Best Time To Visit Hampi For Travelling or Photography

Best Time To Visit Hampi Karnataka

Are you planning to visit Hampi? Amazing! So, you must know about Hampi and the best time to visit Hampi. Hampi is an ancient village situated in Karnataka, India. If you are an ancient history lover, you will definitely love your visit to Hampi. Hampi is located near Bangalore. So, if you stay in Bangalore, you should start gathering information related to ‘how to reach Hampi from Bangalore’. In this context, we will explain to you the best season to visit Hampi in detail. Now, let’s talk about it.

Best Time To Visit Hampi Karnataka

Best Time To Visit Hampi For Photography

The best time to go to Hampi, especially for photography, is between Oct and Jan. The monuments can be visited in the rainy season but you may not have the opportunity to take the coracle boat ride. Photography is best done in the monsoon season when everything is lush green and cloudy. So, make sure to make a tour of the best places to visit Hampi this season.

Hampi Weather | Best Season To Visit Hampi

Hampi’s climate is generally dry and moderate throughout the year. Summers can bring high temperatures, so March through June is not a good time to visit. The monsoons bring in average, but not consistent rainfall. This keeps the temperature low but humid. You can visit Hampi during the monsoons, which start in July and continue until September. 

Although Hampi rarely experiences heavy downpours it is best to avoid slippery terrains. The winter season in Hampi is from October through February. It is still moderately cold, except during peak afternoons. But it is perfect for exploring the World Heritage Site. Now, let’s talk about the Hampi best time to visit season-wise.

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Hampi In Summer (April to July)

Hampi can get quite hot in summer and may become uncomfortable. The temperature is between 27 and 37 degrees Celsius during this period. You might not enjoy exploring the ruins or walking among the rocks. It is best to avoid Hampi during the summer months of May and June. So, summer is not the best season for Hampi visits.

However, there are many things to do in Hampi in summer such as:

  • Visit Hippie Island. Hippie Island offers a variety of accommodation options.
  • Anjaneya Hill a.k.a. Monkey Temple.
  • Cliff jumping.

Hampi In Monsoon (July to September)

Hampi is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River and receives heavy to moderate rains in the monsoon season. The monsoon season is the best time to visit Hampi if you like rain. Hampi can be slippery, so wear good shoes. It is truly a delight to be surrounded by lush, beautiful nature in the monsoon season. If the rains become too heavy, outdoor plans might have to be cancelled.

Things to do during the monsoon in Hampi are:

  • Take a scooter ride to explore rice paddies.
  • Discover the charming cafes of Hampi.
  • Get to know the locals.
  • Sunset Jam at Sunset Point.

Hampi In Winter (October to March)

Winter is the best season to visit Hampi. The temperature drops as soon as October starts. The lowest is 15 degrees Celsius, and the highest is 30 degrees Celsius. The nights are cold and sunny, while the days are bright. Plan a winter trip to Hampi to see the best of Hampi’s ruins, heritage monuments and temples.

Winter activities in Hampi are:

  • Shopping in Hampi Bazaar.
  • Enjoy the coracle ride.
  • Explore Hampi’s ruins and temples.
  • Try bouldering and climbing Giant Boulders.
  • You can see beautiful views from Matanga Hill.
  • Take a ferry across the Tungabhadra River.

Festivals In Hampi

Hampi’s most popular and biggest festival is “Hampi Utsav” which is also known as Vijaya Utsav. Since it is celebrated since the Vijayanagar reign, this festival has been an integral part of the lives of the people. Hampi Utsav is a reminder of our rich heritage. Festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm. There are many events and programmes such as drama, music, and puppet shows that showcase the cultural riches of the area. You can say this is the best time to visit Hampi.

A famous festival of classical music in Hampi is “Purandaradasa Adhana”, a 2-day festival that celebrates the birthday of an ancient poet. This festival is attended by both national and international classical musicians.

March/April sees the Virupaksha Festival, which is an important pilgrimage site in Hampi. It is the oldest temple in India and has been continuously operating since the 7th century. It is Hampi’s largest religious festival and attracts a large crowd each year.

Things to carry while travelling to Hampi

Things to carry while travelling to Hampi are:

  • You should always have water, sunglasses, and a scarf or hat to cover your head. 
  • Always keep a map with you.
  • Keep your medicines handy.
  • Camera with sufficient space.
  • You can bring your own snacks.
  • Hire a conveyance.
  • Avoid wheeled luggage.

How many days are required to visit Hampi

To get a taste of Hampi, you will need at least two days. To help you decide where to go, an orientation could be taken at the ASI museum in Kamlapur. A walk to Matranga’s Elephant Stables and Queen’s Bath will give you a great perspective. Lunch at Hampi Bazaar is possible with the sunset at Hemakuta.

It might be a good idea to add another day, rather than trying to do the Badami area. Because Hampi is so close to the monuments, it will be hot during the day. So, we hope now you can understand which is the best time to visit Hampi. Plan your tour accordingly to enjoy the place to its fullest.

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