Top 10 Best Things To Do in Kashmir in Winter For Fun Experience

Fun Things To Do in Kashmir

In Kashmir, immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Dal Lake with a Shikara ride or a stay in a houseboat. Explore the best famous & unique things to do in Kashmir with your family or friends. Adventure enthusiasts can trek in the stunning Gulmarg or enjoy world-class skiing in winter. Pahalgam offers scenic landscapes and the Lidder River for white-water rafting. Discover the rich cultural heritage at the Jamia Masjid and Hazratbal Shrine. 

Top 10 Best Things To Do in Kashmir in Winter

Indulge in local cuisine, savoring Wazwan dishes. Don’t miss the vibrant markets, offering exquisite Pashmina shawls and local handicrafts. Apart from that, enjoy the Shikara ride on Dal Lake, the Gondola ride, and shop in Lal Chowk for authentic experiences. Explore the Kashmir trip with breathtaking landscapes, cultural richness, and serene lakes. Unforgettable experiences await in paradise on Earth.

1. Enjoy Skiing in Gulmarg best things to do in Kashmir

Indulge in thrilling activity, Gulmarg skiing is one of the best things to do in Kashmir with its pristine slopes and breathtaking landscapes. Gulmarg, situated in the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir, stands as a skiing paradise. With its snow-clad landscapes and challenging slopes, Gulmarg is a haven for skiing enthusiasts. The Gulmarg Gondola, one of the highest cable cars globally, transports thrill-seekers to lofty heights, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas. 

Enjoy Skiing in Gulmarg - best things to do in Kashmir

The winter season transforms this serene town into a bustling hub for skiers, both novices and experts alike. Gulmarg’s powdery snow and diverse terrain provide an exhilarating experience, attracting visitors from across the globe. A perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty, Gulmarg remains a top destination for skiing aficionados.

2. Shikara ride on Dal Lakeadventure things to do in Kashmir

Take a Shikara ride on Kashmir’s Dal Lake and experience something truly unique that captures the essence of the area. Drift along pristine waters surrounded by majestic mountains and lush gardens aboard these traditional wooden boats adorned with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Marvel at the floating gardens and historic Mughal architecture dotting the lake’s shores. 

Shikara ride on Dal Lake - adventure things to do in Kashmir

Engage with local vendors on their floating shops offering Kashmiri handicrafts. As the sun sets, witness the lake transform into a serene canvas of reflections, creating a romantic ambiance. The Shikara ride on Dal Lake is an enchanting journey, providing a unique glimpse into the soul of Kashmir.

3. Enjoy Gondola ride in Gulmargtop 10 things to do in Kashmir

Experience the thrilling Gondola ride in Gulmarg, a high-altitude adventure tucked away in the Himalayan Pir Panjal range. The Gulmarg Gondola is one of the world’s highest cable cars, transporting you to heights that offer breathtaking panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. The journey comprises two phases, each revealing a distinct landscape. 

Enjoy Gondola ride in Gulmarg - top 10 things to do in Kashmir

Phase 1 unveils verdant meadows, while Phase 2, reaching Mount Apharwat’s summit, showcases a winter wonderland with opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. Whether amidst blooming flowers or a winter blanket of snow, the Gondola ride promises an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Kashmir’s alpine paradise.

4. Stay in a Houseboat in Nigeen Lake things to do in Kashmir for couples

Stay in a serene houseboat on Nigeen Lake, a hidden gem in the heart of Srinagar, Kashmir. A houseboat stay in Nigeen Lake is also one of the best things to do in Kashmir. These traditional wooden dwellings offer a tranquil retreat amidst pristine waters and awe-inspiring mountain views. Immerse yourself in the unique experience of floating accommodation adorned with intricate Kashmiri woodwork and luxurious furnishings. 

Stay in a Houseboat in Nigeen Lake - things to do in Kashmir for couples

Wake up to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the houseboat and savor delicious Kashmiri cuisine prepared by skilled chefs on board. Enjoy leisurely Shikara rides, exploring the charming lake and its floating gardens. A houseboat stay on Nigeen Lake promises an enchanting blend of nature, culture, and unparalleled tranquillity.

5. Taste Kashmiri Cuisine

Delight your palate with the rich and aromatic flavors of Kashmiri cuisine, a culinary journey that reflects the region’s diverse cultural influences. Indulge in Wazwan, a lavish multi-course feast featuring signature dishes like Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Goshtaba, highlighting the use of aromatic spices.

