Souvenirs From China, Top 10 Famous & Cheap Things To Buy in China

Best Things To Buy From China

Are you planning to visit China? Yes? Do you know about the specialty of China? Do you know what things you can purchase in China? If you want to know about them, you should read this entire content. So, the best things to buy in China are:

1. Fabricscool things to buy in China

Fabrics - cool things to buy in China

Silk, linen, cashmere, and mixed fabrics of various combinations are the famous fabrics in China. Traditional Silk in China is very affordable in price. It is used for making the traditional dress of China called cheongsam. Cashmere is costly. One cashmere dress can cost around Y600.

Some dresses are so cutely designed that they are the cool things to buy in China. You should visit Shi Liu Pu Cloth Market at 168 Dong Men Road in China to purchase good quality Chinese fabrics. South Bund Fabric Market at 399 Lu Jia Bang Road in China is also a good place to purchase Chinese fabrics.

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2. Pearls


China is the leading producer of pearls in the world. And, the best thing is that you can purchase beautiful pearl necklaces and earrings in China at a much cheaper cost than other countries. You can purchase white, peach, pink, grey, black, and golden pearls in China. Sounds amazing, right? These pearls are among the best things to buy in China.

You should visit the AP Xinyang Fashion And Gifts Market at the Science and Technology Museum metro station in China. Hongqiao International Pearl City is also very famous for selling pearls. So, make sure to purchase some pearl jewelleries for your wife to make her feel happy

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3. Teawhat to buy in China

Tea - what to buy in China

Did you know that the Chinese are famous for making herbal tea? The main categories of Chinese tea are green, red, hong cha, black tea, Oolong, and flower tea. Pu’er is among the most famous tea brands in China because of its amazing taste and smell. So, these are the best souvenirs from China.

Prices of Chinese green tea range from Y20 to Y220 per 50g depending on their quality.

You can purchase Chinese tea leaves from any supermarket in China. If you want to purchase the best Pu’er tea, you should visit Legend of Pu’er at A-168 TianLin Tea Market, 8 Cangwu Road in China. Ming Ke Ming Tea House is also famous for selling Chinese tea. 

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4. Silk


China has its traditional silk which is different from silk which is found in other countries. This silk has a large variety of colors and qualities so make sure to purchase some of them for your friends and family. You should visit Silk King at 66 East Nanjing Road in China to purchase Chinese silk. All these make Chinese silk among the things to get from China.

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5. JadeChina famous things to buy

Jade - China famous things to buy

Jade is the national stone of China. It is said in China that jade brings good luck and removes difficulties. Jewelleries made with jade look very elegant. Furthermore, there are three colors of jade available in the country- green, white, and purple. And, green jade is said to be the best type. The price of jade ranges from Y70 to Y30,000. All these make jade among China famous things to buy.

You should visit Hongqiao International Pearl City at 3721 Hongmei Road in China to purchase original jade. Shop 2019B at Ma Xiang Hua, 2nd floor in China is also famous for original jade. You can also visit Shanghai Xiuyutang at 152 Duolun Road in China to find good quality jade. Make sure to carry some amazing jade jewelleries for your wife, she will surely be happy.

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6. Electronicscheap things to buy in China

Electronics - cheap things to buy in China

What to buy in China? China has been making good quality electronics. So, if you are fond of electronics, you should purchase some smartphones, laptops, electronic toys, and many more from China. These are the things to buy in China because many electronics can be bought at affordable prices in China.

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7. Cloisonne


Cloisonne products are the cute things to buy in China. Cloisonne products include vases, beads, jewelleries, and plates. You should purchase some of them to decorate your home. They will add elegance to your home and living areas.

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8. LampshadeChinese souvenirs

Lampshade - Chinese souvenirs

China makes beautiful lampshades with unique styles. These lampshades are among the things to buy in China. If you are thinking ‘What are cheap things to buy in China?’, you should purchase an amazing lampshade that is available at a cheap cost in China.

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9. Art Objects

Art Objects

Many floral art paintings are designed in China by skilled artists. These paintings are elegant and can be found at art museums in China. Duoyun Xuan Art Shop at 422 East Nanjing Road in China is famous for selling unique Chinese art objects. These are the products only available in China.

Some tablecloths also have Chinese paintings and designs. These add elegance to many areas where these are decorated. 

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10. Mao Memorabiliabest things to buy in China

Mao Memorabilia - best things to buy in China

Among the things to buy in China, you should purchase Mao memorabilia. The little red books, watches, propaganda posters, school books from the Mao era, and many more are things to order from China. Although most of these things can be found everywhere, you should purchase them from specialty stores in Beijing’s Panjiayuan market. Original Mao memorabilia are also available at China’s Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center.

These are all about the best things to buy in China. Do you want to gather information about more tourist places in the world? Yes? Please message us by email about places you want to visit and the travel information you are searching for so that we can write about them for you. 

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