Top 10 Coldest Places in India – You Must Travel in 2022

Top 10 Coldest Places in India 

Are you planning to visit one of the top 10 coldest places in India? Well, there are many tourist attractions in India and it is well known that India is a country with diverse climatic conditions and languages. Some places in India such as Rajasthan experience hot temperatures in summer, while some experience cold temperatures also during summer. Here is the answer which is the coldest place in India.

Top 10 Coldest Places in India To Visit in Summer 

  1. Leh – Ladakh
  2. Gulmarg
  3. Srinagar
  4. Keylong
  5. Kupwara
  6. Kokernag
  7. Qazigund
  8. Pahalgam
  9. Kalpa
  10. Banihal

Best Places To Visit in Summer in India With Family 

  • Leh – Ladakh – Top 5 Coldest Places in India

Leh - Top 10 Coldest Places in India

Ladakh is an Indian union territory that is located in the northernmost part of India. It is situated near the ranges of the Himalayan mountain. As the altitude of this territory is 6000 meters from the level of the sea, it is one of the top 10 coldest places in India. The temperature in Ladakh in winter ranges from minus 2-degree centigrade to 12-degree centigrade. It is one of the top 10 coldest cities in India today.

Leh is the largest town as well as the joint capital of the Union Territory of Ladakh. The lowest minimum temperature in Leh is -13 degrees Celsius. After the Centre scrapped Article 370, Ladakh was made a union territory of India in 2019.  This happened because the former state of Jammu and Kashmir has got special status by Article 370.

Leh is famous for its stunning scenic beauty and pristine environment. It is one of the top 10 honeymoon hill stations in India. Leh also has many Buddhist temples and it is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Leh is also famous as the Land of Lamas or Little Tibet. Here, you would be able to see snowy mountains, the Indus River, rocky ridges, and tiny settlements. These add to the charm of this region. Here is our detailed guide on the Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh For Snowfall.

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  • Gulmarg – Coldest place in India

Gulmarg - Top 10 Coldest Places in India

Are you looking for a list of travel places? Well, Gulmarg is among the top tourist places in India to visit. Gulmarg has many snow-covered mountains which makes it among the best places to travel. Here, you can have a tour of many interesting places.

During the winter season, the temperature in Gulmarg drops below 0-degree Celsius. According to the report, the city has a record of the lowest temperature of minus 6 degrees Celsius. So, you can say that Gulmarg is one of the top 10 most coldest places in India. If you are looking for cool places to visit, you must visit Gulmarg.

Nestled in a cup-shaped valley of Pir Panjal Range, Gulmarg has a special splendid natural scenic beauty. It is also among magnificent honeymoon destinations. With lush greenery, a large variety of flowers, lofty snow-capped mountains, and small lakes, Gulmarg is also a good place for sports lovers.

Khilanmarg, 18-hole Golf Course, Ferozepur Nallah, Tangmarg, and Baba Rezi Shrine are among the sightseeing places in Gulmarg. You can also enjoy a Gondola cable car ride, trout fishing, and trekking in this coldest place in India

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  • Srinagar – Top 10 Coldest Places in India

Srinagar - most coldest place in India right now

Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and one of the top 10 coldest places in India. It is among the awesome places and one of those cities that has cold temperatures throughout the year. According to the report, Srinagar experiences the lowest temperature of minus degrees Celsius.

Srinagar is among the top 10 cold cities in India. It is situated in Jammu and Kashmir union territory. Srinagar lies on the banks of the beautiful river Jhelum. It is among picturesque amazing places. It is like a stunning painting with colorful Shikaras and stationary houseboats on Dal Lake.

Srinagar is among the places to go during summer. It experiences heavy snowfall in winter which affects its connected traveling routes. Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chasm-E-Shahi Garden, and Lal Chowk Market are among nearby tourist places in Srinagar. Try to visit this lowest temperature place in India right now!

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  • Keylong – Coldest Place in India in Summer

Keylong - top 10 coldest place in india

Keylong, or Kyelang, is situated in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh.  It lies along the highway of Manali-Leh which is close to the intersection of the Chenab Valley, the Bhaga Valley, and Chandra Valley. According to the report, Keylong has the lowest temperature of -7.7 degrees Celsius. And one of the top 10 cold places in India in May.

Keylong is also known as the ‘Land of Monasteries. It is the best tourist place in Himachal Pradesh and is situated at 3350 m altitude above sea level. Keylong has various famous places to visit and it serves as the headquarters of the Spiti and Lahaul districts. You would enjoy visiting cool places in Keylong.

The archaic and snowy mountain ranges along with beautiful green valleys provide an amazing view. Kardang Monastery and Tayul Monastery are among popular places. The Shakur Monastery built by Lama Deva Gyatsho of Zanskar is among the nice places in Keylong.

Keylong is a famous tourist spot for adventure sports lovers. Here, you would get to enjoy sports such as Fishing, Paragliding, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Camping, and Skiing. The best time to visit this tourist place is during summer.

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  • Kupwara – Coldest tourist places in India

kupwara - top 10 coldest place in india

Kupwara is situated in the western part of Jammu and Kashmir. It is among the nearest tourist places to the country’s border. According to the record, the lowest temperature of Kupwara is minus 4.5-degrees Celsius. It is one of the top 10 cold places in India during summer. Kupwara is home to a large number of wildlife species. 

