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Hey there! I am JAY an Indian traveler behind this travel blog. I love to explore new places and meet new people. I started traveling mainly because of adventure, which is also my hobby. I want to become a full-time travel blogger. I want to tell people, how traveling is changing my life. Traveling learns you to love mother nature.

I have made this blog to share information about the best places to visit, travel tips, the best time to travel, and more. For tourists who do not know which places are better for wondering or don’t know about new places or where to travel, for those people this blog is a perfect option.

If you love to read travel stories then you will feel right at home here. It is a personal blog and it expresses personal opinions over every article published on this blog. This blog aims to provide the latest information about the world’s tourism industries, new tourist spots, and travel news.

I think my travel stories will help people to choose their next travel places. I have traveled to 6 countries already and I think travel makes people happier and teach peoples to love the world.

How did Travelikan start its journey?

The blog Travelikan started in 2020. Yes, it is the year when pandemic COVID-19 spread in the entire world. Being fond of traveling, I was missing my travel experiences in early 2020. As a result, I kept browsing various tourist attractions and admiring their beauty. I kept watching videos of various beautiful places. These gave me a feeling of a virtual visit to these places.

One day, an idea came to my mind to start a travel blog about India and its tourist attractions sights, and various attractive travel destinations. I did not want to keep my interesting ideas of travel only to myself rather, I decided to let the entire world know about my unique views and ideas.

I know, many are there who want love to travel but they need proper information about how to travel and where to travel. They need to know about the safety measures and the budget they require to visit their favorite places. Many are not even aware of the benefits of travel insurance, they end up spending a huge amount of money in case of emergencies. I want to help them through my knowledge and experiences.

You can say that it is my love for travel that made me express myself through this blog. I started collecting more information about top tourist attractions and updating them on my blog. I tried to reach out to a large number of audiences who have a love for travel. Many mentioned their favorite places and requested me to collect information about those places.

This made me more enthusiastic to keep writing and posting on my blog. Initially, I wrote more about beautiful places, famous foods, cultural heritages, transportation, lifestyles, and the joy of wonder. 

After some months, I started getting requests from some of my blog visitors to write about more tourist attractions in the world. So, I researched various places and updated my blog with many interesting facts and tips. Today, I feel happy to say that Travelikan contains ideas, tips, facts, and descriptions related to many famous tourist attractions in the entire world. 

The information you will get from here:

Oh no, I don’t want to keep my blog limited to India. So, to add more diversity and flavors to this blog, I have also been publishing content related to global tourism. But, like every blog has its specialization, Travelikan specializes in talking about Indian Travel and Tourism. So, the majority of the content here is related to Indian Tourism.

One thing I want to mention here is that this is my personal blog and so every post or content of this blog will have my personal opinion also. I don’t care about any action you take upon the information you find on this website (Travelikan), is strictly at your own risk. Travelikan won’t be liable for any losses and/or damages in reference to the use of our website. Check our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Page or if you have any questions please Contact Us.

Travelikan aims to help its visitors get complete planning and budget ideas before they start their journey to their favorite travel destinations. Customs, languages, traditions, mode of transport, and climatic conditions of these places have also been described in this blog to help visitors get themselves well-equipped and trained before they reach those travel destinations.

I am doing more studies and research to make Travelikan more interesting and user-friendly. Feel free to give your feedback and to inform us if you want to know about any of the tourist attractions or travel tips in the world. Please contact us at travelikan3@gmail.com. We would love to post new content to help you get more information and to make your trip easy.