Top 5 Best Seafood Restaurants In Mandarmani For Launch & Dinner

Best Restaurants In Mandarmani 

Mandarmani, a beachside village in West Bengal is located in its East Midnapur area. Mandarmani is home to red crabs and boasts a 13-km long beach. The tranquility of the beach is a bonus. Enjoy your stay at one of the best Mandarmani hotels with swimming pool and dine out in one of the top restaurants. There are many amazing seafood restaurants in Mandarmani that serve freshly caught seafood such as prawns, crabs, lobsters, and Kingfish.

All of these dishes are prepared in the traditional Bengali style using curries and rice. Do you want to know about the best places to eat in Mandarmani? Pay respects to these seafood restaurants while you’re at this charming coastal resort area:

5 Best Restaurants in Mandarmani –

Best Restaurants In Mandarmani

  • Sea Hut Hotel and Restaurant:

Sea Hut Hotel and Restaurant, as the name implies, is an open-air restaurant serving amazing seafood. The restaurant is known for its fish curry and rice, as well as fish pakoras. The restaurant also serves delicious prawn dishes. A bottle of chilled beverage can be added to enhance the flavor. Sea Hut Hotel and Restaurant promise to deliver mouth-watering seafood with Bengali spices. It is among the restaurants in Mandarmani.

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  • Tara Maa Hotel – Veg restaurants in Mandarmani

There are many open-air shacks along Mandarmani’s beach, including Tara Maa Hotel & Restaurant. It is well-known for its seafood dishes, including fish meal, pomfret, hilsa, prawn meal, and crab meal. The restaurant is close to the beach, so the seafood is fresh and delicious. 

You can also order vegetarian dishes in this restaurant as it is among the best veg restaurants in Mandarmani. Enjoy the stunning sunsets and the sounds of the waves while you eat here. It is one of the best Mandarmani hotels for lunch.

  • Sathi Restaurants in Mandarmani

Sathi Restaurant, Mandarmani is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty meal. This restaurant was established in 2008 and is known for its delicious food. Some of the best cuisines are found here. It is located on Mandarmani – 721455 sea beach, which makes it ideal to serve a wide range of diners. This strategic location allows foodies living in the area to easily walk into the restaurant without having to travel far.

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  • Sea Sand Resort – Mandarmani Restaurants

Sea Sand Resort, one of the budget hotels located in Mandarmani, has a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Indian, Chinese, and Tandoor cuisines. This property is located 0.5km from Mandarmani Beach, and 8km from the closest bus stop. Taste its cuisine, you will know why it is listed among the top restaurants in Mandarmani Beach.

  • Blue Lagoon Restaurants in Mandarmani

Seafood is very popular all over the globe. Some countries consider seafood to be more than just the main meat. It is also the main food staple in many other countries. Every day, this restaurant makes delicious seafood. Red Crabs are popular seafood of this restaurant. Enjoy food and drinks with melodious music, views of waves, and a warm evening in Blue Lagoon.

This restaurant offers high-quality seafood. And, this makes it among the best restaurants in Mandarmani. Try to explore more places to visit in Mandarmani to enjoy your vacation to its most, visit our Mandarmani Travel Blog.

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