Top 5 Ultimate Travel Tips for Cuba

Top 5 Ultimate Travel Tips For Cuba

Planning a trip to Cuba? Well, visiting Cuba isn’t easy for first-timers. You must be aware of the necessary travel tips for Cuba before you start your journey.

Cuba is a country with a unique history. Even, it’s present establishments look like the old generation of vintage times. Here, you will not get the same experience as you get in other travel destinations.

As this country has limited Wi-Fi and outdated systems, taxi drivers earn more than a doctor. Moreover, the majority of its population survives on $20 – $60 USD per month.

Travel Tips for Cuba

You will get a unique feeling in this country. To enjoy this place to the fullest, you are recommended to follow the below-mentioned ultimate travel tips for Cuba:

1. Pack And Prepare Beforehand (Travel Tips for Cuba)

Book your flight tickets and get travel plus medical insurance beforehand. Carry an ample amount of cash as most of the bank cards and credit cards are not accepted here.

Also, download offline maps such as on your phone before you start your journey as you may not get Wi-Fi connections in most of the regions of Cuba. Or, you can rely on paper maps and take guidance from locals.

Carry your medicines and some foodstuffs along with you. As here, you may not get delicacies at most of the places. Also, learn basic Spanish before you visit here or you can hire a tour guide in Cuba to help you translate.

Pack your outfits according to the season in which you are planning to visit. But, don’t carry expensive things along with you, prefer to be low-key. These are among the most important travel tips for Cuba.

2. Be Careful While Booking Hotels Or Transportations

Travel Tips for Cuba

Do your bookings through a reliable tour company such as Tours By Locals or Viazul beforehand. Or, be very careful while you do your booking after reaching your destination.

As there have been many cases of theft and misleads in Cuba, you are advised not to trust anyone blindly. Prefer taking help from known or trustable sources.

If you are someone who loves to taste flavors, you will get delicious cuisines at La Botija in Trinidad or Lamparilla 360 in Havana. Otherwise, at most of the restaurants there, you will get dietary food items that may not be tantalizing to your tastebuds.

These are among the recommended travel tips for Cuba.

3. Visit Varadero Beach (Travel Tips for Cuba)

Varadero beach is among the famous tourist attractions in Cuba. Here, you can visit Cayo Piedra Underwater Park, which is popular for diving and snorkeling. Other things to do here are deep-sea fishing, skydiving, golf, and day trips to cultural attractions.

Varadero Beach - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot -

And, you will also find Parque Josone in Varadero Beach, which is home to a restaurant, swimming pool, lush flower gardens, and a small lake where you can paddle about in rowboats. This is among the exciting travel tips for Cuba.

4. Visit Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

If you are fond of art, you can visit Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. This building displays international art and artwork by European masters.

Here, you will get to see sculptures, prints, and paintings from the 17th century to the present date. This is among the art lover’s travel tips for Cuba.

5. Visit Royalton Cayo Santa Maria Resort

 If you are on your honeymoon trip, you should plan to visit Royalton Cayo Santa Maria Resort. This resort offers a luxurious experience with a beach, bars, spa, pools, and fine dining. Isn’t it a romantic experience with your loved one?

This is among the honeymoon travel tips for Cuba. You must try this resort!

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