Top 5 Bengali Travel Vloggers or Youtubers in Kolkata

Best Travel YouTubers in Kolkata

Are you fond of watching travel videos? Are you from West Bengal? There are many Bengali travel Youtube channels that are owned by the best travel Youtubers in West Bengal. These Youtubers are passionate travelers and videographers. They have been sharing their travel experiences with their visitors for years. Many of them already have a large number of subscribers and viewers. You must watch their videos to know about their travel journey and places of attractions in and outside West Bengal. Let’s discuss these travel vloggers or travel Youtubers:

Top Travel YouTubers in Kolkata

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  • Ruma Dey Baidya – Top YouTubers in West Bengal

Travel YouTubers In West Bengal

Ruma Dey Baidya started traveling at the age of 20. Travelling, recording videos and vlogging on Youtube have been her passion since her childhood. So, she is famous among the best travel YouTubers in Kolkata & West Bengal. You can visit her Youtube channel ‘Ruma Dey Baidya – HolidayStory’. This channel has more than 69k subscribers.

Ruma Dey Baidya is not a solo traveler so you would find her traveling in groups. And, the most amazing thing is, that she prefers to do budget travel, as it allows her to cut down on her expenses. It is well-known that memories can change over time, so she started recording her travel stories. Her YouTube channel has various travel videos recorded by her. The number of views of these videos is growing rapidly. Her channel is one of the top Bengali YouTube channels.

If you are fond of traveling, try to watch all the videos on the channel ‘Ruma Dey Baidya – HolidayStory’. These videos are amazing and would surely make you want to visit those places. Her channel includes many videos related to the West Bengal tour.

Some of the amazing videos on this channel are – ‘Kolkata Food Tour’, ‘Indian Train Artist’, ‘Kolkata Events’, ‘Tourist Places Near Kolkata’, and ‘Shopping in Kolkata’. All these videos will give you a good idea about things to do when you visit West Bengal. Want to know about more top Youtubers in West Bengal? Continue reading!

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  • Somjit Bhattacharyya – Best Bengali YouTuber

Somjit Bhattacharyya - Travel Youtubers in Kolkata

Somjit Bhattacharyya is among the top travel Youtubers in West Bengal. His channel ‘Somjit Bhattacharyya’ has more than 462k subscribers. This channel is one of the most popular travel channels. The channel is able to present the content with a compelling storytelling approach that captures the attention of the viewers. These travel stories are narrated in the Bengali language. This attracts most Youtube viewers from West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Somjit Bhattacharyya travels to Kolkata and other parts of India and records videos of his trips. The channel not only includes videos of tourist spots but also other events in Kolkata such as Durga Puja and Book Fair. Somjit is a  storyteller who captures the attention and explains every detail. He is one of the top 10 YouTubers in West Bengal.

The Bengali Youtubers takes you to India’s Heritage sites. He shows us natural heritage such as the Kashmir valleys and Himachal’s majestic mountains, Puri beaches, Puri tea gardens, Darjeeling tea gardens, and royal Bengal Tigers. He also covers festivals such as Durga Puja and Jagaddhatri Puja. Gangasagar Mela. Amarnath Yatra. Poush Mela. Shantiniketan.

Top videos of this channel, Somjit Bhattacharya are ‘Spiti Valley’, ‘Leh Ladakh Tour Guide’, ‘Chandipur Tour’, ‘Kinnaur’, ‘Kolkata Durga Puja 2021’, ‘Mousuni Island 2022’, ‘Bagda Beach’, ‘Udaygiri Khandagiri Tour’, ‘Digha Mohona’, ‘Digha Talsari Beach’, ‘Sikkim Tour 2021’, ‘Zoji La Pass’ and ‘Puri Sea Beach Gandhi Park’.

  • Debarshi Bhaumik – Best YouTuber in Kolkata

Debarshi Bhaumik - Travel YouTubers in West Bengal

Debarshi Bhaumik is one of the famous travel Youtubers in West Bengal. His channel, ‘Hop On’ has been streaming with exotic travel videos. All the videos on this channel are in the Bengali language. This channel has more than 14k subscribers. 

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Debarshi Bhaumik has been traveling around the world for years. And, through his channel ‘Hop On’, he has been sharing his entire travel experiences with his viewers. Since these videos are in Bengali, most of their viewers are from West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Top videos of this channel are ‘Leh Local Sightseeing’, ‘Manali to Jispa via Atal Tunnel’, ‘Kolkata to Ladakh via Car’, ‘Preparations of Kolkata to Ladakh via Car’, ‘Bullet Train To Mount Fuji’, ‘Kolkata to Tokyo’, ‘Iceland Ring Road Trip’, ‘Kolkata Drone View’ and ‘Follow Me To Australia’.

  • Subhajit Maity – Travel Youtuber in West Bengal

Subhajit Maity is the owner of the famous Youtube channelPassionate Jeet’. This channel has more than 829 subscribers. This channel is in the Bengali language. 

The main motto of the Passionate Jeet channel is “Do what you love, do it!” Subhajit Maity feels happier spending his time following his passion and creating happiness for others rather than working in a 9-5 job. He has been sharing his travel videos with all of us so that we can know about various traveling places in a better way.

Subhajit Maity is a Bengali guy who loves to make good content. This makes him among the best travel Youtubers in West Bengal. Top videos on his channel are ‘Yumthang Valley’, ‘Sunday Ride’, ‘Henry’s Island Near Bakkhali’, and ‘Visit The Bengal’. 

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  • Raj Chanda – Kolkata YouTubers list

Raj Chanda is among the best travel Youtubers in Kolkata, West Bengal. His channel ‘Raj Chanda’ provides interesting vlogs, such as tour vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, cycle vlogs, and so on. The first episode of this channel is ‘the Kolkata to Kedarnath Roadtrip series by car’. This vlog shows us traveling from Kolkata to Aurangabad, which is approximately 510 km. Try watching this episode. We hope you enjoy this episode. 

This channel also has a video to show how to reach Gangani from Santragachi Station. Gangani, also known as the ‘Grand Canyon Bengal’  is found in Garhbeta, Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal, India. It can be found on the bank of Shilabati. A small nullah surrounded the boundary of the former town. 

From this channel, you will understand that you can take the Rupasi Bangla Express or the Purulia Express to Garbeta Station in the morning. Buses can also be taken from Howrah or Kharagpur, as well as Midnapore.

There is also a street food in Kolkata video on this channel. In this video, Raj Chanda shared his experience at a small momo shop in Chatakole, near Dum-Dum junction. This video explains that you can find 7 kinds of momos in one shop. This video will give you all the details about the new momo hub.

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