Dhari Devi Temple, Uttarakhand’s most mysterious shrine

Uttarakhand has an abundance of temples. Every 10 meters, you’ll come across gorgeous small or huge temples surrounded by beautiful scenery. This is why Uttarakhand is known as the “Land of Gods,” or Dev Bhoomi. One such temple is the Dhari Devi Temple. Situated on the banks of the Alaknanda River, close to the village of Kalyasaur, in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal region. 

History and Mysteries of Dhari Devi Temple 

At the temple, you will witness some of the best panoramic vistas of the Himalayan mountains and the Alaknanda River. The architecture of the Dhari Devi Temple has impressive carvings, a large gateway, and a towering spire (shikhara) that are typical of Hindu architecture. Its central building has a Garbhagriha, which is full of fewer small shrines honoring different deities and has the idol of Devi Kali. It is one of the most mysterious temples, with many hidden secrets. 

This is the holy place where Goddess Ganga and Goddess Dhari Devi meet. This holy shrine is dedicated to Dhari Devi, who is in the form of Goddess Kali, known to be the “Guardian Devi” of Uttrakhand, as she protects the Char Dham Yatra routes and all 4 Dhams of Uttrakhand from natural calamities. For individuals who pray at this temple, all of their requests are fulfilled by Dhari Devi.   

History and Mysteries of Dhari Devi Temple 

This temple was established in Dyapar Yug. This temple only has the goddess’s upper portion of the body visible for worship; the lower portion appears at the Kalimath temple, where she is revered as Maa Kali. According to legends, the idol of the goddess itself changes her appearance during the day. The idol of the goddess at this temple is serene and joyful, yet the image of Goddess Kali in the Kalimath temple is furious. The goddess appears as a girl in the morning, a woman at noon, and finally an elderly woman in the evening. 

How to reach Dhari Devi Temple

There is a story behind this temple: Maa Dhari Devi was the only sister among seven brothers, and she loved them all immensely, but all the brothers hated her as her fortune brought bad luck to them and also because she had dark skin color. Eventually, 5 of her brothers died, and the remaining 2 brothers thought Dhari Devi’s fortune to be the reason for their deaths. So they conspired to kill her. As soon as Dhari Devi turned 13 years old, her brothers killed her and severed the head of the goddess from her body. And the body was left in the river. With the flowing water, the upper portion of the body reached Dharo Village, and the people who live there say they heard cries and that a heavenly voice told them to put the idol in that place, which is now Dhari Devi Temple.

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The lower part appeared and is now worshipped at the temple in Kalimath. In India, Kalimath is one of the 108 shakti sthals. According to religious legend, Kalimath is the location where the goddess Kali killed the demon Raktabija and then immersed herself beneath the earth. The 2013 Kedarnath Temple tragedy, which claimed thousands of lives and destroyed everything in the Rudraprayag district except Kedarnath, is thought to have been caused by Dhara Devi’s anger at having her idol moved from its location to make way for the Srinagar Hydroelectric Power Project. And in 1882, when a king attempted to transfer the idol, in the past, the same thing occurred.

How to reach Dhari Devi Temple

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is around 168 kilometers from the temple, is the closest. The closest large town to Dhari Devi is Rudraprayag, which is accessible by bus or cab from the airport.

By Train: Rishikesh, which is around 136 kilometers from the temple, is home to the closest train station. To go to Rudraprayag from Rishikesh, you can take a bus or hire a taxi.

By Road: Rudraprayag has excellent access to major roads. To get to Rudraprayag, you can go by bus or rent a taxi from places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, or Dehradun. Dhari Devi is approximately eighteen kilometers away from Rudraprayag.

Best time to visit Dhari Devi Temple

Best time to visit Dhari Devi Temple

Though it is open all year round, Durga Puja and Navratri are when the Dhari Devi Temple comes to life. These celebrations bring bright decorations, cultural activities, and a rush of believers hoping to get blessings. Lively Aartis, energetic dance, bhajans, and many more rituals can be witnessed during these seasons. During this time, one can experience deep feelings of spirituality in a serene environment. 

Nearby Attractions


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Located in the Rudraprayag district, it is known to be the home of Lord Shiva. The Kedarnath Yatra involves 16-kilometer hard treks starting from Gaurikund, which offers wonderful surroundings. This temple is very important to all Hindus.


Known as the mini-Switzerland of India,. Offering unreal views of mountains, waterfalls rivers, and dense forests. One of the best hill stations in India and a gateway to Tungnath Temple, which is the highest temple of Lord Shiva 

Khirsu Village

Surrounded by mountains, Khirsu Village in Uttarakhand is a serene and lovely location. It’s well-known for having peaceful walking paths through its apple orchards. You may take in the fresh air and explore the surrounding woodlands.

Badrinath Temple

Located in the Uttarakhand village of Badrinath, this renowned Hindu temple praises Lord Vishnu. It is renowned for its breathtaking surroundings and spiritual significance and is one of the pilgrimage sites of Char Dham.

In summary, the Dhari Devi Temple represents more than just its architectural layout—rather, it is a representation of Uttarakhand’s rich religious and cultural legacy. You may sense Ma Dhari Devi’s presence here as well as the rich tapestry of Hindu spirituality revealed by its history, tales, and rituals. You cannot find happiness and tranquility in your hectic daily life, which you will find here. This temple ought to be visited by all before traveling to Uttarakhand’s Char Dham. 

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