10 Best Bengali Restaurants in Digha For Lunch

Best Restaurants & Bars in Digha

Are you planning to visit Digha on your holidays? Well, Digha is a beach area where you can spend a peaceful time with your family and friends. Digha is also famous for its delicious foods, especially seafood. So, before you visit Digha, you must know about the best restaurants in Digha. Let’s discuss them here:

List of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Digha –

1. Piu’r Rannaghar – Best Bengali Restaurant in Digha

Best Restaurants in Digha - Piu'r Rannaghar

Piu’r Rannaghar is the most authentic and the best Bengali restaurant in Digha, where you can get a large menu of Indian, Chinese, and Tandoor foods, etc. They deliver food only in Digha at very nominal delivery charges. You will get to taste delicious Bengali food items such as fish, prawn, rice, meat, etc from Piu’r Rannaghar.

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2. Nimantran Restaurant

Nice restaurant at New Digha. After exiting from Digha Railway Station, walk toward Jahaz Bari and you will find a road (before Jahaz Bari Road), and walk towards the sea beach. After 2 minutes of walking, you will find this restaurant. Nice tasty food is available here. You can eat lunch, Alu paratha, idli, and dosa for breakfast.

Meal thalis are also available here for lunch and dinner. This restaurant offers the most affordable and fresh-cooked food in New Digha as per my experience. Nimantran Restaurant is among the must-visit restaurants in Digha.

3. Restaurant Bhorpet

Restaurant Bhorpet in Digha is a very famous diner for delivering a wide range of cuisines and delicacies in all locations of Digha. In fact, it is among the top restaurants in Digha. The place has a good sitting arrangement and it provides a comfortable setup. The place is neat & clean and maintains a cheerful environment. 

Restaurant Bhorpet provides diversity in starters and main course meals with great taste and aroma. Staff are cooperative and listen to their customers’ requests. It is a hidden gem with pleasant decor and a comfortable atmosphere. It is an ideal food place for friends and family gatherings. The waiters of this restaurant have a good experience and serve the food.

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4. Mahabhoj Restaurant

Among the best restaurants in Digha, Mahabhoj Restaurant is well known. Restaurants have a great influence on a flourishing society and delivering good and tasty food is what Mahabhoj Restaurant in Digha is well known for. Mahabhoj restaurant offers a variety of starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks. The delicious taste of foods with enough quantity makes the meal more satisfying. 

The staff in Mahabhoj Restaurant are professional with their work. They treat every customer with good care and try to fulfill their requirements in a reasonable amount of time. The interior of this restaurant is properly maintained with comfy arrangements and a nice ambiance. Overall a remarkable atmosphere and a perfect place for a family gathering at this restaurant. All these make  Mahabhoj among the good restaurants in Digha.

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5. Bandhan Inn Hotel and Restaurant

This place is a good choice for arranging corporate or social get-togethers. Bandhan Inn Hotel and Restaurant in Digha is famous for delivering wonderful dining experiences. The service staff of this restaurant is cooperative and they extend their support in serving food with good arrangements.

The ambiance of Bandhan Inn Hotel and Restaurant is pleasing in every way and the menu list is good, the dishes are delicious and of great quality. It is a good spot for a comfortable time. All these make Bandhan Inn Hotel and Restaurant an ideal hotel and restaurant Digha.

6. Koshe Kosha – Best Restaurants in New Digha

Koshe Kosha is a family restaurant that is a great place for spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. Koshe Kosha in New Digha is one of the best restaurants in New Digha. This place is good for get-togethers and official meetings. The atmosphere of this restaurant makes the dining experience more appealing whether it be lunch or dinner. 

Employees of Koshe Kosha are polite and attentive toward customers’ needs and provide prompt service. They have a variety of delicious foods for starters, main course meals, and desserts. The food provided has good quality, rich in flavor and the quantity is reasonable. Furthermore, different types of transaction methods are available for payment.

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7. The Bite Restaurant

Among the top restaurants in Digha, The Bite Restaurant is a perfect place for an enjoyable dining out experience. The Bite Restaurant in Gobindabasan has been providing exquisite servings with excellent delicacies to its customers. Their menu is satisfying with savory starters, the main course, tender desserts, and drinks amusing. 

Employees of The Bite Restaurant are talented and work at a fast pace. Their polite behavior makes its customers feel comfortable. The Bite Restaurant has different methods for payment options to make things easy for payment transactions. Furthermore, the luxurious ambiance with the exquisite decoration of the Bite Restaurant makes it visually pleasing and gives this place some extra opportunity to provide an excellent dining experience.

8. Aqua Blues

If you are looking for a good ambiance and the perfect restaurant in New Digha, Aqua Blues is a Digha restaurant near beach. The quality and price at this restaurant are perfect. The Staff of this restaurant is also well-behaved. Furthermore, this restaurant has a variety of menus spanning north Indian, Chinese, seafood, and continental. All these make Aqua Blue among the best restaurants in Digha.

9. Wow Momo – Best Restaurants in Old Digha

A very famous momo chain across India, Wow Momo serves innovative and delicious dumpling recipes. You can find its branch on Old Digha Sea Beach Road. You must try the food from this restaurant. You will definitely love them. All these make Wow Momo among the best restaurants in Old Digha.

10. Digha Dhaba – Veg Restaurants in Digha

Digha Dhaba is located opposite Hotel Artland. It is a very small restaurant and does not have too many seats. However, the menu is delicious and prices are also reasonable. This restaurant’s food is delicious, and the staff is very humble and helpful. You should try the fish items and authentic Bengali preparation of this Dhaba.

So, now you know about the best restaurants in Digha. There are very few veg restaurants in Digha where you can get only veg foods as Digha is famous for seafood items and an amazing beachside experience. So, make sure to plan your tour according to your preferences and start your tour with good arrangements.


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