How To Reach Srinagar From Delhi – Distance By Road, Train, Bus, Car, Flight

How To Reach Srinagar From Delhi

Srinagar is one of the coldest places in India and the best time to visit Srinagar, Kashmir is in summer, if you live in Delhi & planning to go on a trip to Srinagar from Delhi, you should gather all information related to all the modes of transport through which you can travel to Srinagar from Delhi. And, you should also find out the cheapest way to reach Srinagar from Delhi. To help you get this information, we have done a lot of travel research and prepared this content on ‘How to reach Srinagar from Delhi by road, train, bus, flight, car or cab’. So, please continue reading this content and you will get them all here.

How To Reach Srinagar From Delhi - Distance By Road, Train, Bus, Car, Flight

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How To Go Srinagar From Delhi By Road

There are two courses that you need to take for this road tour. One is the generally used Jammu – Srinagar highway. The other is the less popular, lesser-traveled Mughal Road. So, for better understanding, make sure to collect the Delhi to Srinagar road map from your nearest travel company or from the internet before you start your tour. In fact, Google maps will help you in the best way. So, make sure to switch on Google maps on your phone before you start for Srinagar from Delhi.

Delhi to Srinagar Road Distance & Travel Time

Delhi to Srinagar distance by road and time is 792.5 km and 17 hours respectively. And, if you want to travel by NH 44, also known as the Jammu-Srinagar highway, the route will be as referenced below, expecting that you began your tour from Delhi. This is the road that will take you across the renowned Jawahar Tunnel and towns like Udhampur, Patnitop, and Anantnag. This is a 2 days venture with a night stoppage at Jammu.

The course changes after you reach Jammu on Day 1. From Jammu, you need to reach Rajouri through Akhnoor. After Rajouri, you will keep heading to Bafliaz where you will enter the Mughal Road. Just after Bafliaz, there is a lofty but incredibly beautiful drive to Peer ki Gali, the high-elevation pass on this route. After Peer ki Gali, you need to drive to Shopian where the Mughal Road closes. From Shopian, it is a straight route to Srinagar. 

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Now, talking about Delhi to Srinagar road conditions. The road is excellent and very safe to drive by car from Delhi to Jammu. But, from Jammu to Srinagar, you need to be a bit careful while driving as you will find steep roads on this way. This is how to reach Srinagar from Delhi by road.

How To Reach Srinagar From Delhi By Train

Delhi to Srinagar train distance and time are around 831 km and 13 hours respectively. You should search for the Delhi to Srinagar train route map on Google maps from where you can easily track your entire journey. The route is a bit hilly. So, you will also get to enjoy the scenic beauty if you sit near any of the train windows.

One can directly get a train from New Delhi to Jammu which takes something like 10 hours to reach Jammu. Jammu Tawi Railway Station is at a distance of 297 Km from Srinagar. So, you can board another train at Jammu Tawi Railway Station to reach Srinagar which takes around 3 hours.

On a regular schedule, three trains run between Delhi to Jammu. And, on weekends the number of trains running from Delhi to Jammu increases to 13 trains. 04476 – NEW DELHI DARBHANGA SPECIALFARE is the fastest train and Rourkela Muri Jammu Tawi Express 18109 is the slowest of all trains requiring 16 extra hours to arrive at Jammu.

Whereas, 12265 Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi Duronto is the quickest train on the course, leaving at 22:15 PM and arriving at Jammu by 07:10 AM. Delhi to Srinagar train ticket price starts from Rs 165. This is how to reach Srinagar from Delhi by train.

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How To Reach Srinagar From Delhi By Bus

Looking for Delhi to Srinagar bus services? Well, there is a direct bus from Delhi to reach Srinagar. This bus runs daily.  Delhi to Srinagar bus time

takes around 15 hours. The distance by road is around 795.4 km. Delhi to Srinagar bus ticket price is around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 for each person. You can also book a Delhi to Srinagar bus from Kashmiri Gate. Delhi to Srinagar bus JKSRTC also runs from Delhi to Srinagar bus station. This is how to go Srinagar from Delhi by bus.

How To Go Srinagar From Delhi By Flight

Srinagar by flight will be the most efficient and easiest way of all. Srinagar has its own air terminal called as Sheik-ul-Alam Airport, situated around 10 kilometers away from the main city. Delhi to Srinagar flight time and distance are around 2 hours and 645 km respectively, flight Air India ticket price starts from Rs 5000 & Indigo flight fare is approximately Rs 4000.

The speediest departure from Delhi Air terminal to Srinagar Air terminal is the non-stop flight which takes 1h 20m. Vistara, Go First and four other airplanes fly from Delhi to Srinagar every hour. This is how to go Srinagar from Delhi by flight.

How To Reach Srinagar From Delhi By Car, Taxi

Searching for Delhi to Srinagar car rental price? You should visit the travel website MakeMyTrip to book a car from Delhi to Srinagar. Furthermore, you also have the choice of booking your Delhi to Srinagar taxi for one-way as well as full-circle trips. And, Delhi to Srinagar taxi fare starts from Rs 11454. This is how to reach Srinagar from Delhi by car or taxi.

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