Top 10 Best Hill Stations or Coldest Places in Kerala During Summer

Do you want to know about the best hill stations in Kerala? Here is the list for you:

List of 10 Best Hill Stations in Kerala

  1. Munnar
  2. Vagamon
  3. Ponmudi
  4. Silent Valley
  5. Idukki
  6. Wayanad
  7. Lakkidi
  8. Peermade
  9. Malampuzha
  10. Vythiri
  • Munnar – Best Hill Stattions in Kerala

Munnar - Best Hill Stattions in Kerala

Munnar is among the best hill stations in South India and the top 5 hill stations in Kerala list that are known for its beautiful location and the abundance of tea gardens. If you plan properly, you will be able to see the valley change to a blue color when Neelakurinji blooms, which only occurs once every twelve years. Valentine’s Day 2022, anyone?

The best time to visit Munnar is October-November and January-May. There are many beautiful spots in this area, but these are the top ones:

Eravikulam National Park Hold hands with your loved ones as you gaze at Anamudi (the highest peak in South India), while you look up. From February through March, the park is closed.

Mattupetty Dam & lake – A peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, and maybe spot wild elephants.

Windermere Estate is an estate that’s set in bungalows from the past. This place combines old-world charm with inexplicable natural beauty.

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  • Vagamon – Coldest Places in Kerala

Vagamon - Coldest Places in Kerala

Vagamon, surrounded by hills, is a place of unimaginable beauty. This hill station in Kerala is blessed with a mix of forests, meadows, and hills. For a romantic afternoon, go on a nature trail with your partner to view wild elephants and buffaloes swimming in small streams.

Vagamon’s best time to visit is during the summer, between March and May. You can visit both relaxed and exciting tourist destinations on your Vagamon trip. This makes it among the best hill stations in Kerala map. You can also say that Vagamon is among the unexplored hill stations in Kerala because of its mystic beauty.

Kurisumala Dairy Farm is managed by Kurisumala monks. This farm offers a peaceful countryside experience that is unaffected by urban life. 

Thangal Para – Climb up this hill to view the unusual rock formations and walk through an old cave for some old-fashioned thrills.

Mundakayam Ghat is a place to visit for a peaceful sunset and thrilling adventure sports such as paragliding.

Spice Garden Farm Resort – Offers a relaxing and natural environment to its guests with facilities such as an in-house Safari.

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  • Ponmudi – Most Beautiful Hill Stations in Kerala

Ponmudi - Most Beautiful Hill Stations in Kerala

Ponmudi, one of the charming hill stations to visit in Kerala near Trivandrum, has narrow winding paths that offer picturesque views for those who drive. It is a sight to behold while you are with your loved one. So, you can say that Ponmudi is among the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala.

Some of the best places to visit in Ponmudi are:

Golden Valley – Enjoy a refreshing dip in the clear waters of River Kallar, followed by a leisurely picnic with your spouse.

Meenmutty waterfalls- If you’re looking for some exercise, then take a hike from Kallar through dense forests to reach these stunning waterfalls. Tourists can use the Forest Department’s guide to get to the falls.

Peppara Wildlife sanctuary – You can visit the Peppara wildlife sanctuary to see a wide range of wild animals such as lion-tailed macaques and sambar. 

Golden Peak – Golden Peak is a harmony of granite and wooden cottages, with mist-laden hills. This gives guests an unforgettable experience.

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  • Silent Valley – Top 5 Hill Stations in Kerala

Silent Valley Kerala

The Silent Valley is a unique holiday destination that will be cherished for many years. It is home to rare species, the Kurumbar Tribes, and many other natural attractions. This is a far cry from the commercial hill stations. Silent Valley is best visited between December and April.

Silent Valley National Park is home to some of the most unique and diverse floras and fauna in the world. You can see 34 species of mammals at the park, including the rare Nilgiri langur and Malabar giant squirrel, as well as the rare lion-tailed Macaque, lion-tailed macaque, and hairy-winged Bat. 

You will need special permission to enter the valley. This can be obtained at the Mukkali Forest Department office. Rent a Jeep for as low as Rs 650 from Mukkali to the Valley. Try to explore this place among the best hill stations in Kerala to the fullest.

Vision Nature Resorts – Located in the National Park’s foothills, it offers comfortable accommodation and activities such as bird watching, tribal village walks, plantation visits, fishing, and plantation visit. This resort is among the Kerala mountain tourist places.

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  • Idukki – Kerala Mountain Tourist Places

Idukki - Kerala Mountain Tourist Places

Idukki is a natural paradise in Kerala. It offers many tourist attractions such as wildlife sanctuaries, mountain trekkings, spice plantations, elephant rides, and other things. From October to February is the best time to visit Kerala hill station Idukki. These places are worth a visit if you want to experience this hilly paradise.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary that houses elephants, bison, sambar, jungle cats, and many species of snakes such as vipers, cobras, and kraits.

