How To Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata By Train, Bus, Car

How To Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata

As a small town located in West Bengal, Mandarmani is an extremely popular beach destination following Digha. Because Mandarmani is close to Kolkata It can be quickly and easily accessible. The straight-line distance from Kolkata to Mandarmani is 121 kilometers. And, the distance by road from Kolkata to Mandarmani is 166.9 kilometers. Now, let’s discuss How To Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata By Train, Bus, Car, Taxi, or Cab:

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How To Go Mandarmani Beach From Kolkata – 

  • How To Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata by Train

Tamralipta Express - How To Go Mandarmani Beach From Kolkata By Train, Bus, Car

The closest train stations to Mandarmani can be found at Contai and Digha. You can take any train from Howrah Station to reach Digha Station. And, from Digha Railway Station, cycle-rickshaws or auto-rickshaws can be hired to reach Mandarmani beach. A lot of trains operate from Howrah Railway Station in the first half of the morning, to travel to Digha. So, now you know how to reach Mandarmani from Kolkata by train.

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  • How to Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata By Bus

The bus timetable between Kolkata to Mandarmani is approximately three hours, 20 mins if your bus travels at an average of sixty kilometers per hour during the course of your trip. The travel time estimate between Kolkata to Mandarmani via bus could differ or take a longer duration than the stated time because of the road condition and the specific travel routes. 

The cost of a bus ticket for the journey from Kolkata to Mandarmani might be approximately Rs.128. You can get lots of buses to Mandarmani from Esplanade in Kolkata. From Mandarmani bus station, you can take an auto-rickshaw or cycle rickshaw, or cab to reach Mandarmani beach. This is the way how to reach Mandarmani from Kolkata by bus?

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  • Kolkata to Mandarmani distance by car

If you own a car, the journey by car to Mandarmani beach can be most comfortable and time-saving. Kolkata is about 121 km away from Mandarmani therefore when you travel at a steady speed of 50 kilometers per hour, you will reach Mandarmani beach in approximately three hours. Mandarmani is situated on the southwest side of Kolkata. And, the bearing angle from Kolkata to Mandarmani is 213 degrees. 

In the travel map to Mandarmani, you can see hotels along the way as well as tourist attractions such as camping spots, petrol pumps as well as various places of worship. So, you will get to enjoy yourself a lot during your journey by car. This is how to go to Mandarmani from Kolkata by car.

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  • Kolkata To Mnadarmani By Cab or Taxi

The distance between Kolkata and Mandarmani is approximately 167 kilometers by road. So, it is best to hire a cab and take in the beautiful scenery on the route. One-way cab booking offers you the best experience on the route. The most ideal route is through NH 16 as well as NH116B. This is the most efficient route and will take about 4 hours despite the normal traffic.

If you are from outside, you can first travel to Kolkata by airplane or by train, after that you can book a cab to Mandarmani. Kolkata airport can be described as the closest terminal to Mandarmani. Cabs for outstations are readily available from the airport. Also, from the Howrah railway station, you can hire a cab to the stunning Mandarmani beach.  

It is possible to enjoy the ride thanks to the great roads until Contai and after that, the roads on the street are a bit narrow. With professional drivers and cab service, there’s nothing to worry about. This is How To Reach Mandarmani From Kolkata By Train, Bus, Car, Taxi, or Cab.

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