Bangalore To Rameshwaram Distance By Train, Bus, Car, Flight

How To Reach Rameshwaram From Bangalore

Do you stay in Bangalore? Are you planning to travel to Rameshwaram from Bangalore? Is your answer ‘yes’? Here is good news for you. We have developed this content to help you understand Bangalore to Rameshwaram distance and how you can reach Rameshwaram from Bangalore.

Bangalore To Rameshwaram Distance By Road

Officially known as Bengaluru, Bangalore is the capital and the largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka. Rameswaram is a town located on Pamban Island in the northeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Bangalore to Rameshwaram distance by road is around 600 km. So, you can travel from Bangalore to Rameshwaram by train, cab or bus, car, or even by flight.

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Bangalore To Rameshwaram By Train

Bangalore To Rameshwaram Distance By Train, Bus, Car, Flight

There are no direct trains between Bangalore and Rameshwaram. You could take a train from Bangalore to Madurai, then a second train from Madurai towards Rameshwaram. Bangalore to Rameshwaram train booking can be done through both online and offline modes. You can look for Bangalore to Rameshwaram train timings on the IRCTC website. 

Many travelers don’t prefer to travel via this mode of transport as Bangalore to Rameshwaram distance by train is approximately 650 km. You can expect to travel for approximately 10-12 hours from Bangalore to Madurai by train, and another train can take more than three hours from Madurai to Rameshwaram. Moreover, Bangalore to Rameshwaram train ticket price is approximately Rs 900.

Many travelers don’t prefer to travel by train from Bangalore to Rameshwaram as the entire journey can be exhausting and tedious if you consider the effort required to reach Bangalore Railway Station, wait at Madurai Railway Station for the next train, then travel to Rameshwaram Railway Station. Furthermore, Bangalore to Rameshwaram train fare is high.

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Bangalore To Rameshwaram Distance By Bus

Bangalore to Rameshwaram distance by bus is around 582 km. Furthermore, it takes approximately 11 hours to travel the 582 km between Bangalore and Rameshwaram. Many private operators operate buses along this route, providing Bangalore to Rameshwaram bus package amenities like AC, blankets, and water bottles. So, you can choose to travel by bus if you prefer the roads. 

Bangalore to Rameshwaram bus ticket price starts from Rs 725. You can rest assured that your journey will be comfortable if you make sure to check the amenities before you book a bus. Most passengers prefer buses that depart Bangalore at night so they can reach Rameshwaram early in the morning and then take a leisurely tour. So, start searching for Bangalore to Rameshwaram KSRTC bus timings on website. There are 6 buses that run directly from Bangalore to Rameshwaram. These buses include Royal Travels and SRS Travels

Bangalore To Rameshwaram By Car

Bangalore to Rameshwaram distance by car is approximately 568 km. It takes approximately 10 to 11 hours to travel this distance by taxi. Bangalore to Rameshwaram by car best route is NH 44 or NH 36. To avoid traffic jams, it is best to leave Bangalore in the early morning.

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You can also book pickup times for Bangalore to Rameshwaram car rental. A taxi driver will be responsible for ensuring that the taxi arrives at the designated time and will manage it to ensure that the trip is completed in the most efficient time. Furthermore, Bangalore to Rameshwaram by car costs around Rs 11800.

Bangalore To Rameshwaram Distance By Flight

Rameshwaram does not have an airport. Madurai Airport is approximately 149 km from Rameshwaram and Tuticorin Airport, which is located at a distance of 142 km, can also be used as a means of getting to Rameswaram via air. To reach the city, you can take cabs, buses or rented taxis from the airport. This is how you can cover the Bangalore to Rameshwaram distance by flight.

Book a flight to fly from Bangalore to Madurai. The flight duration between Bangalore and Madurai takes approximately 1h 20m. The cost of the ticket is Rs.1439. So, you can say that the Bangalore to Rameshwaram flight ticket price is around Rs 1439, and after that, you can add the price of the cab you will book to travel from Madurai airport to Rameshwaram city.


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