From Palaces to Deserts: Thrillophilia Rajasthan Tour Review

Thrillophilia Rajasthan Tour Review

This review is about my first-ever trip with my school friends. After three years of being separated from my school group, we planned a reunion. We all were super excited about our reunion after three years. We all decided to go out and we selected one of the most popular tourist destinations in India – Rajasthan. 

I have always been the ‘planner & organizer’ of our group so expectedly it was my duty to plan all of this. But planning a trip for 8 people and deciding the itineraries for every day felt like a big task that I was failing. This is when I decided to get help from my trusted site, Thrillophilia. It didn’t just save me from the burden of planning all this but it also saved our trip from becoming a failure. I checked all the Thrillophilia Tripadvisor reviews of Rajasthan tours to get an idea. After days of discussion, we finalized the ‘Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur & Jaisalmer’ package.

About our trip 

Finally, the most awaited day came and we all met each other after three years in the ‘Pink City’. I was happy to see that apart from our looks, nothing had changed at all. We all were the same kids that we used to be in school. A representative came to pick us up and then dropped us to our pre-booked hotel. I had read about the amazing accommodations in the reviews of Thrillophilia and I was totally in love with the hotel as well as the hospitality of the people there. We spent our first-day sightseeing and catching up with each other. 

By the second day of our trip, I think we became good friends with the representative and we told him all our childhood stories. We had a lot of fun exploring the city and experiencing the rich culture of Jaipur. We even joined the folk dancers on the street and had the best moment of our lives. 

On our third day, we did a road trip to the ‘City of Lakes’ – Udaipur. We stayed here for two days and I wish we could just stay here for longer because the city was so beautiful and the highlight of our trip. 

Rajasthan Tour Review

I believe we experienced the real culture and heritage of Rajasthan in Jodhpur on our fifth day. People were so welcoming and sweet here and we did our best to learn Rajasthani from the locals. We also had one of our friend’s birthday that day and he had no idea that we all remembered it. I had already made arrangements for his birthday by requesting the travel expert that I contacted before booking.

When we reached our pre-booked hotel in Jodhpur, we saw the room was decorated with balloons and lights. There was a small cake on the table and a birthday card. I loved how they took care of everything I asked for and did even better than I had imagined. As soon as we entered our room, we all shouted together “Happy Birthday !” Yes, the birthday guy was very amazed and all the effort was worth it.

We spent days 6 & 7 in Jaisalmer which was as lovely as any other city in Rajasthan. But sadly these were also the last two days of our trip after which we all had to go back to our usual lives. We made sure to make the most out of these last two days. On the 8th day, we packed our luggage for the final departure with tears in our eyes. 

Thrillophilia Rajasthan Tour Review

Thrillophilia- A Real Saver!

I don’t think any of it would have been possible without the involvement of Thrillophilia. I am just dropping my trip experience with Thrillophilia to let people know that they are on the right platform. The packages are not just budget-friendly but also extremely well-planned.

This trip was such a big hit for us that we all made a pact that we would have this reunion every three years. Not sure if that would really happen or not, but I am pretty sure that if it does, I know Thrillophilia will have my back. A huge thanks to all the members of this company who put really great effort into planning all this so that people like us could have a fun and tension-free trip.

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