can also take a tram ride to Kolkata if you don’t want Ola or Uber.

Are you still not convinced? You might want to experience this tram network before it disappears. Right? So, try it today! This is one of the best things to do in Kolkata alone or with friends.

  • Spend a Day in Kumortuli 

The festival of Durga Puja, one of the most popular events in the city, is a great way to see how these beautiful and colorful idols are created. Kumortuli is a better place to visit if you want the chance to take a look at the process. 

  • Gariahat Market offers the Traditional Kolkata Bustle

Gariahat Market is an excellent place to feel the warmth and vibrancy in Kolkata. It is full of vibrant colors and delicious flavors. To make your stay in Kolkata easy, you can find cheap hotels. You will find many small and large shops along the length of the market. Here you can also find authentic Bengali restaurants in Kolkata.

Street food stalls selling delicious Bengali sweets, such as bhelpuri, phuchka, and ice cream, will attract hungry shoppers as well. You will be able to smile at the lively conversation, the bustling bargaining, and the narrow streets with serpentine streets. 

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  • Enjoy delicious street food 

You can’t visit Kolkata without tasting their delicious and sinful delicacies (read Rasgullas). Although you can find good quality restaurants in Kolkata, the street food of Kolkata has been making it special. And, enjoying the street foods of Kolkata is among the crazy things to do in Kolkata.

Puchkas is a savory dish that has been a part of everyone in Bengal. There are many other delicious dishes, including Churmur, Ghugni Charat, Jhalmuri, and Kathi Rolls. Rasgullas is the best choice for sweet cravings. But if you’re looking for something different and more unique, Chanar Jilipi, a twist on the traditional jalebi, might be the right one.

  • Nicco Park offers the Rush of Adrenaline

Nicco Park is a fun and exciting place that delights both children and adults. You can find thrilling activities in Kolkata with the Cyclone Flying Saucer Sky Diver and Pirate Ship. The Merry-Go-Round provides safe, innocent entertainment for children. Nicco Park is one of the top 10 best romantic places in Kolkata for couples.

Cable cars, Lazy River Rides, Toy Trains, Paddle Boats, Mirror Mazes, and Toy Trains are all options for family fun. Make sure to take some amazing pictures at MIG 21 and Eiffel Tower. For those looking to make lasting memories with their friends, the bowling alley is perfect. Visiting Nicco Park is also on the list of the best things to do in Kolkata for couples.

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  • Admire the architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral

When you first see St. Paul’s Cathedral, the striking Gothic architecture (Indo-Gothic) and its sprawling nature will blow your mind. It is dedicated to Paul the Apostle and is the largest church in the City of Joy. Famous personalities such as Sir John Paxton Norman, Arthur William Garnett, and Bishop Daniel Wilson were buried here. This cathedral is a popular destination for photographers as well as religious tourists. It boasts beautiful stained glass windows and high spires. It also boasts a large library.

  • M. P. Birla Planetarium – Date the Stars

Are you looking for Sunday activities in Kolkata? M. P. Birla Planetarium Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated the impressive circular structure that was inspired by Sanchi Stupa. To ensure everyone falls in love with the mysterious, bright sun and twinkling stars, the latest Carl Zeiss hybrid projector system is used.

With its 23-m diameter dome and progressively reclined seats, stargazing is a magical experience. To cater to a wide audience, shows are presented in English, Bengali, and Hindi. The premises also include a library, an exhibition gallery, and a seminar hall.  It is one of the best things to do in Kolkata with family.

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  • Tiretti Bazar: Break your Fast

Tiretti bazaar, also known as Old China Market and Mini Chinatown is a place where you can try something different from your normal breakfast routine. This area is full of Indians and Chinese Indians. It sells everything, from fresh pork to vibrant vegetables to a wide range of fish and other seafood. You will be able to enjoy delicious street food and aromas as soon as you reach Sun Yat Sen Street. 

Chinese breakfast is a popular activity in Kolkata. You can find everything here, from hot soups with fish meatballs and congee (rice porridge) to deep-fried and steamed dumplings and momos. You should give the pork sausages, stuffed rolls, and rolls a chance if you’re up for it.

  • Enjoy Night Life – Things To Do in Kolkata at Night

Kolkata is also bustling at night you can try many amazing things to do in Kolkata at night. For party lovers enjoy the party all night at famous nightclubs, swanky bars, and pubs. Families can go to fine dining rooftop restaurants in Salt Lake, and Kolkata, or go for late-night dinners. 

Couples can take a long drive to Vidyasagar Setu, watch the beauty of Howrah Bridge, participate in live music concerts, ride a horse carriage around Victoria Memorial, and enjoy a night walk on quite empty roads.  

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