Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Daringbadi Odisha, Tourist Places

Places To Visit In Daringbadi

Are you planning to visit Daringbadi? Daringbadi, located in Odisha’s Kandhamal region is a well-known tourist spot. Daringbadi is a mixture of lush green valleys, coffee farms, thick pine forests, and many other places to explore. At 3000 feet, the hill station is found. Daringbadi is a unique place with its own significance. Let’s discuss the places to visit in Daringbadi:

List of All Best Places To Visit in Daringbadi –

  • Nature’s Park or Butterfly Park

Nature's Park or Butterfly Park - Places To Visit in Daringbadi

A butterfly park is a park that preserves and displays medicinal plants and butterflies. It is located in Daringbadi, Kandhamal. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of butterflies in their natural habitat.

Management provides food and shelter for butterflies. Nerium, Barleria, Ixora, and Nerium plants are all grown. Tecoma stans are ficus, curry leaves, hibiscus, and palm plants planted in the upper portion to provide shelter for butterflies. This place makes Daringbadi one of the most beautiful hill stations in Odisha.

The medicinal garden is home to over 50 rare species of plants. The auditorium hosts 3D environments, wildlife conservation, and nature shows. Exhibits from Kutia Kondh tribes (living and working in Kandhamal), tradition, and life-size statues of animals are on display.

  • Coffee Plantation Garden Daringbadi

Coffee Plantation Garden

The coffee garden at Daringbadi, a historical destination for coffee cultivation, is able to grow coffee year-round due to the favorable weather. This place is located in a dense pine forest, high mountains, large coffee gardens, and stunning valleys. The garden has black pepper and coffee plants.

This area is managed by the Odisha Soil Conservation and Forest Department. It’s a popular spot for tourists to buy coffee, pepper, and other spices such as turmeric here. These make Coffee Plantation Garden Daringbadi among the most important places to visit in Daringbadi.

  • Rushikulya River 

Rushikulya River - Daringbadi Tourist Spot

Rushikulya, a significant river of Odisha, originates at 1000m from Daringbadi’s Eastern Ghats hills. The waterway stretches for 165 km and has a catchment area of 770 sq. km. The entire Ganjam, Kandhamal is filled by the river. Rushikulya then joins the Bay of Bengal at Puruna Bandha. The rivulet is a tributary to several other rivers, including Baghua and Badanadi. So, the Rushikulya River is among the best Daringbadi tourist spot.

  • Harabhangi Dam – Daringbadi Sightseeing

Harabhangi Dam - Daringbadi Tourist Places

The famous tourist spot of the Gajapati district is the Harabhangi Dam, which can be found in North-Western Adava. This reservoir is used for irrigation purposes. Tall mountains and lush green forests surround it. Tourists love to picnic at the dam in winter. The stunning Harabhangi reservoir is breathtaking at sunrise and sunset. This dam is connected to nearby villages by a small road. 

  • Khasada Waterfall 

Khasada Waterfall - Best Places To Visit in Daringbadi

The famous Khasada waterfall in the Gajapati district is a popular weekend getaway and excursion spot. It is surrounded by tall mountains and lush green forests, which attract many tourists. The waterfall is ideal for bathing as it flows through the forest. So, Khasada Waterfall is one of the coldest places in India today.

Near this waterfall is Chanderi Buddhist Monastery. The waterfall and monastery are visited by thousands of devotees. Winter is the best time to visit Khasada falls.

  • Putudi Waterfall – Daringbadi Tourist Places

Putudi Waterfall - Daringbadi Photos

The picturesque atmosphere of the Putudi Waterfall in Phulbani Town is enchanting. The waterfall is located in the middle of tall hills and lush forests. Bada Saluki merges with the water of Putudi. Putudi Waterfall is among the best places to visit in Daringbadi.

The perfect spot to host weekend parties in winter is this tourist spot. Clearwater flows from the hilltop and creates dense, roaring music.

  • Tampara Lake 

Tampara Lake - Places To Visit in Daringbadi

Tampara, Odisha’s largest freshwater lake is located near Chilika Lagoon. It is situated near Chilika Lagoon, and it showcases Odisha’s ecological diversity. The beauty of the area is enhanced by the gentle breaking of waves. People enjoy water sports at Lake Tampara.

Tourists enjoy a walk along the shoreline of cashew plantations. The Bay of Bengal has a beautiful virgin beach. These plantations can be walked for approximately 2km. Tampara Lake makes Daringbadi among the best hill stations in India for a honeymoon.

  • Chilika Lake – Places To Visit in Daringbadi

Chilika Lake Images of Birds - Daringbadi Tourist Places

Chilka is the largest and most brackish lagoon of Odisha and covers over 1000 kilometers in the districts Ganjam and Khurda. This lake lies at the confluence of River Daya and the Bay of Bengal. More than 160 different types of migratory birds visit Chilika Lake during winter. Here are the rare Irrawaddy River Dolphins. Boat rides are available for tourists to reach other islands on Lake Chilika.

Two access points are Barkul and Rambha. Ramsar Convention recognized Chilika as India’s first wetland with international significance. These are the reasons that Chilika Lake is among the best places to visit in Daringbadi.

  • Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary

Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary Photos

Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Kandhamal district and covers 16 174 acres. It is located at 2255 feet above sea level. Belghar sanctuary is home to a variety of fauna and flora. This place has famous wild elephants, deer, and other animals. The sanctuary is home to a vast array of medicinal and commercial plants. Many species of birds can also be spotted here, in addition to animals.

Kuntia Kondha, a tribe of tribal people, lives in the hills around Belghar. They are friendly and hospitable, follow an ancient tradition, and collect essentials from the forests. The best time to visit Daringbadi is from December to February.

  • Midubanda Waterfall – Daringbadi Tourist Spot

Midubanda Waterfall - Places To Visit in Daringbadi

Midubanda Waterfall can be found 16 kilometers from Daringbadi. To reach the waterfall’s base, visitors must climb 181 steps. The waterfall is located on top of a mountain. The bottom is home to a pond, where you can take a dip. Midubanda lies amidst a dense green forest. This is a popular spot for group picnics. All these make Daringbadi among the best places to visit in Daringbadi. Now, start looking for how to reach Daringbadi.


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