Taste Kashmiri Cuisine

Sample the exquisite Dum Aloo, a potato delicacy, and savor the unique flavors of Kashmiri pulao enriched with saffron and dry fruits. Don’t miss the locally renowned Kashmiri kebabs and the unique Nadru Monje, showcasing lotus stems in a delectable fritter form. End your meal with the sweetness of Shufta or Phirni, completing a culinary voyage through Kashmir’s gastronomic wonders.

6. Enjoy Shoppingthings to do in Kashmir in winter

Go on a colorful shopping expedition in Srinagar, where busy marketplaces reveal a wealth of handicrafts and cultural treasures made in Kashmir. Explore the bustling Lal Chowk for an array of Pashmina shawls, intricately woven carpets, and exquisite hand-carved walnut wood items. There are many famous & unique things to buy in Kashmir for your family, friends, or lover.

Enjoy Shopping - things to do in Kashmir in winter

Dive into the aromatic world of spices at the Residency Road market. Discover the Floating Market on Dal Lake, where Shikara vendors offer an assortment of colorful Kashmiri artifacts. The Polo View Market is perfect for intricate papier-mâché items and vibrant local attire. Immerse yourself in the lively bazaars, where every corner reveals a piece of Kashmir’s rich heritage.

7. Discover the old city of Srinagar offbeat things to do in Kashmir

Step back in time as you wander through the enchanting Old City of Srinagar, a labyrinth of narrow lanes and ancient architecture that breathes history. Begin at Jamia Masjid, a stunning example of Persian-influenced Islamic design. Stroll through the bustling markets of Nowhatta, where the air is filled with the aroma of traditional Kashmiri spices. 

Discover the old city of Srinagar - offbeat things to do in Kashmir

Explore the historic Shah Hamdan’s shrine and marvel at its wooden architecture. Admire the intricate details of Mughal-era structures like Khanqah-e-Moula and Pathar Masjid. As you meander through the old-world charm, you’ll encounter the soul of Srinagar, resonating with the tales of bygone eras. Srinagar’s heritage walk is also one of the best things to do in Kashmir.

8. Visit Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden 

Nestled in the heart of Srinagar, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is a scenic symphony of colors and blooms, celebrated as Asia’s largest tulip garden. Spanning over 30 acres, it comes alive in spring with a breathtaking display of vibrant tulips, showcasing a kaleidoscope of hues against the stunning backdrop of the Zabarwan Range and Dal Lake. 

Visit Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden -

Named in honor of the former Prime Minister, the garden hosts an annual Tulip Festival, drawing visitors to witness the spectacular blossoms. Opened in 2007, this garden has become a floral haven, offering a serene retreat and a visual feast for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

9. Experience River Rafting in Lidder River

In Pahalgam, Kashmir, take a thrilling river rafting excursion on the thrilling Lidder River to start an adrenaline-fueled journey. This watercourse, which offers an amazing rafting experience that combines the excitement of thundering rapids with outstanding natural beauty, is tucked away amid gorgeous surroundings. 

River Rafting in Lidder River

Feel the force of the freezing waves against your raft as you make your way down the winding river, which is bordered by towering peaks and vibrant foliage. Both novices and experienced rafters can enjoy different degrees of difficulty on the Lidder River. Whether you seek an adrenaline kick or a serene float, river rafting on the Lidder promises an immersive journey through the pristine wilderness of Kashmir.

10. Enjoy Paragliding at Sonamargfun things to do in Kashmir

Soar into the skies and experience the ultimate thrill of paragliding in Sonmarg, a mesmerizing adventure destination in Kashmir. Nestled amidst majestic mountains, Sonmarg offers a breathtaking backdrop for an adrenaline-pumping paragliding experience. Take off from elevated points and glide gracefully over lush meadows, dense forests, and the meandering Sindh River. 

Enjoy Paragliding at Sonamarg - fun things to do in Kashmir

Feel the cool mountain breeze as you enjoy panoramic views of snow-capped peaks. Paragliding in Sonmarg caters to both novices and seasoned enthusiasts, providing a unique perspective of the region’s pristine beauty. It’s an exhilarating journey that combines the joy of flight with the awe-inspiring landscapes of Kashmir.


In conclusion, Kashmir offers a myriad of beautiful experiences. From houseboat stays to skiing in Gulmarg, promise a diverse and enchanting journey. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, savor the flavors of Kashmiri cuisine, and explore the historic old city of Srinagar. 

Whether enjoying a Shikara ride on Dal Lake or paragliding in Sonmarg, every adventure contributes to the kaleidoscope of unforgettable “things to do in Kashmir.” The region’s natural beauty, coupled with its cultural richness, ensures that each activity becomes a cherished memory, making Kashmir an unparalleled destination for those seeking a blend of tranquillity and adventure.

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