Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata

Places To Visit in New Town

Planning to visit Kolkata’s New Town Area? Yes? Well, New Town is the most developed & cleanest part of Kolkata. It has some famous tourist spots, so take your camera and get ready for the best places to visit in New Town Kolkata.

1. Eco Park – Places to visit in New Town

Eco Park - Places to visit in New Town Kolkata

Eco Park is home to the largest park in Kolkata and it is a good picnic spot when you visit with your family or friends. Here, you can enjoy cycling and boating and relax at an Ayurvedic spa. There is also a park for children where kids can enjoy. Eco Park is among New Town places to visit.

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2. City Centre 2

City Centre 2

If you are fond of shopping, you can visit City Centre 2. It is the most famous mall in New Town, Kolkata. It has a large area to sit and enjoy. Many big fashion brands are there. You can also visit its welcoming food court. And, City Center 2 also has areas that are good for photography. So, it is among the places to visit in New Town Kolkata.

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3. Clock Tower – Places to visit in Newtown

Clock Tower

The famous Clock Tower has lovely fountain areas and a laser light show also happens there. This place is also good for kids because many fun rides are arranged outside the Clock Tower. Along with all these, you can also enjoy the delicious street foods at this place. You will definitely feel happy to visit this place. Clock Tower is among the tourist places in New Town Kolkata.

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4. Harinalaya

Harinalaya - places to visit in newtown

There is also a mini zoo in New Town. This mini zoo is called Harinalaya or Deer Park. This place is home to many beautiful deer, giraffes, lively macaws, adorable geese, zebras, and a variety of beautiful birds.  So, if you are among animal lovers, this zoo is the perfect place for you. All these make Harinalaya among the Newtown tourist places.

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5. Vedic Village – Newtown tourist places

Vedic Village

If you are looking for a place to relax, you can visit Vedic Village. This place is very nature friendly. It has a Spa Resort, peaceful lush greenery including farmland, coconut groves, and beautiful lakes. You can also relax at bungalows at this resort. Vedic Village also has Sanjeeva Ayurveda Medical Spa which offers natural treatments for detoxification. So, you can get an adventurous tour along with herbal treatments at Vedic Village. All these make Vedic Village among New Town Kolkata tourist places.

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6. Eco Urban Village

Eco Urban Village

If you want to taste foods with rural vibes in Kolkata then visit Eco Urban Village. In Eco Urban Village there is a sprawling area with a massive waterbody. It is a place with a fresh atmosphere far from the crowd of the main city. Furthermore, Eco Urban Village is a famous and fantastic picnic spot. So, it is among the places to visit in New Town Kolkata. 

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7. Aquatica – Newtown visiting places

Aquatica - Newtown places to visit

If you love water bodies, Aquatica is the best place for you to enjoy your holiday. It is among the places to visit near New Town Kolkata. There are a lot of water fun rides in Aquatica for you to enjoy. Rides such as Pendulum, Jungle Safari, Aqua Dance, Black Hole, and Cyclone are the best rides to try in Aquatica.

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8. Biswa Bangla Gate & Restaurant

Biswa Bangla Gate & Restaurant

Biswa Bangla Gate is a unique cafe in Kolkata. Its architecture is extremely beautiful and its foods are tasty. So, make sure to visit Biswa Bangla Gate to try its delicious food items.

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9. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation

If you want to explore while tasting good food, you must visit Barbeque Nation. You must taste meat, kulfi, Grouped Grill Veg, Boneless Lamb Keema In Seek, and Boneless Lamb Keema In Seek, Chicken Drum Stick, and  Marinated Fish are the most famous food items of this restaurant. 

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10. 31 32 – Places to eat in New Town Kolkata

31 32 - Places to visit in New Town Kolkata

31 32 is one of the most loved places. The ambiance and food of this place are really amazing. It has beautiful interiors that make it among the places to visit in New Town Kolkata.

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