Presenting the Top 10 Best Places To Visit in South Kolkata

Places To Visit in South Kolkata

Are you planning to visit South Kolkata? Yes? Well, the entire of Kolkata is famous for its tourism, in short Kolkata is one of the major tourist places in West Bengal. So, wherever you visit in Kolkata you will get a place to enjoy. South Kolkata is also famous for its tourism. To help you know about the best places to visit in South Kolkata.

1. The National Library of India

The National Library of India - places to visit in South Kolkata

The National Library of India is located in the New Alipore area in Kolkata. It is known as the largest library in India by volume. This library has a huge collection of around 2.2 million books, 3200 manuscripts, and 86000 maps. The outdoor area of the library has beautiful greenery. All this makes the National Library of India among South Kolkata tourist places.

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2. Science City – Places to visit in South Kolkata

Science City

Science City in Kolkata is the largest science museum in the entire Indian subcontinent. It has a large dome-shaped museum along with some buildings. It is a place where you can learn about science and technology. There are also areas for children where they can enjoy and learn about science. Science City is among the places to visit in South Kolkata.

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3. Rabindra Sarovar

Rabindra Sarovar - South Kolkata tourist places

Are you a nature lover or do you love to spend some time in peace? Rabindra Sarovar is a beautiful place where you can sit and see pebbled pathways surrounded by long green trees, small ponds, and birds.

4. Alipore Zoo – South Kolkata tourist places

Alipore Zoo

The Alipore Zoo is the oldest zoological park in India and a big tourist attraction in Kolkata. Visiting Alipore Zoo is one the best things to do in Kolkata with family, it is better to visit the zoo in winter. In this season, you will be able to see many migratory birds. In this zoo, you will see many different animals such as Royal Bengal Tiger, White Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros, Indian Elephant, Giraffe, wild Yak, Banteng, and reptiles. All this makes Alipore Zoo among the tourist places in South Kolkata.

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5. South City Mall

South City Mall - places to visit in South Kolkata

Do you want to go shopping in South Kolkata? You can visit South City Mall. It is a beautiful shopping mall in South Kolkata. Situated at Prince Anwar Shah Road in the Jadavpur area, South City Mall has many fashion brands, a food court, and a large space to sit and relax. All this makes this mall among the top tourist attractions in South Kolkata and one of the best shopping malls in Kolkata.

6. Indian Botanical Gardens – South Kolkata visiting places

Indian Botanical Gardens

Indian Botanical Garden has a banyan tree that has one of the largest canopies in the world. The garden is so spacious that you can even sit and relax there. This garden has many rare varieties of plants. You should visit here. It is among the tourist spots in South Kolkata.

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7. Patuli Floating market

Patuli Floating market - South Kolkata visiting places

Patuli floating market is a floating market in South Kolkata. The market was built by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority it has around 112 boats and 200 stores. Two water bodies were merged and waterproof wooden walkways were made. It is among the famous places to visit in South Kolkata.

8. Khidderpore Dock – places to visit in South Kolkata

Khidderpore Dock

Kidderpore Dock is a famous dock situated on the left bank of the Hooghly River. It functions under the Kolkata Dock System (KDS). It is among South Kolkata visiting places.

9. Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta - best places to visit in South Kolkata

Oh! Calcutta is one of the famous Bengali cuisine restaurants in Kolkata. It uses fresh ingredients and authentic ways to prepare food items. You should try their signature food items such as the Barbecued Apple Prawns – they are really delicious. It’s an important food item in Kolkata and you taste it. All these make Oh! Calcutta is among the best places to eat in South Kolkata.

10. Sea-esta Inn

Sea-esta Inn

Sea-esta Inn is a restaurant that has the theme of a sea beach. It serves a variety of sea foods as well as Chinese and Indian food items. The ambiance of this restaurant is welcoming. The Staff and service are also very polite. All these make Sea-esta Inn among the top places to visit in South Kolkata.

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