Top 10 Best Luxury Trekking Companies in India

Best Trekking Companies in India

Are you fond of trekking? Amazing! India has many hill stations where trekking is practiced on a large scale. Many trekking companies in India can help you plan your trekking journey at an affordable price and in the safest way. The best trekking companies in India are:

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1. India Takes A Hiketrekking groups in India

India Takes A Hike is the most trusted, most recommended, and popular platform for trekking in India. They focus on the small details to ensure that trekkers have a comfortable experience. They can also help you make the best trekking groups in India so that you can enjoy your trekking experience. You can find treks from Kashmir Great Lakes, Rupin Pass, Roopkund and Buran Ghati.

2. Snow Leopard Adventures

Snow Leopard Adventures is a Gurgaon-based company that specializes in trekking and river rafting. This company is the first to be certified ISO 9000 in this area. They host camps in different Himalayan locations. One camp is held in Orchha (Madhya Pradesh).

Snow Leopard has been involved in nearly 50 adventure courses for the Indian Armed Forces. This demonstrates their dedication to extreme adventures out in the wild. They also facilitate events such as the Four Square White Water Championship. All these make Snow Leopard Adventures among the best trekking organisation in India.

3. Thrillophiliabest trekking companies in India

Thrillophilia is used by approximately 3.5 people each month. Thrillophilia is a great option for those who want to go on an adventurous getaway. The company is based in Bengaluru and offers handcrafted activities. They also have local suppliers. This company is transparent and trustworthy! So, Thrillophilia is one of the best trekking companies in India.

4. Adventure Nation

This Gurgaon-based company is a travel portal and joint venture between & Snow Leopard Adventures. They offer scuba diving and rafting as well as camping, skiing, off-road motorbiking, and other activities. Learn how to trek and become part of this adventurous group.

5. Himalayan Dream Treksbest Himalayan trekking companies in India

Himalayan Dream Treks is a mission-driven trekking company in India that aims to make destinations that are not always found on standard maps. They have an exceptional ground team, and most of their team members are qualified and professional trek guides. 

Himalayan Dream Treks provides affordable prices, a high-quality, friendly trekking experience, the highest safety, and healthy foods that most companies forget. So, Himalayan Dream Treks is a great trekking company in India; if you’re planning for a trek, you should check them out.

6. White Magic Adventure Travel

White Magic Adventure Travel is located in Delhi and offers many adventure activities that will satisfy your passion for wild wandering. All levels of trekkers are welcome, from beginners to experts. There are many options available in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and other countries. All these make White Magic Adventure Travel the best trekking companies in India.

7. Tour My Indiatrekking groups in India

Tour My India offers tours and packages that are affordable and offer more enjoyment than you might expect. These packages include wildlife adventures, cultural heritage tours, pilgrimage visits, hill station discovery, honeymoon tours, beach visits, and many more. Tour My India offers a well-planned and organized trekking experience. So, Tour My India offers the best trekking packages in India. Contact them today!

8. Mercury Himalayan Explorations

According to the Outlook Traveler Awards 2015, this trekking company was named the winner of the “top adventure tour operators” category. This company is located in Delhi and operates climbing expeditions and trekking trips in the breathtaking Himalayas. They also operate rafting camps and off-road jeep safaris throughout India. So, Mercury Himalayan Explorations has been listed among the best trekking agencies in India.

9. Inmetrekking agencies in India

Have you ever thought of filling your children’s lives with adventure and sharing it with their younger siblings? This is your chance! This company offers outdoor adventures for children aged 9-18 years old. It involves managing various chores and camping. It is based in Delhi and manages the 8-day campus programs on five of its own campuses, two in South India and three in the Northern part of India.

10. Aquaterra Adventures

Among all the best trekking companies in India, Aquaterra Adventures is well-known for its expertise in tours throughout the Indian Himalayas. They offer customized itineraries and routes that allow you to have fun and mindful journey. They offer river rafting, camping, and trekking as well as adventure camps and other expeditions.

Others –

Indian Summitsbest trekking companies in India

Indian Summits is an India trekking tour company that will take you to some of the most beautiful places in India. This is a licensed agency that offers backpackers the chance to explore hill stations and enjoy various hill station activities.

Trek Munk 

Trek Munk offers a personalized experience to help you reach the most challenging summits and trekking destinations. They provide expert guidance in the areas surrounding Arunachal Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Trek Munk hosts a variety of treks, including weekend, weekend, family, and other types. Trek Munk is among the best trekking agencies in India.

Trek The Himalayas luxury trekking companies in India

An experienced and well-equipped company is leading Indian exploration of the Himalayas. The ISO 9001:2008-certified company organizes trekking and mountaineering trips. It is also a member of the AROAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of India). They offer basic and advanced mountaineering training, as well as fixed departure treks to the Himalayas of J&K and Himachal Pradesh. So, now you know about the best trekking companies in India. You can contact any of them to plan your best trekking tour. Enjoy! Enjoy!

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