Top 10 Travel Tips for India visit

Top 10 Travel Tips For India Visit

Are you planning to visit India? Woah! You sound to be in an adventurous mood. Well, don’t forget to look for the best travel tips for India and the best places to visit in India, before you start your journey.

If you are interested in archaeology, you would be glad to know that India is a country of cultural-heritage with a mix of modern art and architecture.

People of various caste, creed, color, belief, stay in India with unity. And, more than 1900 mother tongue languages are spoken in India.

Feeling excited? Let’s not wait! Quickly, have a look at the top 10 travel tips for an India visit:

travel tips for India

1. Know About The Entry Requirement

To be allowed to enter India, you need to have a passport, a valid visa, and a return ticket.  

If your period of stay is not more than 30 days, you can apply for ‘Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)’. You must apply for ETA online before you visit India.

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 2. Plan According To Season

India experiences diverse climatic conditions majorly divided as – summer, winter, monsoon, and non-monsoon.

So, plan your outfits and other belongings according to the season.

3. Look For Travel Insurance

It is recommended for you to get travel insurance from your own country as mishaps cannot be predicted.

A good travel insurance plan would help you to cover your hospital cost, travel issues, and many more. This is among the important travel tips for India.

4. Care For Your Security (Travel tips for India)

There are many thieves, fraudsters, scammers, and touts in India. So, beware of them.

Book your tour only through the Government of India recognized travel companies or the Ministry of Tourism.

Do not believe people who approach you in the street. This is among the travel tips for India.

 5. Prefer To Dress Modestly

Indian culture follows modesty. You can try wearing Indian traditional dresses for some days. This will make you feel something out of monotony.

travel tips for India

6. Visit Historical Sites (Travel tips for India)

Historical places such as the Taj Mahal, Ajanta Cave, many palaces, forts, will give you an idea of the rich and historical architectures of India.

This is among the important travel tips for India.

 7. Try To Attend Cultural Events in India

Many cultural events are held in India throughout the year. You can try attending some of them. You will get to see various colors, designs, dances, food on these occasions.

 8. Visit Modern Sites in India

There are many modern sites in India such as Goa beaches, Digha Resorts, etc. You can visit these places to relax and enjoy the beach view along with modern arrangements.

This can be among the main travel tips for India.

9. Enjoy the Spicy Food of India

Indian spicy foods - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot -

Indian cuisines are famous for their richness and spices. In different parts of India, you will get to taste different varieties of food items.

Tantalize your tastebuds with mouth-watering dishes of India. Pani-puri, also chats, idli, Rosh Gulla, chai, lassi, biryani are among famous Indian delicacies. Try them at least once, bet you would love having them again.

 10. Visit Hill Stations in India 

North hill stations of India are among the most famous tourist attractions as there are snow-covered hills and waterfalls in hill stations.

Manali, Shimla, Darjeeling, and Mussoorie are among the north hill stations of India. Visiting here can be really enjoyable. This is among the recommended travel tips for India.

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