How To Reach Hampi From Bangalore – Distance By Road, Train, Bus, Flight

How To Reach Hampi From Bangalore 

Do you stay in Bangalore? Are you planning to visit Hampi from Bangalore? Well, we have prepared this content to guide you to visit Hampi from Bangalore in the most comfortable way. Hampi is a town located in Karnataka, India. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India. Sounds amazing, right? You will definitely like to explore this cute place. So, now let’s discuss ‘how to reach Hampi from Bangalore?’

Bangalore To Hampi Distance | Bangalore To Hampi Road Trip

How To Reach Hampi From Bangalore | Bangalore To Hampi Distance

How To Reach Bangalore To Hampi By Train – 

From Bangalore, there are five trains that go to Hampi (Hospet). Two of these trains are daily: the Hampi Express, and the Hospet Passenger. Three other express trains pass through Hospet each week. All timings are listed from the Bangalore City Jn station (SBC). This is to simplify the information. Many trains also stop in Bangalore Cantt, Yeshwantpur, and Yelahanka. To see additional stops in Bangalore, check Bangalore to Hampi train timetable.

Want to know more about ‘how to reach Hampi from Bangalore by train?’. Well, the Mysore Shirdi Express connects Hospet to Bangalore every Monday, Garib Nawaz runs on Fridays, and Jodhpur Express runs on Sundays. Bangalore Hospet Fast Passenger Train has a sleeper train, where you can book a berth in advance. So, check Bangalore to Hampi train fare before you book a berth for yourself. This is how you can reach Bangalore to Hampi by train.

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How To Reach Hampi From Bangalore By Flight –

Let’s talk about Bangalore to Hampi flights. Distance by flight from Bengaluru to Hampi is 290 km. Bangalore is becoming cooler due to its easy access to tourist hotspots. TruJet flies straight to Hamp from Bangalore. The TruJet flight departs Bangalore at 3.55 pm and arrives in the historic township of Hampi at 4.55 pm. It leaves Vidyanagar at 2.35 pm, arriving at the Kempegowda International Airport by 3.55 pm. It’s a great way to get away from work for a few days, then have a relaxing weekend with some coracle rides, chill vibes, and perhaps history hikes in Hampi. You’ll find plenty of things to do in Hampi. 

If you’re more adventurous, we can help you to locate the best places for bouldering or cliff jumping. The most amazing part is, this cute heritage place is a great option for cheap accommodations. This is how to reach Hampi from Bangalore by flight.

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Hampi From Bangalore By Bus –

Do you want to travel from Bangalore to Hampi by bus? Well, it is the cheapest way to reach Hampi from Bangalore. There are 7 buses that run directly from Bangalore to Hampi. These buses include Karl Travels and Sugama Tourist route No -20 20, Gpr Travels and Sugama Tourist route No -18 19, and Green Line Travels And Holidays

Hampi from Bangalore by bus takes 6h 30m. Ksrtc buses from Bangalore to Hampi are also available. This is how to go Hampi from Bangalore by bus.

Bangalore To Hampi Road Trip By Car –

Bangalore to Hampi road trip can be very enjoyable. In fact, Bangalore to Hampi by car journey will be most comfortable and adventurous. You will be able to stop at some amazing attractions to click memorable photographs. Hampi, which is located 343 km from Bengaluru, can be reached in between five and six hours by car, depending on traffic flow. You can also travel via the NH7 or Bellary roads. 

It’s fun to drive from Bengaluru and Hampi. However, the road from Anantapur, to Bellary, is not in great condition. The road connecting Bellary and Hiriyur, however, is in great condition. So, you can take this road. Bangalore to Hampi taxi fare is around Rs 6000. This is how to go Hampi from Bangalore by car.


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