How To Reach Ooty From Delhi – Distance By Road, Train, Bus, Flight

How To Reach Ooty From Delhi

Do you stay in Delhi? Are you planning to visit Ooty from Delhi? Yes? Well, Ooty is a very beautiful hill station or the coldest place in South India. And, the best time to visit Ooty is between April to June and between September to November. Now, you must be thinking ‘How far is Ooty from Delhi?’ and ‘How to reach Ooty from Delhi by road, train, bus, or flight?’ Well, we have answered these questions of yours in this content. So, please make sure to read this entire content.

How To Reach Ooty From Delhi - Distance By Road, Train, Bus, Flight

How To Go Ooty From Delhi By Road

Delhi to Ooty road distance is 2418 km and it will require over 40 hours of relentless journey to cover the distance. You first need to reach Coimbatore from Delhi to visit Ooty. But, the distance between Delhi and Coimbatore is very long. So, for the Delhi to Ooty best route, it is advised that you first reach Coimbatore from Delhi by flight or by train. From Coimbatore, you can hire a cab to reach Ooty. Coimbatore is 86 km away from Ooty by road so it will require around 3 hours to reach Ooty by road. 

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There are three routes to reach Ooty from Coimbatore. You can go through any one of them.

Route 1: The Kotagiri route

Coimbatore ➡️ Mettupalayam ➡️ Aravenu ➡️ Kotagiri ➡️ Ooty

This route has roads in good condition and it will take you through a total of 130 kilometers. And, you can see the top view of Karamadi while going through this course.

Route 2: The Coonoor route

Coimbatore ➡️ Mettupalayam ➡️ Burliar ➡️ Coonoor ➡️ Ooty

This route covers a distance of 100 kilometers so people who travel through this route reach Ooty in only 3 hours, including all stoppages. On normal days, this route is safe to travel. But, this route is a bit risky during rainy days as it faces landslides due to heavy rain. 

Route 3: The Manjoor route

 Coimbatore ➡️  Karamadai ➡️ Athikadavu ➡️ Geddai ➡️ Manjoor ➡️ Kundha Dam ➡️ Emerald Go across Street ➡️ Muthurai Palada ➡️ Ooty

This route is not much used because it is very long and road condition is also not good through this route. So, it is better to avoid traveling through this route. This is how to go Ooty from Delhi by road.

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How To Reach Ooty From Delhi By Train

Delhi to Ooty train distance is around 1964 km. But, there is no direct train from Delhi to Ooty. So, it advised that first, you travel from Delhi to 

Mettupalayam by train and after reaching Mettupalayam, you can either hire a cab or board a toy train to reach Ooty.

12644 – SWRN JAYANTI EXP departs from Delhi at 05:10 AM from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station(NZM) to reach Mettupalayam. There is a total 10 number of trains that run between Delhi and Mettupalayam. And, popular trains that run from Delhi to Mettupalayam are 12626 – KERALA EXPRESS, 12646 – MILLENIUM EXP, 12648 – KONGU EXPRESS, 12644 – SWRN JAYANTI EXP, and 16318 – HIMSAGAR EXP. Delhi to Ooty train ticket price starts from Rs 725. Visit the IRCTC portal to see Delhi to Ooty train timetable in detail. 

The toy train, 56136 Nilgiri Mountain Railway Passenger ride from Mettupalayam to Ooty. It almost certainly will be the feature of your outing from Delhi to Ooty. The rail line track is a sum of 46 kilometers and goes completely through the Nilgiri Mountains as travelers enjoy the mountain’s views. 

The toy train runs every day and travelers have the choice to select one among first-class and second-class tickets. The price for the first class ticket is Rs 205 whereas the second class ticket is Rs 30. This train takes 4 hours and 50 minutes to reach Ooty from Mettupalayam. This is how to reach Ooty from Delhi by train.

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How To Reach Ooty From Delhi By Bus

There is no direct bus that runs between New Delhi and Ooty. So, the least expensive way to reach Ooty from Delhi is by train from Ooty to Chennai Central and then, by bus to Ooty from Chennai. This total journey including the journey by train takes 61 hours and 15 minutes. Delhi to Ooty bus ticket price starts from Rs 850. This is how to go Ooty from Delhi by bus.

How To Go Ooty From Delhi By Flight

Looking for Delhi to Ooty flight distance. But, Ooty has no airport. The nearest air terminal to Ooty is Coimbatore International Airport which is located in Coimbatore. It takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Ooty from Coimbatore International Airport by cab. Search on MakeMyTrip for Delhi to Ooty flight time. And, Delhi to Ooty flight ticket price starts from Rs 4000. This is how to reach Ooty from Delhi by flight.

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