Top 10 Most Popular Indian Travel Vloggers On YouTube

Best Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine. You can find anything on Youtube. Youtube has everything, from your favorite Bollywood songs to learning new skills. Do you love to travel to India or other parts of India? You should know about the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube.

best Indian travel Vloggers on YouTube

List of 10 Best Indian Travel Vloggers on YouTube –

  1. Harish Bali
  2. Dr. Varun Vagish
  3. Mohammed Salim Khan
  4. Karl Rice
  5. Priyanka Chandola
  6. Tanya Khanijow
  7. Suresh IDEA
  8. Footloose Dev
  9. Kritika Goel
  10. Akash Kushwaha
  • Harish Bali – Top 10 Indian vloggers on YouTube

Harish Bali, a Delhi-based techie, and traveler is looking for Indian flavors. Harish is a Youtuber and blogger with thousands of fans. After years of working in the sales industry in FMCG, consumer durable, telecom, and internet marketing, Harish has now started his own digital marketing company in February 2014. Harish began his blog journey through This was a guide to teach.

Harish created two YouTube channels, ‘Digital Spot’ and ‘Visa2explore’, in November 2016. Here, he shares his experiences as a techie and travel enthusiast. He is among the top travel vloggers in India.

Visa2explore helps you discover new places and food. He is a passionate traveler and foodie. This channel was started to share my travel experiences and food photos. This channel can be used to find out more about places to visit or places to eat. His Youtube channel has over 1 million subscribers.

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  • Dr. Varun Vagish – Best travel vloggers in India

Dr. Varun Vagish, aka Mountain Trekker, is a travel blogger/vlogger from India. Varun is also a National Awardee, (Ministry of Tourism in India in 2006), a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, and a full-time traveler. He is also an ex-journalist (AIR) as well as a newsreader – (AIR). His travels began in 2003, but he started uploading videos to his YouTube channel, ‘Mountain Trekker.’ It is among the best Indian travel vloggers on youtube.

Channel Mountain Trekker boasts more than 1.52 million subscribers and it is among the best travel vlog India. Dr. Varus is a world traveler and uploads videos to his channel to encourage people to visit beautiful places around the globe.

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  • Mohammed Salim Khan – Best Indian travel vloggers on youtube

Mohammad Salim Khan loves to travel with his friends, ride bikes, and make films. He shares videos of his travels, biking, and trekking adventures. His Youtube channel, ‘MSK’, has over 1.59 million subscribers. All his videos are thrilling and interesting enough to make you want to travel.

  • Karl Rice – Most subscribed travel youtube channel in India

Karl Rice (also known online as Karl Rock) is a Kiwi ex-pat who takes viewers behind the scenes to see incredible India and its neighbors. He has been listed among the best travel vloggers in India on YouTube. Karl shares helpful tips with foreigners and helps them understand India through his videos. The Indian Express describes him as the “Modern-Day Lonely Planet Guide.”

He has been to every Indian state and territory, as well as its culturally related neighbors, Pakistan and Bangladesh. His goal is to inspire others to fall in love with India and the Subcontinent. Manisha Malik, a Haryana woman, is his wife. He stays in New Delhi with his family. He loves masala chai and sharing his Indian life via social media.

Karl is a Hindi-speaking ex-pat who shares his experiences in India with you. Karl Rock has traveled extensively in India and is passionate about Indian culture and life. His Youtube channel, “Karl Rock”, has over 1.99 million subscribers. 

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  • Priyanka Chandola – Best travel vloggers in India

Priyanka Chandola loves to travel and she is among the travel vloggers in India. All her videos on the Youtube channel, “DesiGirl Traveller”, show her passion for traveling. Furthermore, this channel has over 290k subscribers. You will find DesiGirl Traveller as a travel vlog that provides in-depth information about all the places that Priyanka Chandola has been to. 

Shopping and food are also a part of the travel journey of Priyanka Chandola, these are also included in videos on her Youtube channel. You can watch videos not only about destinations but also about budget shopping and budget food when you visit the DesiGirl Traveller channel. Try watching them, you will surely love the experience.

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  • Tanya Khanijow – Top 10 travel vloggers in India

Tanya Khanijow is one of the best travel vloggers in India on YouTube. She is also a travel blogger, solo traveler, and travel filmmaker. You must follow Tanya Khanijow on Youtube for epic travel stories and adventures that will inspire you to travel more. Furthermore, this channel has over 809k subscribers and it is one of the best Indian travel vloggers on youtube. We hope you enjoy those videos. 

  • Suresh IDEA – Best travel youtube channels in India

Suresh IDEA loves to travel and explore new places around the globe. Through his Youtube channel “Travel Junkie”, he hopes to share this amazing world with you. He always strives to travel within a reasonable budget. Suresh IDEA creates videos in Hindi to show people in India and South Asia how affordable it is to travel. Suresh IDEA’s Youtube channel, “Travel Junkie”, aims to inspire everyone to travel and to learn the best ways to make this world a better place. Travel Junkie has over 670k subscribers and Suresh is one of the best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube.

  • Akash Kushwaha – Top travel vloggers in India

Akash Kushwaha hails from Dholpur in Rajasthan, India. He creates travel and real-life vlogs. Also, he sometimes uploads videos about technology. His Youtube channel, Indian AK Vlogs, has over 80k subscribers. Among the most viewed videos on this channel is “CHAMBAL RIVER”. These make Akash Kushwaha among the best travel vloggers in India.

  • Footloose Dev – Best Indian travel channels on youtube

Dev, a Delhi-based man, quit his job and began to travel full-time in 2015. Dev started blogging as a hobby and eventually decided to switch from backpacking to bike-packing. Dev became Footloose Dev.

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The channel name “Footloose Dev” is catchy, and the Youtuber has managed to get more than 40k subscribers through his incredible vlogs. Many of his followers may already know how incredible his motorbike journey is. It’s never too late for them to start following him. Dev is India’s most adventurous motorbike vlogger, having covered more than 30 countries and working with more than 50 brands to date. This is cool, right?

  • Kritika Goel – Best Indian travel youtube channels

Kritika Goel was raised in Vellore, Chennai in India. She wanted to travel around the world and live a life of freedom. You will find many interesting videos about lifestyle, travel, food, and time management on her Youtube channel “Kritika Goel”. Furthermore, you will be overwhelmed by the stunning coverage she provides on her YouTube channel. Don’t miss out on her videos. This channel has over 372k subscribers. So, “Kritika Goel” is among the best Indian travel vloggers on youtube.

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