Mandarmani or Digha Which Is Better | Mandarmani vs Digha

Mandarmani Or Digha Which Is Better and Why?

Do you want to know Mandarmani or Digha which is better? Well, here is the right answer. Let’s discuss Mandarmani First:

Mandarmani, a seaside resort village, is also located in India’s West Bengal state, in East Midnapore. It can be found at the northernmost end of the Bay of Bengal. It is fast-developing and one of the most popular seaside resorts in West Bengal. Both Mandarmani and Digha are close to each other. Digha and Contai are the nearest train stations from Mandarmani, local trains are available here.

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Mandarmani Or Digha Which Is Better To Go?

Why is Mandarmani Famous For?

Mandarmani village and its beach is well-known for many reasons. Let’s take a look at these 5 facts and their reasons.

  • The Land of Red Crab

The red crab is the main attraction. Mandarmani is known as the home to red crabs. It seems like a red carpet when all the red crabs are coming out of the sea at the sea beach.

  • Camp Fire

Mandarmani’s second attraction is its beach campfires in the evening. You can enjoy it here to the fullest with your friends.

  • A night spent in Tent

You can spend the entire night in a tent and make some happy memories with your friends.

  • Peaceful Environment

You will be blown away by the solitude of this beach, the sea snoring, and the fresh coconut water. It will help you get relief from the stress of your daily life.

  • The Sun Set

Mandarmani is the best place to see the sunset before it gets dark. Yes, it’s beautiful!

To know about Mandarmani or Digha which is better, let’s discuss Digha too.

Digha, a beach resort in West Bengal, India, is a famous tourist attraction. The Bay of Bengal is viewed from Old Digha Sea Beach, which is backed by dune trees. Sharks, shells, sea serpents, and many types of fish can be found at the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre in Digha. Even a lake is located to the west of New Digha Sea Beach. The Park Amarabati surrounds Digha. And, the white-domed Chandaneswar Shiv Temple, dedicated to Shiva, is located to the west of this town.

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What Reasons Digha is famous?

  • Beaches

Digha and Mandarmani both have beaches but Digha has more beaches than Mandarmani. Talasari Beach, Udaipur Beach, Shankarpur Beach, New Digha Beach, Chandpur Beach, Old Digha Beach, Junput Beach, and Tajpur Beach are some of the main beaches of Digha & best places to visit in Digha.

  • Water Sports

You can try a lot more water sports in Digha than in Mandarmani. Digha offers water sports such as Speed boats, Jetskis, ATVs, Banana boats,s and many more. So, be ready to enjoy these exhilarating activities in these beautiful water bodies of Digha. 

  • Fishing

Since Digha has more beaches than Mandarmani, you can enjoy lots of activities to do in Digha like fishing in a better way. Not only fishes, but water bodies in Digha also have much more aquatic life to enjoy with.

  • Restaurants, Hotels, and Cottages

Since both Digha and Mandarmani are tourist attractions, both of them have many luxurious and budget hotels, and cottages. And, restaurants in both Digha and Mandarmani offer delicious seafood. But, Digha has more hotels, cottages, and restaurants. 

  • Things to buy

You can buy the same type of things in both Digha and Mandarmani. Cashew Nuts, shell jewelry, seafood, and artifacts are among the best things you can buy from both of these places.

All of these explain how each of these places is similar to the others. So, we hope now you know which is better Mandarmani or Digha. To know more about Digha and Mandarmani, please keep visiting our travel blog it has already lots of information related to travel and tourism in Digha and Mandarmani, please make sure to read them. And, feel comfortable sharing your feedback with us(our team). Thank You! Keep Smiling 🙂

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