Top 10 Best Cheapest Things To Buy in India, Best Souvenirs From India

Good Things To Buy in India

Are you planning to visit India? Yes? Well, India is a country which is rich in tradition and heritage. It is a country of diverse art and themes. So, when you visit India, you should purchase unique things from the country. If you are thinking ‘what to buy in India?’, the best and famous things to buy in India are:

1. Pashmina shawlsfamous things to buy in India

Pashmina shawls - famous things to buy in India

Pashmina shawls are among the best things to buy in India. Kashmir and Ladakh in India are famous worldwide for making pashmina shawls. These shawls are made from the wool of Tibetan mountain goats and are colored in a large variety of beautiful colors with many different patterns. Make sure to ask the store to show you a certificate that proves that they have original pashmina shawls. 

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2. Henna (Mehndi)cheap things to buy in India

Henna (Mehndi) - cheap things to buy in India

Henna is also called Mehndi. These are plants that are grown in India and the aromatic leaves of these plants are grinded and applied on the hands of females to form red-colored designs on their hands. Would you like to apply it on your hands? Many Mehndi artists prepare various unique designs before applying them. It looks very beautiful and it is traditionally applied on the hands during weddings and festivals. You can also purchase it in powder form from any cosmetic shop in India. All these make these the best things to buy in India for USA.

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3. Hemp products

Hemp products - cool things to buy in India

 Hemp or the cannabis plant is a medicinal plant that cures many ailments. Furthermore, many hemp products are made in India such as hemp fabric, bags, etc. Hemp fabric is very eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful so it is famous worldwide. All these make Hemp products among the things to get in India.

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4. Yak wool goodsunique things to buy in India

Yak wool goods - unique things to buy in India

Goods made from yak wool are warm and thick. You can purchase these items from the northern part of India such as Manali. Northern India is situated at a high altitude and can get very cold so local people of that region wear clothes made of yak wool to protect themselves from cold temperatures.  You can purchase colorful yak wool shawls, scarves, sweaters, and pants. These are so cozy that you would love to purchase them for yourself and your family. These are the unique and best souvenirs from India.

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5. Tea And Spicesthings to buy in India cheaper than USA

Tea And Spices - things to buy in India cheaper than USA

India is famous for many spices which are used in homes to cook foods. Most of these spices grow in India. Spices such as cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, tamarind, red chili, and pepper are used every day in Indian foods. Red chili is so cheap that it is among the cheapest things to buy in India.

Although you can purchase these spices in other countries too the taste of these spices in India is uniquely delicious. All these make these spices among the things to buy in India for USA

You must be aware that India is the second-largest producer of tea in the world. In fact, there are many varieties of tea grown in India like Darjeeling tea. These are the things to buy in India cheaper than USA.

I am sure you are a tea lover so you should purchase some of the famous teas in India.  You can comfortably sit with your family in your home and taste these teas.

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6. Blue potterywhat to buy in India

Blue pottery

Beautiful pottery and artwork of Rajasthan in India are very famous. Blue pottery is a traditional pottery made in Rajasthan, India. It adds beauty to the home. This form of art came to India from Afghanistan and Persia via the Mughals. So, you can decorate your house with this traditional pottery. The blue pottery has blue patterns of floral designs and is available in the form of plates, vases, bowls, door knobs, tiles, and much more. Blue pottery with floral designs are good things to buy in India.

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7. Jewelleryexpensive things to buy in India

Jewellery - expensive things to buy in India

Women in India are fond of gold jewelry. Women wear lots of gold jewelry on their marriage occasions. Earrings, necklaces, anklets, toe rings, nose rings, and bangles are mostly worn by women in the country. Silver and platinum jewelry are also worn in the country. Many skilled jewelry designers in India have designed stunning jewellery which makes them among the items to purchase in India.

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8. Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines

Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines

If you are still thinking ‘what to buy in India?’, you should purchase ayurvedic medicines from the country. India has been very famous for its ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines for many years. Most of these medicines do not have side effects and can cure many serious ailments. India has been growing herbs for years to use as medicines. So, these are the things to buy in India.

You should consult a good Ayurvedic doctor in India about the right herbs that you should use to improve your health condition. 

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9. Embroidered textiles and productssouvenirs from India

Embroidered textiles and products

Among the things to purchase in India, you should purchase embroidered textiles in India. Rajasthan is very famous for its elegant and intricately stitched textiles. Most of these designs are super bold, colorful, and with small mirrors, sequence, beading along unique patterns. Rajasthani embroidered textiles are made in the form of bags, dresses, decorative items, tablecloths, and many more. These are the stuff to buy in India.

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10. Clothes and dressesbest things to buy in India

Clothes and dresses - best things to buy in India

Are you still thinking ‘what to buy in India?’? Yes? Well, you should purchase traditional dresses in India. Salwar kameez, kurta, light cotton pants, and Anarkali dresses are some of the traditional dresses in India. These are among the things to shop in India. You should purchase as many of these dresses as you can because these clothes are sold at a very high price in other countries.

These are all about the things to buy in India. So, you have got a very good idea about what to buy in India from this content. Book your ticket, and pack your luggage. Keep some cash to purchase all of these items when you visit the country. Also, make sure to taste the foods that are made in India. For information, please read our content on the best foods in India. Happy tour!

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