What To Do or Things To Do in Mandarmani

Things To Do In Mandarmani or What To Do In Mandarmani

Mandarmani is one of the top famous places in West Bengal and one of the most beautiful places in India. You can visit here with your family, friends or your soulmate. But, before you start your journey, know about the best things to do in Mandarmani or What To Do In Mandarmani.

Mandarmani is famous for its beach and other sightseeing attractions. To visit all the sightseeing places, you need to stay for 2-3 days in Mandarmani. Here are the best things you can do in Mandarmani to enjoy your trip to the fullest:

Things To Do In Mandarmani | Activities to do in Mandarmani

1. Visit Mandarmani Beach – What To Do in Mandarmani

As mentioned before, Mandarmani is famous for its beach. Mandarmani beach is among the popular travel destinations in West Bengal.

Take a car and visit this beach either during sunrise or sunset, you will get to see a beautiful view and red crabs from the shore area. Splashes from this beach would give you a refreshing feeling.

Do not forget to click snaps of the beautiful moments you spend here. You can set up your own beautiful shelter here to stay for 5-6 hours. This can be very romantic when you are with your soulmate and can be among the best things to do in Mandarmani.

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2. Stay in Viceroy Beach & Spa Resorts

Viceroy Beach Spa Resorts provides a comfortable and luxurious stay. Here, you will get free wi-fi, a delicious breakfast, air-conditioned rooms, a backup generator facility, and car accommodation for sightseeing.

Things To Do in Mandarmani

Although this hotel provides good services throughout the year, you will best experience it if you book the hotel in October, November, and December.

Beautiful resorts and spas are also attached within this hotel area. This hotel is best for couples who are looking for their honeymoon destinations. You would surely love the romantic views and arrangements from this resort. Even one day’s stay at this hotel can be among the best things to do in Mandarmani.

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3. Enjoy Fishing At Mohana Delta – What To Do In Mandarmani

Mohana Delta is famous for its fishing area. This delta is situated at a distance of 6 km from the center of the main coastal town. You will get to see a variety of fish here.

Carry your own fishing hook and bait to enjoy fishing experiences at this delta. You can also organize a small party in which you can grill some fish and enjoy eating them with your group of family members or friends. This is among the most enjoyable things to do in Mandarmani.

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4. Try Bengal Special Food – What to eat in Mandarmani

Trying the special food of each location you visit should be among your top travel tips. Fish and sweets are the specialties of Bengal. You will get to eat a variety of seafood and sweets in Mandarmani. ‘Roshogullas’ and ‘Sandesh’ from West Bengal are famous worldwide.

sea food in Mandarmani - Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places | Tourist Spot - Travelikan.com

Most of the restaurants of Mandarmani prepare large varieties of seafood. You can try ‘hilsa’, ‘bhetki’, ‘Katla’, prawn, etc seafood in this area. This is among the best things to do in Madarmani.

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5. Fun Activities to do in Mandarmani

Mandarmani beach area now has a lot of fun activities organized for its enthusiastic tourists. There are ATV bike rides on the Mandarmani sea beach. If you are a sports lover, we suggest you try this amazing bike ride. Even if you are a novice, try this bike ride at least once. You would love the experience. 

Jet Ski and banana boat rides are among the more enjoyable things to do here. You can enjoy these thrilling fun rides along with your family or friends. These would make you feel more active and happy.

6. Enjoy Campfire Night Party – Things to do in Mandarmani

If you are visiting Mandarmani with your family or friends, arrange a campfire night party at the beachside. Organize your camp, grill some seafood, play music, sit with your friends encircling the fire while you talk, and eat grilled seafood. This is among the enjoyable activities to do in Mandarmani.

You can also play some games such as truth or dare, song games, dance games, passing the pillow game, etc. These are some of the enjoyable things to do. All of these would help you strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Remember to click photos of these moments.

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7. Visit Aqua Marine Drive Inn – Mandarmani Sightseeing

Want to know about more things to do in Mandarmani? Visit Aqua Marine Drive Inn. This resort offers a sun terrace with a swimming pool, free Wifi, a restaurant, and a garden. Among its room services, this property also provides its guests with a children’s playground. Here, you would also get free private parking.

Aqua Marine Drive Inn also offers car hire for guests who want to travel and explore the areas of Mandarmani. Even the service staffs of this resort are polite and experts in their work. You would really enjoy swimming in the sun terrace swimming pool. These are among the luxurious things to do.

8. Arrange A Candlelight Dinner At The Beachside

Mandarmani is also among the top honeymoon destinations. So, if you are visiting Mandarmani on a honeymoon trip, a candlelight dinner with your lover would be among the romantic things to do in Mandarmani. Arrange a beautiful candlelight dinner at the beachside area. Include some special dishes and drinks in your candlelight dinner.

Spread some flower petals on the sandy floor for your lover to feel special. Play soft music to create a romantic mood. After the candlelight dinner, enjoy some romantic dance steps on the music with your lover. This would help you strengthen your relationship with your lover. You would surely love these things to do.

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9. Visit Nearby Attractive Places

Want to know about more what to do in Mandarmani?  Well, there are many attractive places. We suggest you get up early in the morning, take a cab or a car and travel to these nearby places. But, before you visit these places, get information about the place whether it is safe to visit in the particular season. Places to visit near Mandarmani are New Digha Beach, Sea Beach, Sunderbans, Digha Science Center, etc. 

10. Do Shopping From Anjali Sea Shell Emporium

Anjali sea shell emporium is the best place to buy gifts for your relatives and friends. Here, you can buy a variety of shell jewelry and showpieces which you can keep as a memory forever.

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