5 Best Restaurants In Kharagpur Near Railway Station

Restaurants In Kharagpur Near Railway Station

Kharagpur, a city located in the Paschim Medinipur region of West Bengal, India is known as an industrial town. It is also the capital of the Kharagpur sub-division. And, it is the largest, most populous, multicultural, and cosmopolitan district. Furthermore, it is home to the longest platform-length railway station. As you know, West Bengal is famous for its food. Let’s discuss the best restaurants in Kharagpur near railway station where you can taste Bengali food. 

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Top 5 Restaurants In Kharagpur Near Railway Station

  • Food Studio – Veg Restaurants in Kharagpur

Food Studio - Restaurants In Kharagpur Near Railway Station

Food Studio is synonymous with a passionate and grand world of flavors. It has been passionately sharing authentic food from around the globe and allowing people to enjoy them. And Food Studio has been dedicated to providing high-quality, fresh food at affordable prices. We have become a leader in the local food market.

Food is a way to express love. Good food is the best way to create fond memories. The well-prepared food from Food Studio not only delights the palate but also strengthens relationships between people. Furthermore, their origins are rooted in respect for food and a desire to share it with others. 

Food Studio feels proud to share its passion for cooking and the joy of serving people. We are happy to say that the brand of this restaurant is developed by its fresh ingredients, delicious food, regal and customizable service. These make it among the best restaurants in Kharagpur near railway station.

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  • The Waldorf – Restaurants near IIT Kharagpur

Waldorf is one of the best restaurants near Kharagpur railway station. It serves Indian, Thai, Bangladeshi, and Afghani cuisines. And, it also offers room services, an intercom facility, air-conditioning, a Wi-Fi facility, a modern bathroom design, AC Banquet on the rooftop, a lift facility, and a family parlor. It is very clean and tidy and the staff is very polite. Furthermore, you can find good quality food, such as biriyani in this restaurant. 

  • The Prince – Restaurants in Kharagpur 

The Prince Restaurant is located in Kharagpur. The Prince is a state-of-the-art-muncuske restaurant that specializes in Bengali cuisine and Cro Tandoor. Excellent customer satisfaction has always been its goal, whether it’s maintaining 100% availability on the menu or serving food on time. And, hygiene is the top priority of this restaurant to make it among the best restaurant in Kharagpur near railway station.

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  • Himalayan Delight – Kharagpur Restaurants near rail station

Himalayan Delight is a great place to eat fast food in Kharagpur. They still offer good food at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, you can find a wide range of food options that are very delicious in taste. And, if you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy good food, this is a great place for you. You’ll enjoy the experience if you visit this place with your friends. So, now you can understand why Himalayan Delight is among the cheap hotels in Kharagpur near railway station.

  • Pizzawich – Restaurants in Kharagpur near railway station

Pizzawich has a variety of mouthwatering pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches. Food delivery to your home or office from and by this restaurant is also possible. And the part is, it offers free delivery to front-line workers and medical personnel at their workplace. Pizzawich now offers no contact menu options too. Orders above Rs 500 qualify for free delivery to your home within 3kms of this restaurant. And, delivery at a nominal fee within a 7km radius of this restaurant is offered by Pizzawich. These make it among the best restaurants in Kharagpur.

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