Best Time To Visit Kashmir For Snowfall, Honeymoon, Tulip Garden

Best Time, Month & Season To Visit Kashmir

Do you want to know the best time to visit Kashmir? Well, in this content, we have described in detail the best time you should visit the most beautiful place. For those who are searching for mind-relaxing tourist places in India, Kashmir is among them. You must visit this amazing place at least once in your lifetime. You will get to feel its real beauty.

Best Time To Visit Kashmir For Snowfall, Honeymoon, Tulip Garden

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Best Time To Visit Kashmir For Snowfall

Winter is from December to February and this is the best time to visit Kashmir for snowfall. Because of its stunning beauty, Kashmir is called “Paradise on Earth”. Pahalgam is known for its stunning natural beauty. It takes on a jewel-like look when it is covered in snow and looks like pure magic.

Kashmir is the coldest place in India. Gulmarg is the top-ranked snowy spot in Kashmir. Gulmarg, India’s top skiing destination, is a winter wonderland. It is also Asia’s seventh-largest skiing destination. The place is a stunning sight with snow-capped mountains in the Pir Panjal range, deep ravines, and towering Apharwat Peak, as well as many hill forests.

Best Time To Visit Kashmir For Honeymoon

March to October is the best time to visit Kashmir on a honeymoon. This is the best time when alpine meadows in Kashmir are at their greenest. During this time, you can enjoy Kashmir with your lover while having some happy talks together. So, Kashmir is among the top 10 hill stations in India for honeymoon. It can be crowded, however, as it is peak tourist season. The four main seasons in Kashmir are spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Best Time To Visit Kashmir Tulip Garden

The best thing to see in Srinagar is Kashmir’s Tulip Garden. The lifespan of Tulips is only 20-30 days. The Garden is only open for 30 days, or less depending on the climate. The Tulip Garden opens on April 1st and can be open for up to 20-30 consecutive days. So, the best time to visit Kashmir Tulip Garden is in April. This is also a great time to visit Kashmir for gardening.

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Kashmir Weather

In the summer, Kashmir valley’s weather is mild, but it can get very cold in winter. According to temperature analysis, January is the coldest month in Kashmir Valley and June is the hottest. For a memorable vacation, it is best to enjoy the Kashmir valley’s stunning beauty during the summer season. There are special Kashmir Tour packages that will allow you to take advantage of this beautiful area. Now, let’s talk about the best time to visit Kashmir season-wise.

Kashmir In Summer (March to June)

The summer season starts in March and ends at the beginning of June month in Kashmir so the best month to visit Kashmir is in March. Summer is ideal for sightseeing because it is neither too hot nor too cold in this season. The daytime temperature in Kashmir ranges between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. Mornings are mild in temperature during the summer. This makes it a great time to explore the place and take long walks. The perfect panorama of Kashmir is possible in the summer months because of the melting snow that has covered the valley. 

You must visit Srinagar and Pahalgam during summer. The Kashmir resorts are always crowded during summer, so you should plan your vacation well in advance. Locals in Kashmir also plan weddings and enjoy Ramzan celebrations. So, Ramzan is also the best time to travel Kashmir

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Kashmir In Monsoon (July to September)

In July, there is an onset of rain. Although the monsoon isn’t very strong, people like to visit Kashmir during this period for off-season rates on hotels and flights to Kashmir. You can stroll through the valley and listen to the melodious music of raindrops as it pours down. These are the reasons, this is the best time to visit Kashmir. You will have a lot of fun picking apples, so make sure you include them in your itinerary. 

If you might not be able to enjoy various winter activities, a monsoon vacation is a rewarding alternative for you. You will get to enjoy the lush green valley and be able to feel the beauty around you. Many people love Kashmir in the rain. This is primarily because of the serenity and peace it offers.

Kashmir In Winter (October to February)

This is when Kashmir’s winter starts. It can reach 0 degrees Celsius in November and December. Winter is the best season to visit Kashmir because of the spectacular snowfall that begins in December and continues until March. This snowfall is an amazing treat and the entire valley is still covered. You will have the best time of your life in the winter season in Kashmir if you are a fan of winter sports such as skiing, skating, and snowboarding. Cable car rides provide the best views of the snow-covered hills. Temperature ranges from -2 to 12 degrees Celsius during winter in Kashmir. January is the coldest month in Kashmir.

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Festivals In Kashmir

  • Festival of the Tulips

Dates: From 1st May 2021 to 8th May 2021

The state is home to hundreds of Tulip Gardens throughout Kashmir. This ensures that the spring season is a success. Srinagar hosts the annual Tulip Festival. It boasts the largest Tulip Garden in Asia. This festival is known for the diversity of Tulips it has produced. The sight of the tulips in these gardens during spring is breathtaking. It’s a stunning sight for anyone, even if they are not from Kashmir. 

The Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Gardens in Srinagar is the venue for the Tulip Festival. Festival attendees will enjoy a display of handicrafts from the region, delicious cuisine, cultural programs, and, of course, Tulips. These are the best things to do in Kashmir. You will really love them and this is the best time to go to Kashmir.

  • Gurez Festival

Gurez, located at an elevation of approximately 8,000 feet and located around 123 km from Kashmir’s capital is a tranquil valley in the Himalayas. It lies along the ancient Silk Route and offers stunning views. The Gurez Valley is home to the Neelum River, which flows through it. This river is ideal for river rafting. Gurez hosts an annual festival that showcases its culture, handicrafts, and cuisines. So, these are the best time to visit Kashmir.

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Why You Should Visit Kashmir

Kashmir is one of those destinations that makes you feel like you are in a magical place. Its beauty can be described in words, making it a popular destination for filmmakers. This beautiful valley has been used for filming scenes. There are many other attractions that make Kashmir a great place to visit. You will find a variety of religious sites, trekking points, lakes, and gardens, as well as shopping areas and delicious cuisines you’ve never tried.

The unique accommodation options in this amazing place include five-star hotels, resorts, and houseboats. So, gather information related to the best places to visit in Kashmir and start your journey to this beautiful place at the best time to visit Kashmir.

Things To Know Before You Visit Kashmir

  • Cold cream and lip protection in winter, sunscreen in summer. Winter clothes in all seasons.

Kashmir’s climate is very varied. It can be cold in winter, and hot in summer. You will need a moisturizer and lip protection to keep your lips and skin hydrated during the winter months.

  • Carry identity proof (original, no photocopies)

As you all know Kashmir is a conflict area, and there will be many security checks you have to go through. It is important that you always have valid, original ID proof with you in case you are ever caught out by a gang of suspects. You can make sure you have fun and stay safe on your holiday.

Now, you have got information about the best time to visit Kashmir. So, start searching about how to reach Kashmir and visit the place safely.

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