Top 10 Best Things To Do in Puri Beach in 1 Day With Family

Best things to do in Puri

Are you planning to visit Puri for your tour? Yes? Well, Puri is a tourist place in Odisha and it has a very beautiful beach named Puri Beach to attract visitors. But, before you visit Puri Beach, you must know about the activities to do at this beach area to make your tour most enjoyable. So, let’s discuss the best things to do in Puri Beach:

1. Jet Ski Ride – Things to do in Puri

Jet Ski Ride - Things to do in Puri

What to do in Puri? What’s fun if you are visiting Puri Beach which has one of the longest coasts in the city but not trying Jet Ski Ride? Jet Ski Ride is really amazing. It will make you feel the thrill. The lifeguards will be given to you while you enjoy your ride in the waves of the sea. So, you should book your ticket for Jet Ski Ride when you visit Puri Beach.

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2. Surfing – What to do in Puri


Among the best things to do in Puri, surfing at the Puri beach area is the most enjoyable. As the Puri beach lies over a long area, which makes it good for those who love surfing at the beach area. The warm and cold currents of Puri Beach that reach the sandbar form a view for all who visit the beach area.

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3. Make Sand Sculptures

Sand Sculptures

At Puri Beach, you will see many local artists who show their amazing artistic skills by making sand sculptures during the Puri Beach festival. Sudarsan Pattnaik is a famous artist who is also internationally recognized. Furthermore, you can also try your artistic skills at the Puri Beach area by making sand sculptures. These are among the Puri Beach activities and you will surely enjoy doing them.

4. Beach Walk – Things to do in Jagannath Puri

Beach Walk - Things to do in Jagannath Puri

Bring your lover along with you to walk along Puri Beach. Both of you can walk along the beautiful Puri Beach while making memories together. The peaceful environment at this beach area will make you feel stress-free. Among all the things to do in Puri, walking along the Beach area will help you to feel energetic and positive. So, make sure to walk for around 60 minutes along the Puri Beach coastal area.

5. Taste Street Foods – Things to explore in Puri

street foods in puri

Have you tasted the street foods of Odisha? Yes, they are really tasty. The Chenna Poda, pani puri, aloo puri, chaat, bhel puri, fish fry, etc are really amazing. You should taste them all. What more do you expect from a visit to the Puri Beach? As it is a beach area, you will also see seafood being sold. Are you fond of seafood? Yes? Then, you must taste grilled fish. You will surely want to taste them again.

6. Camel Rides

camel ride in puri

Among all the best things to do in Puri, the camel ride at Puri Beach is really extraordinary. Children are especially fond of camel rides. Riding on top of tall camels is really an interesting activity. These camels are smooth and graceful while giving rides to their customers. So, make sure to try them at least once.

7. Swimming – Puri beach activities

Swimming - Puri beach activities

Among things to do in golden beach Puri, swimming is one of them. If you are an experienced swimmer then, you should try swimming in the Puri Sea. After swimming you will feel energetic and refreshed. But, you should be careful while you swim as sea currents can be dangerous. So, try swimming only when you have experience.

If you want to visit Puri during the summer season, the cool water of the Puri Sea Beach will wash away your tiredness and stress to make you feel at ease. What more do you expect from Puri Beach? So, if you are an experienced swimmer, make sure to carry your swimming dress along with you.

8. Buy Puri Handicrafts

Puri Handicrafts

As you will walk near the Puri Beach Area, you will see many vendors selling beautiful handicrafts made in Puri. Applique designs, palm leaf engravings, toys and utensils made of wood carvings, decorative items made of thermocol, Pattachitra painting, etc. These handicrafts are mainly sold in Puri. Buying these items will be among the best things to do in Puri.

Many tourists from all around the world visit Puri to enjoy its beach and buy its unique handicraft materials. So, you can buy them for your friends as a gift. Here is our detailed guide on what to buy in Puri.

9. Enjoy bonfire night – Things to do in Puri at night

bonfire night - Things to do in Puri at night

Bonfire night celebrations at beaches have always been famous. So, bring your friends along with you to Puri Beach to celebrate bonfire night together. Sitting near firewood while playing games with your friends and enjoying seafood grills, sounds amazing, right? These are among the things to do in Puri at night.

Youngsters are very fond of celebrating bonfire nights at the beachside. You can say, it is among the most enjoyable activities to do at any beach area. So, make sure to carry your high-quality camera with you to capture photos. You can buy wood in Puri to celebrate bonfire night with your group.

10. Enjoy Coconut Water

Fresh Coconut Water - things to do in Puri beach

Coconut trees are very famous in coastal areas. So, make sure to have coconut water at Puri Beach. Coconut water will make you feel refreshed and energetic. Furthermore, it will boost your willpower to do more activities at Puri Beach. There are many more things to do in Jagannath Puri.

This is all about the best things to do in Puri. So, whenever you plan to visit Puri beach make sure to carry all your equipment and clothes to do these activities. The best time to visit Puri is from the month of October to the month of February. This is the peak season to visit Puri. That means flight ticket prices can be high at this time. So, book your ticket in advance to avoid high charges. 

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