Kupwara is located at an altitude of 1,577 meters above sea level. Kupwara has many wonderful places to visit. The beauty of these places attracts more visitors to this town. This town is good for holiday experiences, especially in the summer season. 

Bangus Valley, Seemab Valley, Lolab Valley, Sadhna Pass View Point, Sattbarran Kalaroos, and Chandigham are visiting places in Kupwara. So, now you know that Kupwara is a town of valleys with a cold climate. Doesn’t this sound amazing?

Amazing places such as Dranyari and Rangwar Lalpora add to the charm of Kupwara. Furthermore, the Bangus Valley is a hidden gem in this town. Go for an adventurous tour, and try to explore every part of this place. You would surely love to capture every moment you spend here in form of photos or videos.

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  • Kokernag – Most Coldest place in India

kokernag - most coldest place in India right now

Kokernag is a sub-district town which is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. It lies in the Breng valley which is located in the Anantnag district. According to the report, this town has the lowest temperature of minus 4 degrees Celsius. So, Kokernag is on the list of the top 10 coldest places in India.

Full of serenity and natural beauty, Kokernag is among the best tourist spots to visit. As this sub-district town is located at an altitude of 2020 meters above sea level. Kokernag is also a famous holiday spot from Srinagar. Furthermore, mountains, hills, waterfalls, lush greenery, and beautiful cottages are attractive features of this town.

Papashudan Nad is the pristine and healing spring in Kokernag which attracts lots of tourists to this sub-district town every year. According to the amazing fact, the water of this spring has medicinal value and unique digestive properties. You can also visit Kokernag Waterfall which has fresh water and adds to the beauty of this place.

It is the collection of springs in Kokernag which produces an image of a “Kocker” or cock’s claws. Doesn’t this sound amazingly unique? Try to explore all the nice places in this sub-district town. Also, try the street food in this place.

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  • Qazigund – Top Ten Coldest Places in India

qazigund - top 10 coldest place in india

Qazigund is also situated in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. And it stands at an altitude of 1670 meters above sea level. And, according to the report, the lowest temperature of Qazigund is minus 4 degrees Celsius. So, this place is among the coldest places in India to visit in summer (March, April, May, and June).

The most exciting part of Qazigund is that it has many unique and heavenly places to visit. Qazigund is dependably known for religious harmony in Jammu and Kashmir. Here, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs have been residing calmly for many years. It is a place where many scholars and logicians stay and provide advice to those who approach them. 

Qazigund is surrounded by many springs. Verinag wellspring, Panzath Nag, and Kound Nag are among the most beautiful tourist attractions near Qazigund. Try to visit this coldest part of India and, capture amazing views of this place with your high-quality camera. This can be the most memorable journey of your life.

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  • Pahalgam – Coldest honeymoon places in India


Pahalgam is also on the list of the top 10 coldest places in India as the lowest temperature recorded in Pahalgam is minus 6.6 degrees Celsius. It is a part of the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory. Pahalgam is also named as ‘Valley of Shepherds’. Furthermore, Pahalgam has many beautiful places to visit.

Camping, trekking, sightseeing, white water rafting, pilgrimage yatra, and fishing are among the things to do in Pahalgam. Try visiting this place with your family or your friends, You would surely love your tour. Try to spend time with your family or your friends on the river Lidder. Enjoy the happy moment with Mother Nature in this coldest region of India.

There are many other places where you would be able to see the serene beauty of Pahalgam. Aru & Betaab valleys with Bainsaran, which include meadows, streams, and lakes attract many tourists. Try for once in your lifetime. It would surely energize your mood.

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  • Kalpa – Cold Places in India To Live


Kalpa is a village which is situated in the Sutlej river valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh.  According to the report, Kalpa has the lowest temperature of minus 0.6 degrees Celsius. You can include it among both seasonal and evergreen tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

Kalpa has a picturesque view. Don’t forget to carry a high-quality camera to places wherever you visit Kalpa. It is surrounded by the various towering mountains and attractive peaks of the Kinnaur Kailash range. Kalpa is a treat to the eyes with the beauty of Mt. Raldang, Mount Kailash, and Jorkanden.

There is an ancient Narayan Nagini Temple in Kalpa which is constructed in the traditional style of Tibetan Pagoda Architecture. It is an example of the Kinnauri Art and Crafts style. Chakka Peak provides an amazing opportunity for trekking and sightseeing. This peak is situated at an altitude of 4572 meters so it is the top 10 coldest places in India.

Even a short trek from Kalpa provides a stunning view of green forests with pine trees and nearby Roghi Village. Roghi Village is like a hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh. And, it attracts a huge crowd of tourists every year. You can also visit nearby Suicide Point by walking from Kalpa, through scenic roads and beautiful apple orchards. The Suicide Point in Himachal Pradesh is a famous tourist attraction.

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  • Banihal – Coldest places in India right now

Banihal train

Banihal is situated 35 km away from Qazigund. Being a part of Jammu and Kashmir, it is among the top 10 coldest places in India. Banihal is a part of the rural place which reported the lowest temperature of minus 0.4 degrees Celsius. It is not possible to describe the entire beauty of this place in words.

Banihal stands at an altitude of 5,466 feet above sea level. Banihal is among the best places in the world. And, it remains covered with white snow for almost the entire year. And, Banihal has lofty terrains with scarce vegetation. The average temperature of this region is between minus 10 degrees Celsius to minus 16 degrees Celsius.  Try visiting this place at least once in your lifetime. You would surely love it.

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