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Do you want to contact us? That’s great!

As this website has grown, email has become so overwhelming that I have to ask you to first read these guidelines before sending me a message. Although I don’t want to limit email, I must admit that I am limited in the help I offer and the more time I spend at my computer the more I’m not out looking for information to help you.

Please read these guidelines carefully before you send us an email:

  • You can email me with questions or feedback related to the content of this blog. And, remember to mention the subject of the email.
  • Use the link at the navigation bar to find out where to start planning your trip. This is the best place to start using this website.
  • I am not a travel agent and cannot help you book your trip. Emails asking for me to book your trip will be deleted.
  • Itineraries are my favorite thing about it, but planning them can be very personal. I advise you to plan them yourself. Only you will be able to decide the best places and things to see after reading the contents of this blog.
  • Sponsored posts, text links, guest posts, or any other form of advertising are allowed. 
  • Keep all emails to no more than one paragraph so that we can understand your requirements easily and reply to your mail within a short time.