Top 5 Nearest Railway Station To Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Railway Station Near Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a popular hill town in Himachal Pradesh, India that is famous for its pleasant climate. If planning to visit there via train, then you need to know the nearest railway station to Dalhousie. However, due to its hilly area, Dalhousie does not have a train station. Well, there are some train stations near Dalhousie. If you are from Delhi then you can check our detailed guide on how to reach Dalhousie from Delhi.

Railway Stations that are located near Dalhousie are:

1. Pathankotrailway station near Dalhousie

Pathankot - railway station near Dalhousie

Pathankot junction is around 82 kilometers from Dalhousie. That has a strong connection with Delhi and other major cities such as Bhatinda, Amritsar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Jodhpur. If you are traveling from Delhi, the train trip would take you about 10 to 11 hours for which you also have the choice of selecting a train journey that continues through the night. From Pathankot, you can either take local/private buses or cars that take around 2 -3 hours to reach Dalhousie.

2. Kathua


Kathua Railway Station is located about 91 kilometers from Dalhousie. You can take a train to Kathua Railway Station from various major cities across India. From Kathua train station, you can take a cab to Dalhousie to travel by road.

Upon reaching Kathua, you can also travel by bus to Dalhousie. In this way, Kathua Train Station serves as an easy travel point for travelers heading to the scenic hill station of Dalhousie.

3. Nurpurnearest railway station to Dalhousie

Nurpur - nearest railway station to Dalhousie

The nearest railway station to Dalhousie Himachal Pradesh is Nurpur Road railway station which is located 66 kilometers from Dalhousie. You can board a bus or cab to travel for 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Dalhousie. The short distance from Nurpur to Dalhousie attracts more visitors seeking a hassle-free journey.

4. Mukerian


Mukerian Railway Station is a bit far away compared to Chikki Bank and Pathankot is still an option for visitors commuting by train. Situated approximately 128 kilometers from Dalhousie. The railway station code for Mukerian is “MEX.” Trains from various cities such as Delhi, Amritsar, and Pathankot halt at Mukerian Station, making it a stop for travelers heading to Dalhousie.

5. Chakki Banktrain station near Dalhousie

Chakki Bank - train station near Dalhousie

The train station near Dalhousie is Chakki Bank Railway Station, merely 75 kilometers from Dalhousie. Travelers can easily reach Dalhousie from Chakki Bank via private transportation like taxis or buses in around 2hrs 33min. Many trains travel from metro cities to Chakki Bank Railway Station. So, you can book a train ticket to reach any major place in India to reach Chakki Bank. 

In conclusion, Dalhousie offers convenient access to travelers to choose between these stations based on their location to travel and enjoy the journey to this beautiful hill town in Himachal Pradesh.

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