Souvenirs From Taiwan, Top 10 Best Things To Buy in Taiwan

Cool Things To Buy in Taiwan

Are you planning to visit Taiwan? Yes? Well, then you should go shopping in Taiwan because the country is famous for many amazing things. I understand that you must be looking for many affordable things to purchase in the country so that you can give gifts to all your friends and family members. To help you understand, the best and most affordable things to buy in Taiwan have been listed in this content:

1. Jadebest thing to buy in Taiwan

Jade - best thing to buy in Taiwan

Jade is a precious stone and it is sold at an affordable price in Taiwan. So, jewelry made with jade is the best things to buy in Taiwan. You should purchase original jade from reputable stores in Taiwan to make your friends and family feel happy. There are many elegant Jade jewelry sold in the country so you can purchase them for your special one

You should visit the Jianguo Jade Market in Taipei, Taiwan to purchase original jade. This market has varieties of jade jewelry. Many of them are at affordable prices. You can purchase jewelry made with jade or some lucky jade charms to give to your friends and family. 

2. Electronicscheap things to buy in Taiwan

Electronics - cheap things to buy in Taiwan

Taiwan is very famous for making semiconductors and electronics used for telecommunication. Companies such as Delta Electronics, Inc. and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) have been making high-quality electronics in Taiwan. You should purchase the Tatung Multi-functional cooker in Taiwan for your home

Furthermore, you can purchase most of the electronic appliances in Taiwan at much more affordable prices than you can buy in other countries as electronics are the cheap things to buy in Taiwan. Electronics such as laptops and smartphones are used by many. So, you can purchase some Taiwanese brand smartphones at an affordable price.

3. Mini sky lanternsthings to buy in Taiwan as a gift

Mini sky lanterns - things to buy in Taiwan as a gift

Mini sky lanterns are very cute and you can use them to decorate your home. Furthermore, they operate on small batteries so they are portable. You can easily carry them to your home and gift some to your friends and family as they are lightweight and affordable in cost. They are the cheap things to buy in Taiwan. You can purchase them from  Jingtong Stations in Taiwan.

4. Taiwan-style postcards

Taiwan-style postcards

Taiwanese postcards are made of wood and designed with pictures of local landscapes or other appealing pictures. They are amazing and cost-effective gifts for friends and can be stored for a lifetime as memorabilia. All these make Taiwanese postcards among the things to get in Taiwan.

5. Taiwanese fruit jellywhat to buy in Taiwan

Taiwanese fruit jelly - what to buy in Taiwan

Aiyu jelly made in Taiwan has many health benefits. People love fruit jellies in Taiwan as they are delicious and healthy. Aiyu jelly is made with the aiyu plant.  And, the good news is that aiyu jelly promotes good gut health. All these jellies are the things to bring back from Taiwan as they are 100% vegetarian foods. So these jellies can be good things to buy in Taiwan.

6. Fruits


Though you can purchase fruits in your country, fruits grown in every country have some unique taste. So, you should taste and purchase some fruits in the country. You should purchase them one or two days before you return to your country.

7. Architecture miniaturessouvenirs from Taiwan

Architecture miniatures - souvenirs from Taiwan

Every country has a unique style of architecture. You should purchase miniature architecture from any gift shop. These are small in size and can easily fit in your luggage. Most of them are light in weight and can be easily portable to any place through any mode of transport

8. Taiwanese Tea

Taiwanese Tea

What to buy in Taiwan airport? There are varieties of tea in the country such as sweet, floral, nutty, black, white, green, and many more. These are the things to buy in Taiwan. These are also among the things to buy in Taiwan supermarkets and tea stores.

9. Hakka Paper Umbrellathings to get from Taiwan

Hakka Paper Umbrella - things to get from Taiwan

Among the things to buy in Taiwan, you should purchase Hakka paper umbrellas. These umbrellas are made of oil paper with a design. You can purchase it from Meinong Folk Village in Meinong. These are the cheap things to buy in Taiwan. 

10. Traditional Clothes and Fashionable Bags

Traditional Clothes and Fashionable Bags

Among the things to buy in Taiwan, you should purchase some modest traditional dress of the country. Bags are the most wanted things that travelers purchase. Traditional dress cheongsam or qipao in Taiwan looks modest and elegant. These are the best souvenirs from Taiwan. As they are Taiwan best selling products, they are the things to get from Taiwan.

Yongsheng cloth bags are bought by many travelers. You can purchase them in markets in all major cities in the country.

These are all about the things to buy in Taiwan. Do you want to collect information about more places to visit? Please send us an email about the information you are searching for. Travelikan has a lot of travel information related to the US, Canada, the UAE, Egypt, Malaysia, and many more countries.

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