Kalliyanathandu – Enjoy a breathtaking view of the forest from this location, and go mountain climbing.

Idukki Arch Dam is the second-largest arch dam in the world.

Green Berg Resort – The resort’s ethnic cottages are surrounded by natural beauty and offer a unique living experience.

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  • Wayanad – Best Place to Visit in Kerala Hill Stations

Wayanad - Best Place to Visit in Kerala Hill Stations

Wayanad, with its mountainous rivers and mist-clad mountains, is among the best hill stations in Kerala for a weekend escape. There are many things to do in Wayanad, including the stunning beauty of the rainforest, the stunning waterfalls, and spice plantations. You can visit to find out if this is the best tourist hill station in Kerala.

These places offer a full experience of the hill station trip:

Chembra Peak: Race to the top with your family to reach the highest peak in the area and enjoy the stunning view from the summit.

Pakshipathalam: Explore deep caves that are home to many species of animals, birds, and plants.

Soochippara Waterfalls: These beautiful falls, which are relatively unknown, are a delight for the eyes. They also offer a chance to climb for tourists.

Kuruva Island – An evergreen forest along the tributaries to River Kabani, home to rare birds, orchids, and herbs. This is a great spot for a relaxed afternoon.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary – Enjoy a wonderful time with your family at the largest abode for elephants in India, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. You will find wild bears, bison, tigers, and spotted deer in the sanctuary. 

Vythiri Village Resort – This resort is among the top Kerala hill station resorts. It is located on the Chembra Peak and offers tranquil surroundings as well as luxurious villas, tree houses, and other amenities to its guests.

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  • Lakkidi – Unexplored Hill Stations in Kerala

Lakkidi - Unexplored Hill Stations in Kerala

Lakkidi is a famous Kerala hill station name. Here, you can walk the entire area full of amazing scenery and share beautiful moment with your loved ones. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

Lakkidi’s winter season is the best time to visit as it has low humidity and pleasant weather. This is a list of the top places to visit at this hill station.

Pookode Lake is a freshwater lake located near Lakkidi. It is also well-known for its picturesque backdrop to tourists who visit this area.

Upavan Resort & Spa, Wayanad, a breezy 3-star hotel featuring stylish rooms, a restaurant, and an ayurvedic wellness spa that will treat your soul. 

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  • Peermade – Hill Stations Near Trivandrum

Peermade - Hill Stations Near Trivandrum

The peaceful, yet modest hill station of Kerala is nestled among the lush greenery. There are many places to visit here such as Thrissanku hills, Grampi, and Peeru hills. This spot is named after Saint Peer Mohammed, a Sufi saint who added to the charm of Kerala. This is the reason Peermade is among the best hill stations in Kerala.

Peermade’s summer season is the best time to visit. The average temperature in Peermade ranges between 15 and 5 degrees Celsius. These are some of the places you can visit when visiting this hill station.

Our Lady of Good Health Church, Kerala – This Roman Catholic church is well-known for its service by the Congregation of the Missionary Brothers of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Valanjamkanam Waterfalls- Despite being a small waterfall, this is an excellent spot to stop and admire the view while you enjoy a cup of tea at one of the local tea shops.

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  • Malampuzha Dam – Places to visit in Kerala

Malampuzha Dam and Garden

Malampuzha has something for everyone it is a garden and dam in the lower hills of the Western Ghats. Enjoy a fun-filled holiday with your family by visiting the amusement parks or exploring the rock gardens.

The best time to visit Malampuzha is the months from August to April. This list shows you the best places to visit at this hill station.

Siruvani Waterfalls- These waterfalls are located approximately 36 km to the west of the Western Ghats. The reservoir was built to supply water to Coimbatore.

Fantasy Park – This amusement park offers many roller coaster rides, as well as a food court. It also has a planetarium and abode.

KTDC Garden House – Enjoy a relaxed holiday at this hotel, which offers basic amenities and budget accommodation with mountain views. There is also an in-house restaurant.

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  • Vythiri – Hill Stations Near Kochi

Vythiri - best hill stations in Kerala

Vythiri, a popular excursion in Kerala, is located at 1300 m above sea level. This hill station in Kerala is home to many indigenous tribes. It’s also a center of culture and tradition. You can relax and unwind in the natural beauty. Vythiri is home to a wide range of fauna and flora.

Edakkal Caves: Two natural caves located in the Western Ghats

Kabini River – Refreshing getaway

Chembra Peak – The highest peak in the Western Ghats

Mazus Inn – The most loved accommodation in the region

Girassol Serviced villa – Luxury stays in the natural environment

So, now you know about the top 10 best hill stations in Kerala. To know about Kerala hill station tour packages, Kerala hill station tourist places, and the best places to visit Kerala hill stations, keep visiting our travel blog regularly. Smile always 🙂

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