Top 5 Best & Famous Things To Buy in Puri, Odisha

Things To Buy in Puri

Are you planning your tour to Puri? Well, Puri is a beautiful place in Odisha. It has many unique things to buy for its visitors. So, before you plan your tour to this tourist spot, make sure to gather information about famous things to buy in Puri. And, To help you know about them, we have listed them here:

1. Odisha-based handloom fabrics

Odisha-based handloom fabrics - Things to buy in Puri

What is famous in Puri for shopping? Well, Puri is famous for its handloom fabrics. So, if you want to purchase Odisha-based handloom fabrics, you should visit Priyadarshini Handloom located in Puri. Priyadarshini Handloom has a wide range of Odisha handloom varieties of colors in the form of sarees and dress materials for women.

Men can purchase Odisha-based handloom fabric kurtas and drapes for men are also sold at Priyadarshini Handloom. Apart from handlooms and apparel, you can also buy unique handicrafts from Odisha from this shop.

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2. Chhena Poda – Things to buy in Puri

Chhena Poda

The special sweets of Puri named Chhena Poda are very famous. You should visit Swargadwar Market, an open market in Puri, at night to buy delicious Chhena Poda. Taste them at least once.

Swargadwar Market also sells many Odhisi souvenirs so you should buy them for your relatives and friends. Furthermore, there are many street food sellers at this market to provide you with mouth-watering and delicious street food items. Let’s read about more famous things to buy in Puri.

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3. Odisha’s Souvenirs – Things to buy from Puri

Odisha’s Souvenirs - Things to buy from Puri

There are many shops in Puri that sell authentic souvenirs of Odisha. You can purchase unique handicrafts, toys, decorative items, and ornaments in Puri. These are the Puri famous things for shopping. So, make sure to buy at least some of them for your friends.

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4. Brass Crafts – What to buy in Puri

Brass Crafts

Among things to buy in Jagannath Puri, brass crafts are very famous. There are many small to large brass decorative items sold in Puri. The unique one among them is the vintage style door locks made of brass. Furthermore, you can also buy showcase items made of brass from Puri.

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5. Sambalpuri silk & cotton sarees

Sambalpuri silk & cotton sarees - What to buy in Puri Odisha

Visit Chandan Bazaar to buy Sambalpuri silk and cotton sarees. They are authentic and traditional garments of Odisha. And, the most amazing part is that these garments have unique detailed designs woven on them. These are the famous things to buy in Puri.

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