Olive Green Luggage Is The Color For 2024

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Olive green has been associated with the military for decades because the color easily blends into the background, almost camouflaging soldiers. It’s a versatile color that can be considered neutral, but a little more sophisticated than tan or beige. Olive green has been popular in interior design for many years, and it’s starting to earn more popularity in fashion. This year, it’s taking off in women’s and mens luggage. Olive green is the statement color for 2024.

Check-In or Carry-On

Buy Olive Green Luggage Bags, Best Travel Backpacks For Men

Olive green pairs well with many different colors, from gray to maroon. An olive green backpack makes a great carry-on companion that won’t clash with your outfit. You’ll look elegant and be ready for anything on your getaway. When you check in to the hotel, your olive green luggage will make you feel like a well-seasoned traveler, even if it’s your first real vacation as an adult. Don’t forget to double check with the airline to make sure your luggage fits their restrictions. No one wants an extra fee for luggage, no matter how good the luggage looks.

Pack Everything You Need

Don’t Forget The Dopp Kit

Travel Like a Pro

Olive green luggage may be on trend, but you may still just want to use a black backpack for a short weekend getaway. Travel well when you have the right luggage that holds your belongings securely and is easy to pack. A short weekend trip might be perfect for a backpack, but you may need larger luggage for a week-long business trip or vacation. Find a large selection of luggage in all styles and colors, including olive green.

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